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  1. Now that Aes Sedai and Asha'man know (or at least Pevara and Androl do) that bonding each other leads to heightened warder bonds, control of the opposite saidar/saidin without a circle and telepathy, will it become common? What are the practical applications? Will the Aes Sedai and Asha'man be able to overcome their natural prejudice?
  2. Pg.5 - He spent many long nights ... in equal measure Pg. 7 - The prince looked at his loves, (plural) Pg. 8 - And if, occasionally, the prince’s favorite horse ... the way he doted on it? Pg. 8 - two mares... with a stallion None of this is hard proof, but it does seem an indication.
  3. I could have misread it, but I got the impression that the Prince knew what was going on.
  4. Interesting stoy. I'm not going to critique much, as I'm not fluent enough in fairy tale to do so, but I liked it. Did your dream come from a rather literal take on Animal-Groom (Whatever the actual term is)?
  5. After thinking a bit, I was wondering: what's the reason for the love triangle? I couldn't think of one, especially because he doesn't even "resolve" it. They just all agree to "share" him? J
  6. I'm sure that this has been talked about but I couldn't find a topic about this so here it is. I think that Rock (and maybe other horneaters) can see at least partially into Shadesmar. He's able to see spren when nobody else does, and mentions towards the beginning of OB that he could see something of the rest of the sprens body. How does the ability work, and why does he have it? Does it have anything to do with that story he said about Horneaters living up in the peaks (when explains why the peaks are hot in WoR).
  7. Hey everyone, I know this isn't fantasy - but it's for a writing contest in which the parameters dictate it be flash fiction and fantasy was clearly the wrong choice here. It has to be written to specific character faults and how they overcome that fault. Sorry about the rambling bit. It needed context. Tear it apart, please.
  8. The word count requirement was 750-1k words.
  9. Ok, people are usually done critiquing by now? If you haven't posted yet, then ignore this post. Sort of in order of people: Ventriloquism. About half of you have figured it out. It is foreshadowed (the book he's holding is a book on ventriloquism) rather poorly, as it requires whoever to either know about the book or look it up. The Bullies are superstitious, which is why the were so fascinated by the cat. He's selectively mute. The fact that he's willing to talk (albeit through a cat) is an improvement. Also, I don't think that speaking then, even if he could make himself do so, wouldn't do anything. The Bullies were too intent on harassing MC. At that point, he needed something that would keep the two of them occupied long enough to escape. I chose the name of the story after; It's called "When Cat's Intercede" because I couldn't think of anything better. Thank you to everyone who pointed the lack of an emotional response, I definitely need to fix that. The reason the second is called Deputy and not Beta is because the first wasn't named Alpha because MC was counting them in greek. When he called him Alpha, it was because MC saw him as the "Alpha male" of that pack. Lastly, the two bullies are in (about) eighth grade. Thanks again to everyone who critiqued this.
  10. No problem! I want to answer everyone eventually just to clear up what I was thinking. It's all very helpful feedback.
  11. I'm sorry, I know this is a waste of a post, but I have to agree. Min is awesome.
  12. Yes please! I actually meant the 9th.
  13. Hey, is there space this week?
  14. In book 6, the Aes Sedai use Aes Sedai that don't yet have the ageless faces disguised as servants to capture Rand before Dumai's Wells. These are Full Aes Sedai. Yet Setalle Anan uses the fact that Elayne doesn't have an ageless face as the basis of her claim that Nynaeve and Elayne aren't Aes Sedai. What's up here?
  15. That's just awesome
  16. I'm pretty sure that Nathrangking is right. How would you know?
  17. Somewhere in the first 2 books Navani says to Dalinor (quoted loosely from memory) "in some cultures, we'd be obligated to marry." Now, I'm not sure what culture in Roshar or even the Cosmere, but I think there is real world source for it. Where is that source, and why is it there? Call it a challenge for all of you. Good Luck!
  18. I hadn't thought about it outside of a vacuum. Thanks!
  19. Where does a blind person into the Rosharan Caste system? Also, why is the caste system based off of eyes? Off the top of my head in the real world, most caste indications, even if it isn't a hard system, is based off of race. Does that mean that the original Rosharans were the immigrants?
  20. I believe eye color is hereditary, (on Roshar that is) so you could base it on their parents eyes. I'm saying a random blind dude comes to town with milky eyes. You don't know much/anything about him. Where does he fall under the caste system?
  21. Thanks for explaining the blades. As for people whose eyes become milky, if you didn't know beforehand, how could you tell what their eye color is supposed to be?
  22. Setalle said that it was the lack of the ageless face that ticked her off, I think. Which the Dumai's Wells AS didn't have.
  23. Anyone else want Ramin Djawadi for the music? Like, really, really badly? (Or Howard Shore)
  24. Anduril.