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  1. Thanks! I'll check out the Coppermind and go around from there. My favorite book I've read so far would be Oathbringer. I have enjoyed all of the Stormlight Archive, and they just keep getting better and better. My Favorite character... hmm... that depends on the book we're talking about. Or world I guess is a better term, but I love Wit - well Hoid. I'm a big fan of Dalinar and I love Syl. Jasnah is pretty awesome too. I really liked Sarene from Elantris. In Warbreaker I liked Lightsong. And I need to reread the Mistborn Series because I'm more hazy on those characters.
  2. In recent months I have discovered inside of me the ability to become a devoted fan to an author. This has never happened to me before. Not like this. I read the Mistborn Series (Original Trilogy) a few years ago. Then friends told me about other books by Brandon Sanderson and tried to tell me about the Cosmere. At the time, I was like "No thanks". I don't want to get pulled into something like that because I could never catch up. There are just too many books. And one series was going to have 10 books? And they are all huge monsters? Yeah, no way. Well, about six months ago my husband pushed me to read The Stormlight archives, so I did and didn't stop. Since then I have read all three of those plus Edgedancer, Warbreaker, and Elantris. I am on a library waiting list for Arcanum Unbounded. Before, I said that there were too many cosmere books. Now I don't think there are enough. Along with the Cosmere I also enjoy Brandon's other novels. However, the cosmere is what I have become engrossed by. I want to know everything. Also, if someone could help point me towards forums, discussions, posts, or areas of the website that i should look into i'd be grateful. Oh, and what are cookies?