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  1. The whole point of being a Brando Sando fan is not having to wait too long for a sequel, what even is this? On the other hand, one of the academies seems to be a shout out to my alma mater so that's cool.
  2. One of the ones from Warbreaker about God being a drunk monkey.
  3. Yeah, I always wonder what we could do to convince people we're really Christian. Maybe rename the church so Jesus' name is in it? Or come up with a numbered set of beliefs that puts "believing in Jesus" as the first point? Or have scripture that affirms the divinity and atonement of Christ? Oh wait . . . People get hung up on the Trinity, which didn't even exist as a doctrine for the first 3 centuries of Christendom.
  4. So I just finished re-reading Elantris. And I have to say, of all the LDS references in the Cosmere, the one character who is most obviously informed by Brando's experiences as a member is Hrathen of all people. Minus the whole "I have to convert everyone in 3 months Or Else" bit, and the use of magic and whatnot, his experiences as a missionary seemed familiar.
  5. Pretty well! Man, 20 minutes is not a long time to teach a class.
  6. Tomorrow our ward returns to 2 hour, in-person church, and my wife and I finally get to co-teach the senior primary class we were called to teach almost a year ago.
  7. Yeah, I missed seeing the last 2 LotR movies in the theater because I was on my mission. But sacrifice brings forth the blessings of heaven.
  8. So is anyone tracking the LDS references in the Cosmere? I know Brando has said that Nohadon is based on Benjamin, and that the whole idea of humans becoming gods fascinates him because of what we believe. I don't know if other things like keteks being similar to chiasmus or all the secret societies on Roshar being inspired by secret combinations are references or just coincidences.
  9. We did our first full ward sacrament meeting last week. It was really weird. Also, my kids forgot how to be reverent, and they do sacrament last, so my son spent all of testimony meeting loudly asking when he was going to get his bread.
  10. I can use electricity to transmit my thoughts to people hundreds of miles away.
  11. Bumping this thread just to announce that I'm here. Haven't been back to church - the earliest Sacrament Meeting I could attend is October 11 but it will be easier to just stay home and do family sacrament like we've been doing. Also, my username is partially a reference to where I served my mission, in case anyone wondered.
  12. Bra-VO, good sir/madam/something else.
  13. "Mistaking individual beings for insignificant insects" isn't too different from Ender's Game IMO.
  14. I'm a little disappointed that the delvers turned out NOT to be eldritch abominations after all, because I do love me some cosmic horror, but otherwise I loved it.
  15. "Supposedly enlightened race is full of self-righteous, arrogant hypocrites" is a common science fiction/fantasy trope. I hope he gets humiliated before he dies.