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    Trust me, this is not a face you want to see. It's like a Chasmfiend mated with a Koloss. The result was something terrifying...*shudders*

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    Lost in Roshar...or maybe not lost...who knows
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    Surviving until the next Brandon Sanderson book comes out

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I love The Cosmere (and Brandon Sanderson books in general, which is obvious because here I am). 

I am a huge bookdragon (I refuse to use the term bookworm; it doesn't explain what it should). I read a ton (It's pretty much my only hobby). I write a bit, but I'm horrible at it. Other than Brandon Sanderson books, I love reading books by Patrick Ness, Patrick Rothfuss, Becky Albertalli, Adam Silvera, Leigh Bardugo, John Green, Neil Shusterman, etc. I'm looking forward to reading The Eye of the World series.