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  1. so maybe one or two - at most. I doubt kaladin will be one of those, though.
  2. Why would having a shardblade mean that you are a radiant? EVEN IF you say that they already have an existing bond (and I think that's the extreme case) then Mayalaran would end the bond because like so many people pointed out, Adolin doesn't really obey the oaths. Yes, I know he doesn't have to. Even so, a nahel bond and a shardblade bond are...what compared to each other? What's their relationship?
  3. Fair. Thanks.
  4. that wasn't the question though - if a spren became a hemalurgic spike instead if a shardblade. Not given the a blade and plate.
  5. How do you explain the spren manifesting as shardblades, then? It's said that spren are large amounts of investiture given sentience - therefore, the investiture becomes solid. That's what shards seem to be.
  6. Thank You!
  7. I think I have a theory as to how shards work. I'm sure this has been spoken about, but I don't know where. Shards, blades specifically, are solid stormlight/investiture. Spren can become shardblades, and the common theory as to shardplate is that spren form it, like by Kaladin, windspren by the hundreds surrounded him. Spren are bits of stormlight/investiture given sentience. Therefore, Shards are stormlight. They could cut, I suppose, by separating the sould of the object, but I think Brandon mentioned it in one of the the books. Shardblades can be summoned because of the sentience. It would explain why shardplate cannot be summoned and dismissed - there is no sentience. Because that's the only difference between the two. In theory, then, if one could find a way to make stormlight solid, one could make virtually indestructable objects.
  8. I know that I'm fixating on this sort of topic - what would happen if you were to create a hemalurgic spike out of a shard (the material that makes up shardblade/plate in the SA)? Assuming everything else works, even with the investiture and intent and whatever else I'm missing.
  9. Also, we don't need Kaladin to become a fighting epitome. Brandon mentioned once that the limitations of a magic system make it interesting. I think the same applies here - Kaladin will be limited, maybe becoming even more so as he becomes more powerful. More focused, maybe. Windrunners, I think, are the "watchers of the rim." I'm not going to support the theory now, but there is proof if anyone wants to find it. Furthermore, just because Kaladin doesn't have a woman doesn't mean anything. His personality would scare away MANY people, and Shallan isn't the only woman in the SA. Sorry if that offended any women out there, this post wasn't intended to represent women as objects.
  10. Scion of the Mists - that was going on spren - radiant personality merging. Sorry it wasn't clear.
  11. Thanks, I didn't know. I'm rather new to this, and am still trying to get everything down.
  12. Yeah, I just checked. what did you mean by Cosmere on the brain? Sorry it's a bit of an obtuse question.
  13. That is REALLY COOL. how did that happen though - people marrying parshendi? voidbringers? what happened? Are Veden part voidbringer? And do parshendi only have red hair? I thought they could have black hair too.
  14. I think Rock can see into Shadesmar, at least partially. He is able to see spren in the physical realm that nobody else can see. Also, he mentions being able to see part of the sprens body towards the beginning of OB. Perhaps this has something to do with the story that he told his friends about why the Horneater peaks are warm? Any thoughts? I thought I posted this topic already, so if I did I'm sorry.
  15. I know there was a soundtrack made for WoK/Kaladin, and it was awesome. Can we expect more?