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  1. Anyone else want Ramin Djawadi for the music? Like, really, really badly? (Or Howard Shore)
  2. Anduril.
  3. I thought was because captain Ico a ) was an honor spren, b ), worked for her "father," if i remember correctly
  4. Thanks
  5. My understanding is spren are like bugs. Even nahel-bond worthy spren, there are millions or billions of them.
  6. Thank You? (For the proper term, at least) Where are they?
  7. The title says it all - who chooses them? one of the heroes mentioned that Mat wasn't chosen probably because he wouldn't like it and Mat replies that he would want to be called by every bloody person who blows the thing. Any ideas?
  8. Does that mean that Brandon probably still has license to make more WoT stories?
  9. Oh - thanks. I missed that.
  10. The title really says it all - who is he? What's his backstory? Personal theory says that he's sort of like Noal - one of the hero's of the horn, but what do you all think?
  11. I feel like a Mat.
  12. I meant how Pevara is a red in mentality, and actually ends up liking a man who can channel.
  13. I'm still going to vote Androl and Pevara as the best relationship. Nynaeve and Lan are OK, but not amazing.
  14. Sweet!