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  1. That's such a sweet idea! Have fun with your new dog!
  2. What do a violist's fingers have in common with lightning? How is a violist different than a dog? Why do people take an instant dislike to the viola? Alternatively: Why are viola jokes so short?
  3. Determine
  4. Paper
  5. Lesson
  6. Embark
  7. Yonder
  8. Encampment
  9. Ethereal
  10. Default
  11. This is my new favorite thing on the internet. TenSoon is the best.
  12. Oh! Like those little reverse bungee things! Mistborn ones would be so cool! There should be something Nalthisy. That would be fun, with Hallendren and all the colors and stuff?
  13. Granted, but the bottom of the shell becomes all soggy. I wish I could find my pencil.
  14. Kinda late for this, but @Shard of Thought sent me this test once, and it's my favorite so far. https://www.playbuzz.com/maxtal10/knights-radiant-order-quiz
  15. Durable
  16. Hi! This sounds like a lot of fun! I’d love to join, probably as some sort of helper!
  17. Granted, but they all hate them and refuse to talk about them. I wish to be better at the violin without having to practice.
  18. "I guess so," I Don't Know agreed. "Got it."
  19. I Don't Know pauses to consider. "I'm not sure," she finally says.
  20. "Me either...?"
  21. wayne jokes

    The one I always remember is: "'Huh,' Wayne said thoughtfully. 'Tea's poisoned.'"
  22. Lethargic
  23. Hi! I'm new here! My friend introduced me to the cosmere early last year, and I finished OB a few days ago. I've read pretty much everything cosmere, and Spook's my favorite! I'm excited to be here!
  24. Thank you for the welcome! Yeah, Spook is amazing. Ooo, that's hard. Probably Scadrial. Nalthis is cool too though. What's yours?