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  1. Hemalurgy has been mentioned as having special importance with regard to the Cosmere. It's made me wonder about the possibility of a reforging of Adonalsium through the use of hemalurgy. As hemalurgy can imbue the "spiked" with powers accessed through other shards, it seems an appropriate (albeit gruesome) method to create/imbue an individual with all the original powers of Adonalsium. Hopefully this would restore a greater balance throughout the Cosmere as the aspects of each Shard appear to work best in concert (Preservation and Ruin as a simple example). In talking with a friend, we concluded that perhaps the optimal way to carry out something like this would have to be through the sacrifice of each existing Shard-holder. This makes it rather obstructed since that would be quite a sacrifice, though perhaps it would add a thematic element to the story. Any insight in this regard? Could hemalurgy be used to create a being with all the original abilities of Adonalsium? Is it reasonable that anyone would want to achieve this for the good of the Cosmere?