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  1. game

    I guess we lose. Good game everyone.
  2. game

    It is Eightball. The red team can still guess until they get it wrong. @Doomstick @Scion of the Mists @Will Arbit In Eightball the goal is to guess all agents followed by assassin in white. If a team guesses the assassin before they get all their agents then it goes to sudden death where they must guess the rest of their agents without any clues, if they get any wrong they lose.
  3. game

    Red team's clue is Wine 2 @Scion of the Mists @Doomstick
  4. game

    Lamaril is a RED agent. @Scion of the Mists @Doomstick
  5. game

    All 3 are BLUE agents. Red team's clue is Brightlords 3 @Scion of the Mists @Doomstick
  6. game

    Coup of Urteau is a Red agent. @Will Arbit your turn.
  7. game
  8. game

    Vin is a Blue agent. Heightening is a Red agent. Red team's clue is Quellion 1 @Scion of the Mists @Doomstick
  9. game

  10. game

    longard and paclo are red agents. @Scion of the Mists @I am a stick!!!!!!!!!!!!!! are you done guessing?
  11. game

    Red team's clue is Wayne 2. @Scion of the Mists @I am a stick!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  12. game

    I can do it if necessary.
  13. If you are doing majorities then I clearly should have posted here instead of pming you (via Discord). If you start at 3 to 5 PT tomorrow you will have two more very active players who will miss the first 24 hours plus.
  14. game

    I'm still in.