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  1. I think this is all set up to be honest. He'll get saved a couple more times, then it'll be a really huge suprise when he dies. I think he must have to if we're going to extend Shallan across 10 books. She could drop out after book 5 (like partially drop out).
  2. What would Lift get? Like, besides food. Also Nightblood would get that hot hot destroying evil action. Axies would get to see his inprisonment spren (I think that's the one he is looking for at the end)
  3. This is clearly important to you, and I wish I could help more. Its hard to be unable to share the love I have for these books, but I imagine it's worse to feel betrayed by them. I guess that all I can say is that there is a point at which someone will get it right, and you'll find that you didn't need to imagine it better than it was. Until then keep trying, as finding the failures in one attempt might help you find the successes in another. If not with SA than with something else. Worst comes to worst, write it yourself. I write all the time, and never share it with anyone (because it's bad writing), but it does let me tell stories the way I think they should be told. For me Hugbox implies a safe space which enables escapism or denial rather than growth and solidarity. It's taken on a derogatory connotation, but for me it's just kind of bad by definition. Kind of a misnomer, as I think that a place where people hug would be more effective than one where people are safe. I'm not saying you should struggle through everything, but there is something to be said for reading even things you don't like. I mean, I read the Art of War, and the Epic of Gilgamesh for "fun" although they weren't very fun to read. I think that finishing out a part of the books, like the first 5 for LerasiumMistborn, helps bring closure to the character. Even if it's not the ideal closure you wanted. Maybe I'm oversharing, I don't want to try and drown anyone out. It's ok to only read things you like!
  4. I'm not sure! I dont think it's a method we've seen tried. I mean, radiants can redeposit stormlight into gemstones. If two people were close enough and familiar with the power we could see it done. I think you're right that it can't be taken without intent on the holder's part though (unless you're a larkin).
  5. 1. Wait isn't Wandersail going to be a novella maybe? But I definitely agree, Rysn is one of my favorites, and I think she a lot of potential as a non-radiant character. 2. I'm like 90% sure that Yalb is actually dead, Shallan is not a super reliable narrator about unpleasant things. 3. Not high on my list, but power to you! 4. Hav: I'm pretty sure Hav is off with the Void-bringers as part of the larger contingent, but given his interactions with Kal during the flashback in OB, he might want to hang onto his emotions a little more than average. Hopefully we'll find him trying out for the Windrunners some time. 5. That'd be a game id buy. 6. I'm not into that, but when Lift revives Gawx, she gets close doesn't she? I'm pretty sure Gawx has a thing for her, at least partly because of that. 7. I'd like to see them all swear oaths, they certainly all are broken enough for it. They could join Shallan as squires. 8. I think that would involve Kaladin training Shallan. I'm not sure how much "mind" the illusions have, versus whether they are just pieces of connection made visible. My Turn! 1. Shallan and Adolin's actual wedding ceremony. It'd be nice to start the book like that for a brief bit. 2. Gaz becoming a squire, and Ishnah joining Shallan rather than the Ghostbloods. Also Shawb becoming a squire and then complaining about stormlight somehow. 3. Lift and bridge 4 actually talking, as opposed to just offscreen talking.
  6. 1. I really think Eshonai needed to die, there are just too many good people going around. That being said, apparently Venli's book will have Eshonai flashbacks! 2+3. I'm not a horse person, they're scary to me. I have dated some horse girls, and I can see where they come from though. Don't worry too much, we'll get plenty of horses in the future, BS has said their lack of focus is important. 4. I waiting on Lift-Gaux to happen. Sooooo we probably both have long waits. Mine is probably infinite. Would be happy to see Kal-Syl, but I'm not sure that even is possible.
  7. (For reference, I'm no Kaladin fanboy, he is fine, but just that) While statistics is great and all (its about 50% of my job), I think that your strict analysis has a flaw @LerasiumMistborn. It sounds like you assume that screen time necessarily implies import or growth. In OB, Kaladin is on screen the most, but undergoes much less growth than in books one and two. He acts in some spots as almost filler, for the dramatic timing of Dalinar. X amount of time has to pass before Dalinar gets his next memory? Let's watch Kaladin do some action stuff and resolve some old plotlines. Shallan definitely does the same in OB, with much of her viewpoint being a rehash of the same issues. You also have to have realized, there is always a main character. These aren't strict GRRM or Tolkien, Sanderson always has a main focal point. But like Vin and Sazed, the former getting more screen time doesn't make the latter less important. If I had advice to give, it'd be to pull back and be a little more cerebral. Look at the Kaladin sections and woder why they are there. Might make them more fun? As for my gripe, it relates to the dropped Listeners. I wish they had seen a more graceful descent into storage, but there is already a thread somewhere about that.
  8. As for all of the pre-shattering talk of it not being a fabrial before the shards showed up, we do know that shards can move planets. There are a couple of WoB that talk about the spatial characteristics of the Roshar System as a whole being important I think. I wouldn't be suprised if the whole system is a fabrial for trapping Rayse (without Honor having to use most of his power to do it, like Preservation did with Ruin). As for gravity, if it's an immensely complex fabrial, it would be able to manipulate the gravity around the planet. This assumes it was permanently anchored to the spiritual realm, so it wouldn't need to be recharged. Regarding the "Gemstone piller somewhere in Roshar that someone would have noticed:" There is a spot on Roshar that is notorious for not being somewhere people go, and I'm not even talking about Akinah (although they might be the same). That place might even have a huge tower. Lastly, the whole city-plate thing with Kabsal speaks about some sort of unique geometry or symmetry in the foundations of the planet. Proabably a clue that Shallan will figure out at some point.
  9. @Rushu42 Im pretty sure that people can hold multiple types of investiture. People ask weird questions about spiking radients and awakening spikes to Brandon so I have to assume so. And I think that Wayne would probably use it sparingly like Hoid, and mostly to make fake hats so he can do the rest without it. And @Jace21 I was never really clear on the whole compounding thing, thanks!
  10. I actually was just wondering about this. Lightweaving is a form of connection manipulation, with the lightweaver making the connections they have with others manifest as images. And it is might be something anyone can do (maybe, Khriss compares it to the Yolish variety, which I'm not sure if there is a restriction for). So, since Wayne has a better chance of functional immortality as a bloodmaker (through some spikes for gold maybe) than most, it's possible he could end up learning to lightweave. In that case, who would be better? In terms of other connections between the two, Wayne has three charges who he feels responsible for (the children of the man he killed), and Shallan likewise has three charges (her brothers) who she feels responsible for. Also they both have some latent non-heterosexuality, with a WoB confirming for Shallan, and Wayne considering the matter when MeLaan is a man for little while.
  11. Hi!

    Thanks for the responses! Always nice to see members interested in greeting new people. Shard of Thought: Nalthis. I'd definitely be a merchant in a fantasy world, and Nalthis is probably where I'd be least likely to die. Also, awakening is a pretty interesting magic system. It's also the one I'd prefer to live on anyway! Flowers are nice. Sorana: Thanks for letting me know! I'm not personally a big role player, but observation of such is something I enjoy. Ill check it out.
  12. Hi!

    Hello all! After lurking for a while, I've finally decided to create an account. Years of internetting has taught me that someone has probably already said what I plan to say, but I feel like joining the forum supports the Cosmere as a project. About me: I'm a Chemical Engineer from the Northeastern USA, I like gardening, board games, and I golf occasionally. The screename has its roots in OS Runescape, where one of the loading bar tags is "loading config." I didn't know what that meant as a kid, but that didn't stop me from making it my usename (config1 was taken). Also I write some amount of short fiction and DM for a 6 person group (mostly dnd 3.5e). I've listened to everything Cosmere, and also Skyward. About the Cosmere and Me: I like it. My favorite "book" is Edgedancer, followed by Sixth of Dusk. My favorite character is Sak, though Lift and Pattern are pretty great. I listen to all of Sanderson's stuff in audio book format (apologies for spelling, I get all my info phonetically). My Unanswered Questions: Regarding Non-Euclidean geometry and Shadesmar, does the collective soul and conception of a object affect it's location in Shadesmar; I.E. if everyone on Roshar spent a thousand years thinking that the Horneater Peaks are coterminal to Kolinar, would their locations in Shadesmar be coterminal? Also drugs on Scadrial? We get firemoss on Roshar, but where is that for our allomancers (metal doesn't count)?