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  1. A random thing I did :)
  2. Yup! And thank you!
  3. I'm sick and too obsessed with math and the Cosmere. Hence, I made this. There are way too many equations but I think it looks pretty cool!
  4. I have no idea what half these positions are, but this is a work of beauty. Two things: 1) I would probably have Kell as the head coach instead, for his general strategic prowess. 2) Extra position: Renarin as a dedicated fan who always gets a seat in the front row right behind the team and secretly uses Progression to heal the players when the ref isn't looking.
  5. Ooh I don't know... from Mistborn either Vin or Sazed. (I know, most mainstream choices :)) They're both amazing characters. I have not read Secret History but it's on my list... somewhere...
  6. I definitely don’t have all the information, but could Hoid somehow be fully of Preservation and not at all of Ruin, and that’s why he is incapable of harm, like how Preservation couldn’t fight Ruin?
  7. Girl Who Stood Up. Something about it just hit me so hard. It's the perfect balance of depth and humor and despair and hope.
  8. Very true.
  9. True, just a bit prickly. Though the blood from your mouth might make it taste worse. (Sorry if that's too weird I'm a weird person augh)
  10. Ooh that's difficult... Preservation has always intrigued me.
  11. Hello! I read Mistborn a couple years ago and fell in love with Brandon's work. So far I've read Mistborn Era 1, all three SA, Skyward, Reckoners, and Rithmatist, and I'm working on Elantris, Warbreaker, Wax and Wayne, eventually Arcanum... there are at the same time too many Cosmere books and not enough Anyway. Hello. Idk what I'll do here but eh