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  1. I have another question that might add a different perspective to the initial question. What happens when someone under water relocates from the physical realm to the cognitive realm? And is it the same for each area of the cognitive realm?
  2. It is very interesting that in Oct. 5, 2015 he said, "For a long time Taldain was very hard, but not anymore." But in March 26, 2016 he said, "but it is inaccessible currently in the cosmere." I can't find an explanation for why this is, but I want to say that it wasn't simply an accident. Could he maybe be speaking specifically about the physical realm? There are two suns you would have to worry about near Taldain, but I can't imagine that would be that big of a problem for interstellar travelers.
  3. I have looked in many places for an answer to this question but haven't found it so I'll ask it myself. We know that Taldain is currently unaccessable: Questioner This is about certain people from Nalthis... living on Roshar and how they are living on Roshar. Could they also do that on Scadrial? Brandon Sanderson Scadrial would be a lot harder because getting the Investiture out of things on Scadrial is tough, there are ways you could do it but it would be much more difficult. Questioner Does that have to do with the Investiture being more directed? Brandon Sanderson Yeah, it's more the genetic component is a big part of it. The directed component-- In Roshar its just flowing around all over the place. For instance, if he could get to a Shardpool he could feed off that, but then he's at the Shardpool and that's kind of dangerous and things. Roshar is really the easiest place in the cosmere for him to consistently get this sort of stuff. Taldain would not be bad either, that's the White Sand world but it is inaccessible currently in the cosmere Salt Lake ComicCon FanX 2016 (March 26, 2016) So how long has Taldain been inaccessible? And how did Khriss leave Taldain and become a worldhopper if it is supposedly inaccessible? I didn't think that perpendicularities could be one way, but I could be misinformed.
  4. Awesome thanks!
  5. How much do we know about the Vorin method of keeping time?
  6. What about the Oathgates on Roshar? Wouldn't that be considered faster than light travel? FTL travel is something that theoretically isn't possible in our physical realm. But the cognitive realm or even the spiritual realm in the Cosmere don't really follow the same laws of physics. So is FTL travel possible without using the cognitive or spiritual realm? I don't know if we have a definitive answer for that yet.
  7. Maybe a more specific (though maybe unrealistic) way of thinking about this would be to imagine someone’s hand being barried in cement or something but there hand has a bit of wiggle room. Would that person be able to summon their shard blade? Maybe a living one could because they can change their shape. But I think a dead spren simply wouldn’t be summoned because it wouldn’t be able to occupy the same space as the dirt/cement.
  8. Thanks all! i have read the Mistborn trilogy and am starting the three stand alone Mistborn novels. I just finished Arcanum Unbounded. I’ve also read Elantris and Warbreaker. Non-Cosmere Novels include the Reckoners series including Mitosis, Skyward, The Arithmatist, and Snapshot. And when I say read, I mean I listen to them on Audible. I think my favorite character would have to be Vin because I really appreciate her growth as a character. I love how in the beginning of the series, she does everything to survive and only really does anything really for herself. By the end however, she has become a completely different person, willing to sacrifice herself for the entire world, and then smile to Kelsier as her and Elund leave the cognitive realm to the beyond.
  9. Hey guys, I am a relatively new fan of Brandon Sanderson's work but I am definitely a passionate fan. The first books I read were the Stormlight archives and they were wonderful. I actually never read them, but instead listened to them as I worked. It has always passed the time so much quicker which is always a plus. I am, like Brandon Sanderson, a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints which doesn't mean much of course, but it's a kind of cool all the same. I hope to learn all there is to know about the Cosmere and look forward to future discussions!
  10. hoid

    We know that Hoid is able to utilize the power of various shards in the cosmere, but how? I had the thought that it might be through hemalurgy.