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  1. Could this be Shallan’s mother’s thoughts? All the world may be an exaggeration or she may really believe that the world shares the opinion of the skybreakers. The further breath to draw certainly sounds like what they want to accomplish: more time before the next desolation. I realize that Shallan was eleven when it happened so she wasn’t exactly a suckling child, but the rest of it sort of fits.
  2. While travelling through the Cognitive realm is great for getting to known places with perpendicularities, I think FTL might be more useful for colonization of new planets. In the Cognitive realm the reason that open space can be traversed so fast is because no one lives there so there’s no one to think about it and give it form and I think uninhabited plants would be treated largely the same and might not show up very well in the cognitive realm. With FTL I think it would be easier to find planets with no settlers and colonize them, and it might even be more useful for trade with planets like Sel where going to their Cognitive realm would be dangerous.
  3. I’ve got some random guesses to throw out there: Artifice Propagation Adaptation Vice Veracity Conviction
  4. Duralumin misting + Dustbringer The sheer power of duralumin fueled division would be really cool to see! I'd probably give it to young Dalinar just because he seems like the most appropriate fit for vast levels of destruction.
  5. Hello! I would probably pick Feruchemy. I think it’s one of the most versatile ones and tapping gold for health seems like a good ability to have in my back pocket. Plus wakefulness and mental speed would be great to save up for tests! Go Bears! I love your username I actually considered going with Calladin for mine but decided against it since I didn’t think a lot of people would know what it was for.
  6. Thanks for the welcome! My favorite book is probably WoR, followed by the first Mistborn book. WoR just has so much going in it and it was the first one I read after finding out about the cosmere being interconnected so I really enjoyed the small Easter eggs in it (even though I missed most of them the first time around). Edit: After Stick (the greatest cosmere character) my favorite is Wayne. His lines cracked me up and I just really enjoyed him as a character!
  7. Hi! I’m a long-time lurker on the forums and finally decided to make an account for myself. I started off with the Era 1 Mistborn books many years ago and have been obsessed with the cosmere ever since! As a side note, if anyone out there goes to UC Berkeley hit me up! It would be great to have someone to theorize with in person