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  1. Bra-VO, good sir/madam/something else.
  2. "Mistaking individual beings for insignificant insects" isn't too different from Ender's Game IMO.
  3. I'm a little disappointed that the delvers turned out NOT to be eldritch abominations after all, because I do love me some cosmic horror, but otherwise I loved it.
  4. "Supposedly enlightened race is full of self-righteous, arrogant hypocrites" is a common science fiction/fantasy trope. I hope he gets humiliated before he dies.
  5. I noticed that too! I thought it was funny that the creature was introduced in the middle of a paragraph about how most species are completely nonaggressive, so definitely not our Sergeant.
  6. Apparently I understood it better than I thought, but any time I read someone else's post about it (here or anywhere else) it just seemed so confusing.
  7. Yes, I read all 3 books so I'm sure I'm just missing the answer.
  8. Everyone seems to understand how it all works. The Heralds . . . were chosen by Honor? To fight the Voidbringers? And then they died, went to Braize, stayed as long as they could, then when they couldn't handle it any more it started all over again? Can someone give me the simple version of what was going on and why everyone seems to understand it so much better than me?
  9. Well, Brandon better not die any time soon then.
  10. Ah, good old RAFO.
  11. Just finished Bands of Mourning, and it left me a little confused. Harmony has power over all of Scandrial, doesn't he? So why, after the Catacendre, did he remake the northern continent and go to great lengths to make a paradise for them, then ignore the southern continent? They all would have died if not for the timely appearance of the Sovereign, it seems. Am I missing something?
  12. Are you referring how his wedding night/honeymoon was an inspiration for the Siri/God King relationship.
  13. Arcanum Unbounded, which in hindsight was probably a mistake. Granted, I was hooked from Emperor's Soul, but Secret History of Mistborn was just weird and confusing.
  14. I'm fascinated by that trope. I love characters who overcome major disadvantages through cleverness - Miles Vorkosigan and Tavi from Codex Alera are a couple others.
  15. I just finished WoK. Great book. The whole plot of Kaladin being thrown to the bridgemen and managing to organize them and improve their conditions and all that reminded me of what Raoden did in similar circumstances. Imagine having nothing, being thrown into a situation where there is no hope other than suicide, and using nothing more than guile and force of personality to make life better for everyone. It also reminded me of In all 3 cases, it was horribly depressing just reading about their conditions, and I loved what they were able to accomplish. Thoughts?