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  1. That's perfect - I wasn't asking the pros method. I'm asking your method.
  2. Hey everyone, I've been around for well over a year now, but since I don't think I've ever formally introduced myself and because I haven't been actively critiquing much since august due to an incredibly schedule so the newest people don't know me, I figure I should post something here. I'm Turin Turanbar (yes, I know the name is technically spelled wrong). I've been writing since elementary school, and started only a little after reading. I absolutely love reading fantasy in every way shape and form (which should be a given), starting with HP, then chronicles of Narnia and then Lord of the Rings by 9 or 10. I'm the kind of stuck up idiot who read war and peace before high school for fun, and I'm currently trying to plow through most of the books from writing excuses book of the week and the books that Daniel Greene reviewed. In regards to hobbies I'm also learning violin. I'm still unsure what I want to do with my life but I know that I want do go into creative design and mostly leaning towards architecture as a major. I know you were complaining about them recently @Robinski - don't worry, I don't take it personally. Still, whenever I see anyone do anything competently I'm usually immediately jealous and have to resist trying to teach myself whatever skill it is. (I'm an INTJ-A for those who like MBTI and yes, I'm aware that there's a confirmation bias there) (There's a tad too many parentheses, aren't there...) Some of the best books in my objective opinion: A Connecticut Yankee in King Arthurs Court and The Rook. Tolkien's works are sacrosanct and he can do no wrong. I don't really see what's the hype about Joe Abercrombie, the Unkindness of Magicians, and a Darker Shade of Magic. PLEASE change my mind here.
  3. I'll second the motion.
  4. Great. I'm actually horribly sarcastic normally, and thought I may have gone too far. It's easier digitally though - I have time to reconsider something really funny (to me) and probably really degrading.
  5. Whoops, I didn't mean it as hard as I think you took it. My apologies, I was teasing you. Gently. I'm sorry if you were offended in any way.
  6. I read really fast. Though to be honest, I don't know how to read. I've only learned how to skim... and yes, there was some amount of binging. Not too much, though. Good luck - @Snakenaps, no spoilers but you're in for a wild ride. But you already knew that. You know what SA is like...
  7. I'm going to point out that you're on a Sanderson fan site where Stormlight Archive is his magnum opus. EDIT: finished RoW.
  8. Definitely RoW. Well, that would explain a lot on my end.
  9. How many people are otherwise indisposed regarding writing and binging WoR?
  10. Hey everyone. Hope Nanowrimo's going well. Two questions for you all: 1) How messy are your rough drafts? 2) How exactly do you plot out your novels. As much detail as you can, please! Thanks.
  11. Now you're just making me jealous.
  12. And you stopping has nothing to do with the fact you ran out of space on that wall.
  13. I've really only be able to do this for the last few weeks, and can only do it for another week or two. After that, most of the time it's like a K a week.
  14. I need to do that. (I bought myself a set of WoT for the rough draft of my last novel, but that was a goal.) I write whatever I can, but right now I have the time to write a chapter a day, roughly 3k. With one day off, it amounts to 20k a week for a couple of weeks? That averages out for the rest of the time, when I'm lucky to get that much a week.
  15. Is that 10k in one day, or every 10k?