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  1. OK...totally out in left field headcannon here...Maybe Edgli's game is to make another Dawnshard that can DESTROY Odium, and Nightblood is that attempt. For whatever reason, she couldn't make a Dawnshard on her own so she created ma magic system based on what was needed to create one. She then invested her people with breath so they could begin figuring out how to use commands and awakening. Periodically, she would identify someone with the acumen to do what she needed and would Return them when they died filling them with a significant amount of investiture (she Returned other people as well to mask her true plan) so they would have enough to create the framework needed to make a new Dawnshard if they figured it out. the early Returned seemed to do a lot more stuff than the ones we see in Warbreaker. When the Five Scholars started to get together and really figure things out, she somehow started dropping hints as to what she needed...probably through Shashara as she figured out the final Command. When they all got together to create Nightblood, Edgli added something (there is WOB somewhere stating that something weird/unexpected happened in Nightblood's creation), and Kaboom...a new "Dawnshard"....or not(Voidshard?). I don't think it went as Edgli expected either. Maybe Shashara had some sort of malevolence in her Intent when she gave the command that she had hidden from everyone or something. Anyway, what they actually got wasn't exactly a new Dawnshard, but something on the same power level, but with full sapience and the only limitation being the perspective of its wielder (I think the real Dawnshards have limitations and safeguards, but with a few loopholes that were exploited, with Odium's guidance, that led to the destruction of Ashyn). Destroying at the Spiritual level may another distinction of Nightblood, but I'm not sure. Anyway, the Five Scholars didn't understand the full import of what they had done until Shashara used Nightblood at the battle of Twilight Falls. Shashara thought it was amazing and Vasher was utterly horrified and, I suspect, realized that what happened was only a tiny fraction of what Nightblood could do. Vasher ended having to kill Shashara to keep more Nightbloods from being made( she really wanted to make more) because Only she knew her exact intent and visualization when she gave the Command. The fact that anyone can use Nightblood to destroy whatever they want makes him absolutely terrifying to everyone in every realm. ok, Im stopping now.
  2. Everything you said and this... “Ha!” she said. “You have been tricked, god! I am Hualinam’lunanaki’akilu, the daughter of Numuhukumakiaki’aialunamor, the Fal’ala’liki’nor, he who drew the Bow of Hours at the dawn of the new millennium, heralding the years of change! If you were to kill me, you would be violating the ancient pact of the Seven Peaks, and so must now forfeit the battle!” WHAT?????
  3. Rysn's experiences at the end sound very much like she has reached at least the third heightening... This made me wonder if Vasher brought it from Nalthis. I can't remember the timeline of when we think he came, though. This also made me wonder... Could Hoid be a dawnshard instead of simply holding breath? Is that why the 17th Shard is after him and why Odium would destroy him? Too much for my brain!!! @Chaos and all you other Shardcasters, I can't wait for your Shardcast episode on this!!!!!
  4. Y'all are amazing!!! Thank you so much for all the work you do for us fans!
  5. The discussion about the safe cytonic hyperdrives gave me a thought. @FeatherWriter mentioned a beacon in space as well as cytonic communication between bridge and ship and Shannon mentioned cytonic noise in the nowhere. This made me think of Brade's cytonic scream that drew the Delver. Theory: What Spenca assumes is the bridge is actually a beacon/space platform far out in uninhabited space where the Superiority uses brainwashed cytonic humans to project cytonic screams into the nowhere while the ship slips through. They need the cytonic communication to time the scream and the ftl jump. So, basically what Alyx said just with the nowhere added on. The slug just provides the ftl, not the scream, therefore isn't safe in and of itself. My mind is always going 1000 different directions after watching Shardcast. I love it! I liked the book once I was able to let go of my expectations and just read it for what it was. I missed Kimmalyn, though, bless her stars!
  6. "Yes, please" for the Autonomy Shardcast!
  7. Huh, I had always assumed Ati was Selish due to his Aonic name. This WOB throws that in the trash. Oh well.
  8. I totally get the simple explanation and agree....but it would be really cool if the way they break things involves manipulating reality, and since the spren seem to possibly do that...
  9. I just read the Szeth paintball competition chapter in OB and noticed the description of the Highspren. "What were those two spren floating nearby, shaped as small slits in the air? They separated the sky, like wounds in skin, exposing a black field full of stars. When they moved, the substance of reality bent around them." This makes me wonder if fifth ideal Skybreakers can use division to create a "break" in reality...a place that temporarily exists outside the three realms. When they "become the law," maybe that includes laws of nature. They could literally pull someone outside of reality to deal with them. Just a thought. Or they can literally affect reality around them in some way.
  10. Since we're talking about shardplate, I have a question too. When Kaladin had his dramatic moment and got his blade, it was soon after revealed that Syl could be whatever Kaladin needed her to be... We saw blade, spear, dagger, and shield, I think. Because of this, I have wondered if plate could be similar and what we saw in the Dalinar and Venli vision was actually his plate, just in a different form. Is the fourth ideal bit for all orders or just some? Could plate be flexible like spren blades, changing to meet whatever type of protection the radiant needs?
  11. @Karger I wonder if the speculation about dragons can from the description of the Iriali people having golden, almost metallic looking, hair and skin that even has a golden sheen under the right light. I'm not personally on board with the Dragon idea, but do like the idea that they could have come from Yolen. Their own religion states that Roshar is the fourth world they have lived on. With their capital being the City of Shadows, I do wonder if they have any special abilities we haven't seen. Their "golden" description reminds me a little of how Elantrian's are "silvery."
  12. This is exactly why I had never considered it before, but I thought I heard a WOB somewhere that said a squire of one order could actually bond a spren of a different order and switch. I'll have to look it up. Found it. Storm Cellar Do squires always bond the spren of their Knight's order? Or can they attract a different type of spren? Also, was it normal for someone to serve their whole life as a squire? Brandon Sanderson They can attract a different spren. It was indeed normal, depending on the order and the person. Miscellaneous 2018 (Oct. 14, 2018) I so want to see this!!!!
  13. @Wyndlerunner I'm totally down with with that. I don't know enough about Willshapers.
  14. After reading Rock's chapter again, I'm starting to think he might end up being a Lightweaver rather than a Windrunner. He is a culinary artist and he seems to have the same effect on other people that Shallan and Tien have/had. Bridge Four will become a mixed-order unit.