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  1. Four people watching them. And a spren? That suggested either a Radiant or a voidspren, although anything could come out of the alleys. A robbery was the most likely explanation; the four of them likely seemed profitable targets, especially if she had been recognized. The most obvious way out was lightweaving. It would take some maneuvering, but it would not be overly difficult to give their observers the slip. Aln cocked her head, staring at the shimmering in the air. How would a cadmium bubble affect the illusion? If she crafted one on the edge of the time warp, would a section of it run out of stormlight faster than the rest? What if she put the power source within the bubble, and the illusion without? Could she make it last longer? Aln itched for her notebook, cursing her decision to leave it behind once more. Khriss had had something to say about energy transference in speed bubbles - Aln remembered it from one of her books - but she didn't believe that the famed researcher had ever directly observed the interactions between Illumination and Cadmium. She suppressed her excitement as she realized that they were still being watched by potential thieves. Hopefully there would be a chance for experimentation later. Ben pushed past her suddenly, chasing a sphere. He hesitated for a second at the edge of the bubble, then grabbed it before it could escape. Aln made a mental note of several aspects of the interaction - he was easily able to disconnect the center of the bubble from himself, yet another aspect of his savantism, and his arm did not change trajectory when it exited the bubble - before returning her attention to the boy as he awkwardly apologized for his clumsiness. A show of great concern over a sphere of middling value, she thought. Probably a ploy to give the impression of a lack of wealth. Unless he was just drawing our attention to the edge of the bubble, in which case he could be proposing a time jump as a diversionary tactic. It would certainly make us harder to eavesdrop on. She glanced up as Eiran politely took his leave. She looked at Althea. If the watchers followed him, then it would mean that they were, indeed, thieves looking for some easy coin. If they didn't, though, then they were either much less of a threat, or much more of one. "Is our friend safe walking alone?" she asked, nodding towards Eiran in a way that she hoped wasn't too obvious. @Ashbringer @Sorana
  2. Aln felt a chill. Years ago, she had combed through piles of obscure documents in search of other surgebinders. It was then that she had discovered that man. He appeared in seemingly random places, a commanding figure with dead eyes and a shardblade, demanding the death of some small thief. And with him were other oddities. Dead spheres after a highstorm. Images with no substance. A woman who fell in the wrong direction. And they had all died at his hand. Several months later, she had finally connected him to Nale, Herald of the Almighty. It had been then that the last of her faith had perished. The Heralds were not gods. Even Honor, the Almighty himself, was not a god, but a man, wielding stolen power and thinking himself unconquerable. A mortal who dared to claim divinity was nothing but a liar, if an invested one. Aln stopped herself. She hadn't realized how much anger still lingered around the subject. Even nine years from the revelation, she could still fell the pain of betrayal, the pain of discovering that those she had worshipped were only pretenders. She pushed it away. That was something to unpack later. "You likely encountered a man called Nale," she explained. "He was once a servant of Honor, dedicated to opposing evil, but at some point he instead began to hunt and kill surgebinders. Be thankful he didn't mistake you for one." Aside from reawakening her own crises of faith, she realized, his statement had also further confirmed her previous hunch. He had flared cadmium straight through the Everstorm. How old was this boy? @Ashbringer @Sorana @Silva
  3. Aln smiled when Ben accepted her offer. A chance to help someone, she thought. Maybe coming to this festival was a good idea, after all. She glanced at her pocket, where her spren could be seen, softly shimmering. The third ideal has something to do with helping people, right? Pel took a moment to respond. "I don't know. I think it does. But you're not ready to swear it yet. I'm sorry." It's fine. Aln didn't add that she had spent nearly 10 years with that response. You're not ready yet. She watched the conversation dance in the air, silently. I still think Eiran's hiding something. "Oh?" Yes. He barely answered my question, and then immediately diverted everyone's attention by revealing his name. "What, so you think he has something to do with the van?" I don't know. I'm still not sure what the story around it is. But I think he's one to watch. She turned her attention back to her acquaintances. They were talking about Roshar, now. Something about Ben's last statement bugged her. He had claimed to have come directly from Roshar just recently. But now it was too long ago? From what she knew about recent events on that planet, even the most oblivious person could hardly have failed to notice a backwards highstorm, or the return of the Voidbringers. So what - it clicked. A cadmium savant. If he had flared his cadmium before the start of the desolation, he might have been able to jump through time. He could have completely skipped the recent events. "Seems a lot to deduce from one statement," Pel commented. But it fits, doesn't it? Aln watched him as Althea offered him a job. I won't say anything about it, she decided. Not unless he brings it up. "I'm from Roshar as well," she mentioned. "I haven't been back in a few years, but I try to pay attention to the news. It's...not looking great, over there. The Voibringers have returned, but the Heralds have not. And the highstorms are blowing the wrong way. I don't know what's happening in Iri, specifically, but I suspect that most of the countries are in the same state of chaos. I'm sorry." @Sorana @Ashbringer @Silva
  4. Aln narrowed her eyes at the bespectacled man. Why had he refused to give his name? And how had he and Ms. Tenira determined that the van contained a prisoner? Perhaps the answer was as innocuous as a desire for privacy and an unusual hunch, but Aln couldn't help wondering if there was something else going on here. But then Ben started to talk, and she was forcibly reminded of her first time in the Alleyverse. She had been about the same age as he was, and had just recently been granted her Nightwatcher boon. There were so many people, and she didn't understand how anything worked. She barely even knew how to carry a conversation. It had been her brother, Trent, that had stopped her from panicking. He had found them both jobs, and eventually she began to grow accustomed to the strange new land. But Ben didn't seem to be accompanied by anyone. "Ben," she found herself saying, "I'm the leader of the Scholar's Guild, and I've taken it upon myself to explain this place to newcomers. If you want, I could show you around." Then she looked back at the other two people in the bubble. "If you don't mind, though, I have one more question. How do you know that the van is transporting a prisoner?" @Sorana @Ashbringer @Silva
  5. Personally, I think that a new thread would make more sense. If there's such a long necro, I think that having two disparate storylines in the same place would be more confusing than the added clutter of a new thread. But I suppose I'm not super invested, with no currently insane or badly injured characters.
  6. Fascinating. It's almost certainly a result of savantism, although it's possible that a similar effect could be granted if his natural ability was supplemented by a hemalurgic spike. It seems as if his spirit web has been altered enough that his cadmium bubble actually manifests as a part of him. And, of course, I left my notebook at home today, so I can't record any of this. Sighing internally, she started to answer Ben's question, but realized that his eyes were fixed on a point behind her. She turned quickly. There was another person in the bubble - no, two other people; a man with glasses stood near a stern woman with white hair. The latter was talking. Aln returned the nod, cursing herself for facing away from the road, then frowned in thought. A prisoner? How would she know that? "I didn't have a clear view of the vehicle, myself," she said. "Did it have any identifying marks? Or a license plate number?" She didn't recognize the woman, although she had the faintest sense that she shouldn't be bowing to Aln. She supposed she just wasn't used to anyone deferring to her; she was a guild leader, true, but the SG was one of the smallest in the city. The status rarely carried any weight. @Silva
  7. Aln inhaled deeply, and stormlight streamed from her pockets to diffuse throughout her body. A rush of strength and lucidity accompanied the Investiture, but she wasted no time in savoring the sensation. She placed a hand on his shoulder and poured Progression into the man. Surrounded by strangers, as she was, the act was refreshingly easy. "Would you mind letting me know what happened?" Aln asked, as the stormlight faded. "My spren said that you were not hit by the van, but that you flew backward like you had been. Does this have to do with your cadmium, or is it separate Investiture?" As she mentioned the cadmium, her eyes flicked briefly up. Past the faint shimmering in the air, the world still moved unnaturally quickly. With a flicker of humor, she realized that her mandated 2 hours at this party would be shortened the longer she spent beside Ben. I wonder if Torenat will declare that to be cheating. I don't believe he has much ground for complaint, though; I am meeting new people.
  8. Many have theorized that the Ones Above came from Scadrial. This means that they would have access to the art of hemalurgy, and would have had hundreds of years to refine it. In their space travels, they discover Nalthis and meet Clod, who is then the oldest surviving lifeless. Intrigued by all that he must have witnessed, they spike sentience into him in an attempt to access his memories. It fails, however, and they instead create a tortured abomination which can never be destroyed. Its rampage ends up causing the downfall of their advanced civilization. Ryshadium and the Shaod.
  9. Aln tentatively returned the smile. "I'm glad you're alright, Ben. I didn't see what happened myself, but my spren was in the area. Would you like some stormlight healing?" She longed to ask him what had happened, and why he ran, but being bombarded with questions rarely helps when you're injured. The fact that he had kept his bubble burning while hurt likely indicated some form of savantism. And, from her spren's description, the bubble had traveled with him when hit by the van. More to ask him about; she'd never met a cadmium savant before.
  10. Someone pushed past Aln. She could see a yell out of the corner of her eye. She turned to see a large pile of rubble where a storefront had been, surrounded by people. She gasped and started to look around for the source, but at that moment Pel returned, speaking urgently into her mind. "He's been hit by a van" the spen said, not pausing for a greeting. "Or, well, he wasn't hit by it, but there was a van and then he was flying through the air in slow motion." Is he hurt? Aln returned. "I don't know. Not badly, I think." Still probably best to check it out. She returned her gaze briefly to Folorian and Crow. "I'm sorry to cut our conversation short, but something's come up. I might be back." She paused to lightweave a message for Folorian - Ben could be hurt. Meet at the Guild later? - then sprinted off after her spren. She ducked through to crowd to find the young man lying face down on the street, his mask knocked askew. He wasn't moving - either that, or he was moving very slowly, she realized, spotting the characteristic shmmer of a cadmium bubble around him. Taking a deep breath, she entered it and crouched down. "Are you okay?" @Ark1002 @mathiau @Ashbringer
  11. Aln glanced down and subtly lightwove her own response. I have no idea, but I've got my spren following him in case he's in trouble. And I'm reasonably sure that her name is Crow. Turning her attention back to Crow, she asked, "So, do you know that young man? Ben? Or why someone just threw a sword at us?" @Ark1002
  12. Aln had opened her mouth to reply to Folorian when everyone moved as if acting on some unknown cue. A woman in the mask of a dove appeared and began to speak, Byron bolted, and a sword hurtled towards her head. She managed to duck, instinctively inhaling a bit of stormlight, and it thankfully clattered harmlessly into a wall behind her. She turned staring at where the sword had come from, and spotted someone who seemed to be selling a whole bundle of them. He seemed the likeliest culprit. She shot him a dirty glare, and resolved to track him down later. She then glanced in the other direction, at Ben's retreating back. I hope he's alright, she thought, half to her spren. He seemed pretty upset. "Do you want me to follow the him?" asked her spren. She glanced towards the patch of light in surprise. Pel rarely offered suggestions of his own volition, let alone one so unexpected as that. That seems morally ambiguous, she replied. I spoke a couple sentences to him. Does that give me the right to invade his privacy? "You're just trying to make sure that he's okay." Does that make it ethical? It sounds like you're trying to use the ends to justify the means. Doesn't 'journey before destination' specifically counter that? "You're only arguing because you know you want to do it. And now he's getting away." Aln sighed. Fine. Just follow him for a minute to make sure that he's not running from danger. Then come right back. Don't trail him to his house or anything. Pel zipped off without a word, the patch of light weaving through the crowd. I hope that proves unnecessary, she thought, then turned her attention back to the people in front of her. She had been a bit distracted at the time, but she believed that the woman in the mask had introduced herself as Crow. "I'm Aln" she said, trying to regain her bearings. "Um, it's nice to meet you." @mathiau @Archer @Ashbringer @Ark1002
  13. Aln blinked when the bubble passed over her. Is that cadmium? But the man was talking now, and she could hardly interrupt to ask. "... Hi. My name's... I'm Ben. I was wondering if there's a more central party of the part-" Blast. "Part of the party." "I don't really have much to do. Or anywhere to go. And everyone's just... talking. Is there somewhere people are doing something? Shops? Sports?" She smiled at his question. "It's nice to meet you, Ben. I'm Aln. If you're looking for party advice, you asked the wrong person, I'm afraid. My plan for the evening had been reading alone before my brother dragged me out here. The height of my excitement tonight will probably involve dumplings." She glanced at Folorian to ensure he wasn't talking - this storming mask had ruined her peripheral vision- and continued, "There might be some storytellers around, if you're into mythology. Other than that, I'm not really sure." @mathiau
  14. "Sounds like a good idea," Aln replied. "I think there's someone selling dumplings around here." She turned to look, then stopped when she noticed a young man in a Parshendi mask approaching. "Um, hello," she said to him uncertainly. @Ashbringer