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  1. Huh, I had always assumed Ati was Selish due to his Aonic name. This WOB throws that in the trash. Oh well.
  2. I totally get the simple explanation and agree....but it would be really cool if the way they break things involves manipulating reality, and since the spren seem to possibly do that...
  3. I just read the Szeth paintball competition chapter in OB and noticed the description of the Highspren. "What were those two spren floating nearby, shaped as small slits in the air? They separated the sky, like wounds in skin, exposing a black field full of stars. When they moved, the substance of reality bent around them." This makes me wonder if fifth ideal Skybreakers can use division to create a "break" in reality...a place that temporarily exists outside the three realms. When they "become the law," maybe that includes laws of nature. They could literally pull someone outside of reality to deal with them. Just a thought. Or they can literally affect reality around them in some way.
  4. Since we're talking about shardplate, I have a question too. When Kaladin had his dramatic moment and got his blade, it was soon after revealed that Syl could be whatever Kaladin needed her to be... We saw blade, spear, dagger, and shield, I think. Because of this, I have wondered if plate could be similar and what we saw in the Dalinar and Venli vision was actually his plate, just in a different form. Is the fourth ideal bit for all orders or just some? Could plate be flexible like spren blades, changing to meet whatever type of protection the radiant needs?
  5. @Karger I wonder if the speculation about dragons can from the description of the Iriali people having golden, almost metallic looking, hair and skin that even has a golden sheen under the right light. I'm not personally on board with the Dragon idea, but do like the idea that they could have come from Yolen. Their own religion states that Roshar is the fourth world they have lived on. With their capital being the City of Shadows, I do wonder if they have any special abilities we haven't seen. Their "golden" description reminds me a little of how Elantrian's are "silvery."
  6. This is exactly why I had never considered it before, but I thought I heard a WOB somewhere that said a squire of one order could actually bond a spren of a different order and switch. I'll have to look it up. Found it. Storm Cellar Do squires always bond the spren of their Knight's order? Or can they attract a different type of spren? Also, was it normal for someone to serve their whole life as a squire? Brandon Sanderson They can attract a different spren. It was indeed normal, depending on the order and the person. Miscellaneous 2018 (Oct. 14, 2018) I so want to see this!!!!
  7. @Wyndlerunner I'm totally down with with that. I don't know enough about Willshapers.
  8. After reading Rock's chapter again, I'm starting to think he might end up being a Lightweaver rather than a Windrunner. He is a culinary artist and he seems to have the same effect on other people that Shallan and Tien have/had. Bridge Four will become a mixed-order unit.
  9. Vacuum/clean the floor... Windrunner-sticks all of the furniture to the walls and ceiling first then puts a reverse lashing on the vacuum to pull in the dirt (only it starts to pull in other stuff too) Skybreaker-reads the vacuum instruction manual then follows it to the letter. Dustbringer-blows up the house so the floor won't need to be vacuumed. Edgedancer-simply heals the floor to its clean spiritual ideal. Truthwatcher-foresees all the kids running across the floor in muddy shoes, so just leaves it as is. Lightweaver-Lightweaves a clean floor. Who has time for vacuuming anyway? Elscaller-Transports all the dirt into Shadesmar or Soulcasts it to air. Willshaper-the floor needs to be vacuumed? Stoneward-loosens the molecular bonds of the floorboards just enough to let the dirt fall through and then re-solidifies them. Bondsmith-helps the Windrunner stick the furniture to the walls and ceiling then fine tunes his lashings to pull only the dirt into the vacuum. Can some Knights Radiant come and clean my house please?
  10. @TheGirlWhoLookedUp I think I might name it Stormstrider after the giant spren in the highstorm. @Numuhuku Nice! The Ryshadium are definitely gigantic, however I do think that their "spren bond"(for lack of a better term) is as much responsible for their ability to carry a person in shardplate as their size. I like the idea of the Friesian look scaled up 120% or so.
  11. I just finished listening to Rock's chapter in OB and noticed some things I hadn't picked up on before. This is mostly because a Shardcast I watched talked about human parshendi hybrids and that horneaters were one example of those. All of a sudden things in this chapter (and elsewhere) made sense. The Horneaters' Singer heritage is why they can see into the cognitive realm. Rock mentions being closer to the cognitive realm and being able to see spren in their entirety, not just the part that appears in the physical realm. He also mentions, when it is quiet and he focuses, that he can faintly hear the rhythms (he calls it something else, but it's obvious it's the rhythms). This has made me wonder about some of the other mixed race humans on Roshar and what unique traits they might have (besides hard fingernails and teeth). Any thoughts? The the ones I can think of are Horneaters (Singer blood), Herdazians (Singer blood), Rirans (Iriali blood), and Nataans (Amian blood). Are there any others?
  12. My pictures didn't post. Hee they are.
  13. Friesian horses are are how I picture Ryshadium when I read the books. ( pictures below)
  14. pancakes

    Those look GOOD!!!!
  15. I’ve been scouring the Coppermind and agree with your idea here. A few things jumped out at me to go along with it.... The first is regarding the formation of the Nahel bond itself. In the Song of Spren it says: “The spren betrayed us, it's often felt. Our minds are too close to their realm That gives us our forms, but more is then Demanded by the smartest spren, We can't provide what the humans lend, Though broth are we, their meat is men.” To me this implies that the humans’ strong Connection to the physical realm is why the the Nahel bond is possible with them in a way not possible with the Singers. “Shadesmar is the natural habitat of the spren, and is where their true form can be seen.” (Coppermind) They are fully Connected to the Cognitive and, in their natural state, appear to have only a cognitive aspect and a spiritual aspect. The “smartest spren” have such a strong Connection in Shadesmar that they have become sapient and able to interact with their world as humans do in the physical realm. I read somewhere that it is a person’s Connection to their world that enables them to understand it and function within it in a meaningful may. We see Dalinar’s Bondsmith ability manipulate Connection so he can understand other languages and the Parshmen’s Connection to their local land/people causing them to act as if they were alway from that place when their minds were returned. This Connection is what enables the “mind” to exist. I’m guessing, that when a Nahel bond is formed, this Connection, though the bond, is transferred from the cognitive to the physical realm. Both Syl and Pattern mention that the transition to the physical realm was very difficult. They enter it is a cognitive being that can now interact with the physical realm, but as a baby that has to learn and grow. Because their Connection moved out of the cognitive realm, they lost all of their memories and understanding associated with it. These are still part of their Identity, however so they would slowly regain them as they grew in their Connection and understanding of the physical realm through the Nahel bond. My personal thought is that if the bond was severed at this time, the spren would “die” in the sense that it would revert to it’s “baby” form forever in the physical realm where it's Connection now primarily resides. It would no longer exist as a sapient being in either realm. They have slowly been regaining some Connection to the cognitive as their memories return, but not enough to return there as a sapient being. When the Spren’s Connection to the Physical realm has developed enough through the progression of oaths, they will gain a physical aspect and manifest as a Shardblade. The spren now, for the first time, has 3 aspects: Cognitive (their natural state with some Connection to Shadesmar regained), Physical (the Shardblade), and Spiritual (Connection, Identity, etc.). They have essentially become a totally new kind of spren. This brings us to the second part, what happens when the Radiant breaks his oath. Well, if (emphasize “if”) the above is correct, then, @Calderis, your “ripping out of the mind” makes total sense because the Connection gained through the Radiant that enabled the spren to gain sapience in the physical realm would be ripped away leaving them mindless. The Connection part of their spiritweb would be in tatters causing them to “shatter,” in a way into their three aspects. Their physical aspect would become a Shardblade (because of it’s Identity), stuck in the physical realm by whatever remnants of Connection are left to it, but essentially dead because there is no longer a mind or anything with it. The cognitive aspect would become a deadeye in Shadesmar due to a remnant of Connection that it had regained there, but not enough to truly exist there. It maintains a similar appearance to its original form there because of Identity. And finally, the tattered remnants of the spiritweb gives each of the other aspects it’s Identity and somehow manages to keep them just enough Connected that the cognitive aspect can find its physical aspect’s correlating location in the physical realm.The later discovery of adding a gemstone strengthened that Connection just enough to enable the blade to transport to the cognitive realm when not in use. The 10 heartbeats is the time to Connect and make the transition back to the physical realm when summoned. Lastly, to heal a deadeye, having the original Radiant would be ideal because he has the “exact” missing piece of the puzzle. However, since that isn’t possible, here is my best guess. First, a couple of quotes from the Coppermind: “A female Stoneward possessed what appears to be a fabrial constructed from a large topaz and heliodor that was able to "regrow" and repair injuries.[16] It manipulated the Surge of Growth.” “The Surgebinder can even reverse death with Regrowth; a body that has bled out or a soul that has been severed with a Shardblade can be healed with Regrowth and continue to function as if it has never been damaged.[38] However, once the soul leaves the body and reaches the afterlife, it is impossible for the Surgebinder to revive the person.[40]” “Gold healing works by aligning an individual's Physical aspect to their ideal self as recorded in their Spiritual aspect. This does not prevent them from aging or certain genetic diseases as those are considered part of the ideal.[6]” “Damage to the soul, such as that caused by Hemalurgy, can be healed by Bloodmakers.[9] A Bloodmaker would also be able to heal a wound from a Shardblade,[10] or being withered by a shade.[11]” My thinking is that either a Lightweaver, Truthwatcher, or fabrial like the one in the above quote, possibly with a gold framework, along with a Bondsmith, the deadeye, and the person who will form the new Nahel Bond. The first to use progression Regrowth to heal the tattered spiritweb of the deadeye to its original ideal stored in Identity and the Bondsmith to aid that healing in such a way that it reunites the three aspects and enables the new Nahel Bond with the new future Radiant. Ok, I quit now.