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  1. Not gonna lie I have less than half an hour to get to school and guess what I’m doing... (Hint: I’m looking at memes on 17th Shard. Yeah, I know that was a hard one)
  2. How the orders spend their weekends: Windrunners: Fly around while watching for anyone in trouble Skybreakers: Volunteer in the local police force and charge for jaywalking Edgedancers: Tell forgotten stories to poor people without families Willshapers: A mystery... Elsecallers: Study obscure text Dustbringers: Set things on fire Truthwatchers: Win bets against Dustbringers Stonewards: Whatever they did last weekend Lightweavers: Make illusory art, and then make real art Bondsmiths: Unite their friends around a campfire
  3. I think that maybe she can corrupt all spren. After all, Glys (Renarin’s spren) is corrupted, which sounds like the work of Sja-anat.
  4. If the gem has no way to be recharged, it wouldn’t matter; the gem will run out, and there won’t be Stormlight to recharge it. This got derailed a little; what I was saying was that it is very unlikely the fabrial is being currently powered, so what could it do it it was being powered.
  5. Perfect gems can hold Stormlight forever, but they still lose it if the Stormlight is going into something. A perfect gem could power Roshar for a little bit, but it would still run out very soon, if it’s not recharged by Stormlight.
  6. I guess the biggest question is if this theory is true, then what would the fabrial do? I doubt it’s currently working, as I think people would have noticed a giant gemstone pillar sitting somewhere on Roshar. It would have to be hidden, and Stormlight wouldn’t be able to reach it easily, meaning that it couldn’t currently be powered up.
  7. If you look in the books, there are times where Radiants suck in Stormlight just to calm/focus them, or to make them feel better, not to use it for endurance, healing, or Surgebinding.
  8. Is there any reason to believe that Roshar is a fabrial? It may be theoretically possible, but there doesn’t seem to be any real reason that points toward this. Not to mention the amount of Stormlight it would take to power that.
  9. These memes are just too fun Stormlight Spoilers
  10. Yeah this sounds more like the Truthwatcher foresaw it because (s)he was thinking ahead and predicted this outcome, though that does beg the question of why the person can’t talk about it
  11. Emphasis on as long as said Radiant upholds his/her oaths. For example someone could swear the Edgedancer ideals without being described as “loving” and “healing,” the Edgedancer/Vedel traits.
  12. Can Renarin see the future because he’s a Truthwatcher, or because Glys is corrupted? Vorin culture says that seeing the future is forbidden, and Hessi (in Mythica) said that was because seeing the future was of Moeltach, the Unmade who causes Death Rattles. I find it hard to believe that the Vorin people would frown upon seeing the future so much if a whole order of their sacred Radiant protectors could do it. If this is an ability that only Renarin can have because of his spren, will he get other special abilities too, or are there perhaps Truthwatcher powers that he doesn’t get?
  13. Well, how do you think you can revive a dead spren?
  14. Well if broken oaths are what kill a spren, it’s not a large jump to say that restoring those oaths may revive the spren. I also agree that Adolin doesn’t need Edgedancer ideals to bond Maya. Those ideals might be what attract the spren in the first place, but the bond itself shouldn’t be affected by the personality of the Radiant, as long as said Radiant upholds his/her oaths.
  15. On my profile I’m going to start changing my location to match whatever book I’m reading and you guys can guess what book it is.