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  1. adonalsium

    I don't think Adonalsium is a God in the traditional sense, in that he is kind, just and loving (blahh) . We do see that the individual shards that were once Adonalsium have intents that are not all good (Autonomy, Ruin and Odium). This makes me think that Adonalsium was not completely good. It is one reason why I think that there is no need for a second powerful God-like entity, all the conflict that you need to build a good story are right there, in Adonalsium.
  2. So, Odium being a part of Adonalsium and "God's own wrath" and all that got me thinking. Odium trying his best to splinter the other shards is sort of like Adonalsium inflicting self-harm. Man, that god must have had some issues. The original sixteen must have gotten real tired of his sh*t and probably decided to shatter him just to stop his edginess. Sorry for spoiling the cosmere endgame reveal folks and you're welcome! ** tips hat Just to be crystal, this is a joke post and I mean no disrespect to people actually in depression, please get help!
  3. Thanks @Nathrangking. That makes a lot of sense, I had no clue that there was such a thing as the "Spiritual ideal". I am curious as to what it means when its the "perfect version" of yourself. As you age your healing ability goes down, is that also part of your spiritual ideal? That is do you need more investiture to heal the same wound when you're actually older (but burning atium to be younger) as opposed to being actually young. Curious stuff ! @RShara, That makes a lot of sense. No wonder it was Atium bracers.
  4. Hi everyone, Cosmere noob here. So, the lord ruler was pretty much immortal because he was able to compound atium, I'm not totally clear on how that works. I think I understand how compounding works, you store an attribute in a metalmind via Feruchemy and then burn it with Allomancy. Since Allomancy is net positive with investiture coming from Preservation you get a lot more of the attribute than what you stored in it. This makes sense to me if we look at gold for instance (with Miles HundredLives), he could heal from essentially anything as long as he had gold. Now with atium, if you're not a compounder since Feruchemy is net zero, after you burn the Atium, you are restored to your "original" age. But if you're a compounder, you can burn enough atium to be a certain age then should'nt that change be permanent like how it is for gold? Say, I'm a 100 years old (original age), I burn enough atium so that I'm 20 now, then shouldn't I remain at 20 if I take off the metal minds? That's how it works for gold doesn't it. You don't have to permanently keep burning gold to ensure all your past injuries remain healed. Why is it different for atium?
  5. I'll take a cookie. Hopefully it's not ruined! Shard of thought, it's definitely Sazed, the ending to HoA was so epic
  6. Hello everyone, I'm new to the forums and excited to be here! I picked up WoK last Fall by chance and have read everything I could find in the cosmere. Looking forward to SL4 and Lost metal!