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  1. Hi all -- I deleted this post because I realized I included a spoiler for another series. I hope no one clicked on my spoiler tag who hasn't read that series -- new to this forum!
  2. Hi, Shard of Thought: I don’t have single favorite character but I have a tendency to get attached to characters who are still overcoming major internal struggles that feel genuine if uncomfortable—probably Szeth and Shallan at this point. I find those two characters the most interesting to read, and I think their characters lead me to reflect more than others. I find I’m also a sucker for Lift and Wyndle. I have read everything Cosmere but the White Sand series and Elantris. Currently re-reading Oathbringer.
  3. Hi all! I am excited to be part of this community. Mainly because I yearn to participate in Sebarial theorizing when I have more time than I do today