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  1. Arcanum Unbounded, which in hindsight was probably a mistake. Granted, I was hooked from Emperor's Soul, but Secret History of Mistborn was just weird and confusing.
  2. I'm fascinated by that trope. I love characters who overcome major disadvantages through cleverness - Miles Vorkosigan and Tavi from Codex Alera are a couple others.
  3. I just finished WoK. Great book. The whole plot of Kaladin being thrown to the bridgemen and managing to organize them and improve their conditions and all that reminded me of what Raoden did in similar circumstances. Imagine having nothing, being thrown into a situation where there is no hope other than suicide, and using nothing more than guile and force of personality to make life better for everyone. It also reminded me of In all 3 cases, it was horribly depressing just reading about their conditions, and I loved what they were able to accomplish. Thoughts?
  4. My superhero system is basically a magic system, so I definitely pay heed to the 3 Laws. It's all set on one planet, but some of the stories and events don't otherwise connect.
  5. I have a whole setting ("like earth, but with superheroes," I call it) that I set most of my stories in. Slow going, but I'll get there some day. Good advice. That doesn't leave me a lot though.
  6. Well, mostly. I am Eran of Arcadia (here and on various sites all over the internet.) I've been a fan of Schlock Mercenary since 2005 - by far my favorite webcomic - which is one of the reasons I started listening to Writing Excuses a few months ago. (The other reasons are i) I got a new job with a 30 minute commute in a city with no good radio stations and ii) I've been telling myself I'm going to get serious about my writing for years now.) I actually read Arcanum Unbound a few years ago and loved it (including the Secret History of Mistborn - it was so confusing and so out of context I doubt it spoiled anything that I'll remember) and then Elantris and loved it. I just finished Skyward (I especially loved the fact that there's a character named Kimmalynn from a placed called Bountiful, I guess Detritus is Space Utah or something) and started The Way of Kings. Wish me luck. And I continue to listen to about 3 or 4 episodes of Writing Excuses every work day.