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  1. Hello everybody. As a huge fan of Sanderson work I tried for a long time to make my friend start reading his work. Finally he relented and started reading WotK. So we decided to try to make podcast out of this experience. It will be kinda similar format to Tor reread series just in audio form. We are kinda new to this and English is not our first language so please be gentle with us. Any critique and advice will be greatly appreciated. We are currently on episode 6. I think newer episode are better than older ones. I think as time go by we are improving little bit. So far it has been hell trying not to spoil anything for my friend. I hope you guys will enjoy it. PS huge thanks to Eric for giving us permission to shamelessly advertise it here. Here is link to episode 1 :
  2. when u flip the coin and expect it to stay in the air
  3. Will do so when I am done
  4. Defintly gonna read it when i grab some time, kinda busy now preparing podcast. But if it is novella it should be fast read. Thanks for the info
  5. I didnt even know this existed, and Kelsier was my fav from Mistborn. I guess i know what will i read next. I owe u big time for this xD
  6. i always felt depressed after reading Mistborn, i think that was my biggest problem. I really wouldnt want to live in original trilogy world of Mistborn. BTW how was sequel??
  7. i have read Mistborn original trilogy and elantris and of course 3 Stromlight books. By far the one i enjoyed the most is 3 Stromlight books. I really love epic fantasy with lot of books more than trilogies and standalone books. Quality and quantity over just quality i guess. Also i had a bit problem with Mistborn. None of those problems were Brandons fault i think, it was just a matter of my preferences and reading style. First problem was that the world seemed a bit bleak and for the lack of better description grey. I got from it depressing feeling one i would imagine i wold get from reading about North Korea, which to be fair is right description. Because world of Mistborn is kinda like North Korea. Second problem is really stupid and is making me ashamed of myself. I couldnt get 100% immersion because main character was female. Now dont get me wrong, I have nothing against female characters, but when I am reading book i like to imagine myself as PoV character. And Vin being female made it harder for me to immerse myself 100% in it. I gennerally dont have this problem in series like Stormlight Archive or ASoIaF, where there are multiple protagonists but for some reason it broke my immersion in Mistborn. I know i might get some hate for saying this but it is truth. I wasnt bothered because some political reason it just felt awkward. Still i enjoyed the book a lot, enough to pick Stormlight right after i read Mistborn. Elantris was also good but only 1 book cant compare to book series. I heard good things about Warbreaker and i really liked Zahael in Stormlight. As for my favorite characters, they are mostly from Stormlight. Funny enough after all my rant about female character from Mistborn, my favorite character in Stormlight is Jasnah. She edges Dalinar and Kaladin by small margin. She is smart, capable and we found in last book she is actual human being with emotions and fears and doubts. Besides as a fellow heretic i liked her for being open minded without being condescending to religious people. I always liked Dalinar but reading about his past i actually appreciate him even more now. And Kaladin was someone i also liked from the beginning. I think i will like him even more when he stop being racist. damnation this was long post xD PS dont hate me for my Mistborn comments xD PPS i just noticed whenever i write damnation it autocorrect it to DAMNATION. Well played, well played indeed.
  8. Hey everyone. I am long time lurker here, but I have never bothered creating account. Until now. Im huge fan of Cosmere books, my favorite is Stormlight Archive. I know it aint even close to finished, but this is Brandons take of Wheel of time and Malazan type of epic fantasy and those are my favorite ones. I am not native english speaker, but my grammar is generally ok. Howerver in my language there is no apostrophe and i cant for the life of me find it on my keyboard. So in my posts you will see lot of ITS, IM, DONT, WONT etc. Hope that wont bother you too much. I enjoy discussing fantasy book i read and i even have podcast about Malazan and also starting podcast about Stromlight but i wont share links until I am sure that thing is allowed here. Anyway it is nice to finally introduce myself here.