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  1. game

    Actually we already have 7 so there are only two more to guess so I guess the last evil was clued again.
  2. game

    I agree. Rysn, Sebarial. Should we make a guess for evil? Glys? @Sariel @Rhapsody
  3. game

    Ishikk, Tvlakv. @Sariel @Rhapsody
  4. game

    I agree. Vasher. @Sariel I can't think of another one either. The best I could come up with is Rysn who travels all over Roshar (not world-hopping but maybe close enough?). [Edited to add: Actually Ishikk interacts with Worldhoppers...] What about Evil? Tvlakv? @AonDii @Will Arbit
  5. game

    My best guess is still Sadees but I don't think we agree on this one. Let's just go with the majority or pass. @AonDii @Will Arbit
  6. game

    Sounds good. Renarin, Elhokar @Sariel @Rhapsody
  7. I would prefer the second option as well. I will be very busy for the next 2 to 3 weeks so later is better for me.
  8. game

    I guess our turn officially ended about 20 minutes ago. If you don't mind I am going to finish the turn. Nale I will hold off on doing a third one as we seem unsure. We can always add a guess next round. @Sariel @Rhapsody
  9. game

    Taravangian seems obvious. Sadees (Azish genocide) Nale (kills surgebinders) If those three are the correct ones it seems the clue could have just been murderer but I'm not sure if there are better answers. These are my next choices: Tvlakv (slaver) Glys (corrupted by Sja-Anat)
  10. game

    I considered armor but I was going to go with Bracer as I don't look at BoM as actual armor but they are called bracers and hopefully that would have been good enough for Half-Shard. Well done. I thought I had this as I didn't think you would get both at once.
  11. game

    Well of Ascension is your last blue agent and Half Shard is the Assassin. You've won the game, well done. (Incidentally the one Coppermind page with the word imprison on it was neither of those.)
  12. game

    Ati and Dominion are Red agents. It's your turn @Scion of the Mists
  13. game

    Feruchemy and Hemalurgy are Blue Agents. Your time is up so I'm going to go. Red Team's clue is Ruin 1. @MistCLOAKed Mountains @AonDii
  14. game

    Chayshan is a Red agent.
  15. game

    Voidbinding and Awakening are Red agents. You get one more guess. @DoomStick @MistCLOAKed Mountains