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  1. Oh my post was not about headcanon I’m just talking about the statements that Jasnah has some ascertained sexuality in canon, which we just don’t have textual evidence for—she totally could be asexual, she could be a lesbian, she could be all kinds of things of course. I have my own headcanon details about the main characters that might or might not be true
  2. I agree. I also just finished a reread of SA and want to note that we really know very little about Jasnah and the idea that Jasnah is wholly uninterested in men is not supported by her POV but rather an artifact of the fandom—there are so many reasons a woman like Jasnah would refuse to marry a man in Alethi society that don’t require her to be uninterested in men; I think her losing her independence and not finding the right person are sufficient reasons. Additionally, as a heterosexual feminist I find the assumptions some fans (not in this thread) make that Jasnah’s personality and strength mean she must be a lesbian to be puzzling and essentialist in a troubling way. Not that I think this rules out any explanation, but we just don’t know she is uninterested.
  3. Hi all -- I deleted this post because I realized I included a spoiler for another series. I hope no one clicked on my spoiler tag who hasn't read that series -- new to this forum!
  4. Hi, Shard of Thought: I don’t have single favorite character but I have a tendency to get attached to characters who are still overcoming major internal struggles that feel genuine if uncomfortable—probably Szeth and Shallan at this point. I find those two characters the most interesting to read, and I think their characters lead me to reflect more than others. I find I’m also a sucker for Lift and Wyndle. I have read everything Cosmere but the White Sand series and Elantris. Currently re-reading Oathbringer.
  5. Hi all! I am excited to be part of this community. Mainly because I yearn to participate in Sebarial theorizing when I have more time than I do today