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  1. Oh - thanks. I missed that.
  2. The title really says it all - who is he? What's his backstory? Personal theory says that he's sort of like Noal - one of the hero's of the horn, but what do you all think?
  3. I feel like a Mat.
  4. I meant how Pevara is a red in mentality, and actually ends up liking a man who can channel.
  5. I'm still going to vote Androl and Pevara as the best relationship. Nynaeve and Lan are OK, but not amazing.
  6. Sweet!
  7. All I can say is: It's gonna take a while. It's something like 4.4 Million words. (At least, that's what I heard.) And all the better for it. More to enjoy.
  8. Thanks.
  9. Spoilers Ahead: Ok, I didn't want to resurrect a dead topic because I remembered and vaguely recall something about not doing that, So I wanted to create a new thread about everyone's least and most favorite characters. I love: Mat - Best character of WoT, if not ever. Not much more to say. Rand - He's great, other than 2 problems. 1 He's the main character, and I personally don't let myself chose the main character as a favorite. 2 He's so moody in the late middle books oh I have to die so I can do whatever. Androl and Pevara - I'm listing them together for obvious reasons. Their relationship is the only interesting one (for me) in the entire series. Circumstance might have something to do with it. I hate: Most of the girls. No offence to all the women out there intended AT ALL. Especially all the Aes Sedai. Brandon mentioned that there was some gender role manipulation, but I can now sympathize whatever gender discrimination now. Aes Sedai - They all think that they're the only ones that know what are going on, and the White Tower is perfect, and everyone should bow to Aes Sedai whims because Aes Sedai knows best. Perrin - Just boring. I mentioned him because so many people love him. What about everyone else?
  10. @WhiteEmporer Do you have a cardsmith account? (I want to see your ideas)
  11. Please do!
  12. Does anyone else see parts of D'naa in both Shallan and even more in Vin? (Especially in Vin - they both are described similarly.)
  13. HOW??? (I'd love to do that.)
  14. Thanks - that answer that issue. I didn't know that.