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  1. That was amazing! I've always found crayons (and art in general) annoying because I can't do anything with it, so this is awesome!
  2. I love the colors and I love the background! It's interesting to see how you imagined Venli.
  3. This is amazing! Definitely putting this as my lock screen now. As per usual, I love the colors!
  4. Oh my gosh. This is amazing! I love that scene, and I love how you did it Great job!
  5. Woah! This is absolutely beautiful. I am in love with the colors.
  6. Oh my gosh. Okay wow. That is beautiful.
  7. Woah. This is really awesome! I love the light and especially Syl!
  8. 44% Truthwatcher 39% Elsecaller 38% Bondsmith 16% Skybreaker 8% Lightweaver (Dustbringer, Edgedancer, Stoneward, Willshaper, and Windrunner are all 0%) Interesting...I always thought I would be a Lightweaver. Guess not!
  9. Yes, but I couldn't help but share my opinion. It's a flaw of mine.
  10. I also noticed that on my read-through of Shadows of Self, and to help answer the questions in my head, why would Brandon Sanderson bother putting in a coachman that has the same name as the Wit from The Stormlight Archive and Kelsier's informant in Mistborn: The Fallen Empire unless it was actually Hoid? And as others have said, Hoid was mentioned in the scene were Waxillium is talking to Harmony, in which case Hoid might have wanted to listen is, as he has shown quite an interest in what happens between Shards. It seems to me that it is a perfect opportunity for Hoid. Is it not?
  11. AxelioustheGreat: Thanks! It's great to finally be able to find other Brandon Sanderson fans. Ummmmmmm.....probably Lift. If I have to die, I want to die with awesomeness. (Also, I'm not sure how far her powers extend. Maybe she can be awesome on water too...?) Shard of Thought: Thanks for the welcome! I'll definitely look into reading Secret History. My favorite color is probably black (although not technically a color) or maybe dark blue. What's yours? ElendVenture and Silva: Um...What is TUBA? And DA? And what are the reprocussions for taking a cookie (or cake, or apple strudel)? Why are baked goods a war?
  12. Hello, fellow Brandon Sanderson fans! I have no idea what I'm supposed to write here, but oh well... I have read all of the Stormlight Archive books, the first two books of Mistborn, Edgedancer, Steelheart, The Rithmatist, and Skyward. Obviously, I have a couple of Brandon Sanderson books left on my list I found Brandon Sanderson books by my brothers and my dad. They kept ranting about them at the dinner table, so I decided to give them a try. It took a while to get into The Way of Kings at first; the length made it hard to start. As soon as I got into it though, I knew I had to read all of his books! My favorite characters from The Stormlight Archive would probably have to be Wit, Kaladin, or Lift (along with their individual spren); although my favorite right now is Renarin! My favorite character from Mistborn is probably Kelsier (still), and/or Elend. Anyway...Hi!