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  2. It starts in January, as they already said, but you're also welcome to join the server earlier than then if you want to do any practice puzzles or just get to know the other people on the team!
  3. I would definitely recommend anyone who enjoys this site to try out puzzlehunting. I was recruited from here for the Mystery Hunt two years ago (gosh, two years? Feels like way shorter) and it's slowly been consuming my life ever since. I can't see innocent lists of words anymore without instinctively trying to extract... don't worry I'm not addicted I can quit whenever I want. But don't feel daunted if it seems like it'll be way over your head. Puzzlehunts can be a lot, especially Mystery Hunt, and it might b easy to look up examples of puzzles and decide that it's way too hard for you. Rest assured though, everyone's bad at it when they start. Even if you sold your last two braincells to Hoid for some ramen, everyone has something they can contribute to a puzzle! Plus, we have an M-Bot. What more do you need?
  4. Teresa fidgeted nervously with her drink. How much should she say? Channing would likely be annoyed if she gave away too much of the plan. "Um, information should be fine for now. I'm ... just curious." As soon as the words left her mouth she winced internally. Just curious about Splitting? She had no idea why Channing expected her to be able to pull this off.
  5. Teresa swallowed. "I... well, I didn't want to just ask right off the bat, but I need access to a bit more than the usual procedures. I need to find a Tailor who knows something about the process of Splitting. Discreetly, of course."
  6. "Right, yes. Well," she took a deep breath. There was no turning back now. "I need to know about Tailoring. Specifically, where I can find a reliable clinic for... less than legal procedures. Someplace with especially skilled Tailors, if possible. Um, thank you."
  7. Teresa jumped and dropped her phone. "Ah, yes, I - they remind me of a movie I saw last week." Passphrase complete, she turned around and did her best to smile. "It's nice to meet you. I'm Teresa."
  8. Teresa gave an internal sigh of relief as the attention of the women shifted away from her and towards each other. Channing would probably have wanted her to listen to their conversation, but they were discussing some sort of contract that didn't seem very relevant to her. Plus, she didn't want to get caught eavesdropping. Instead, Teresa let her gaze wander around the room. A surprising number of the people here were Tailored; she'd known that Underground Tailoring was a thing, of course, but she'd expected that it would be rare. Where were they getting all the Thread? Some of the Tailoring jobs were distressingly shoddy, too. She winced as a man walked past with huge, muscular arms held at awkward angles from his body. Had they grafted on stronger arms without any modifications to the shoulder? She wouldn't be surprised if he already had osteoarthritis. She pulled a cracked cell phone from her pocket and started idly jotting down notes.
  9. Teresa looked between her conversation partners, stammering slightly. Channing had warner her not to put on any kind of front. "They'll see through any attempts at lying in a heartbeat," the gang leader had said with a smirk. "So don't try any tricks. But you may be able to use your inexperience to your advantage, in a way. There will be those that see your naivete and assume that you must be faking; after all, no gang leader would employ someone who was actually that incompetent at spycraft. And when they cannot pierce your disguise or figure out what it is that you're hiding, they will be wary of trifling with you, for fear that they'd be interfering with something that they do not understand." Teresa found a number of flaws in this reasoning. Wouldn't they just see her as an easy target or something? But it's not like she had a better plan. So she just smiled and said, "It's true, the bars of my hometown were a bit quieter. I'll have to try that drink," and hoped that the approach of someone else would distract people from pressing for details. @Sorana @Channelknight Fadran @The Unknown Order
  10. Teresa tripped along the damp streets of the undercity, wishing she had brought an umbrella. She hadn't expected to need one - the whole street was underground, right? As it turned out, the rain had just mixed with the dirt on the upper streets before leaking down below, meaning that the liquid now staining her sweater wasn't water so much as mud. Or worse. She tried not to think about it. The people she passed didn't seem to mind - but then, they also didn't seem to mind the stench, or the fact that the only light down here spilled from the occasional uncovered window. She tried not to make eye contact with anyone, in case they could read nervousness in her expression. Was she walking too fast? Too slowly? Was anyone following her? Wait, shoot - that alley she just passed was where she was supposed to turn. Turning around for no reason would be suspicious for sure. Maybe she should just circle the block and try again. She ducked into the alley a few minutes later, slightly out of breath. A human-shaped figure stepped out from behind a dumpster, features obscured in the darkness. "Can I help you?" "Um, yes," she said. At least here she actually knew what to do; she'd made flashcards for all the little codes and passwords Channing had told her. If there was one thing that Teresa had learned in med school, it was how to study for a test. "I'd like your latest vintage, please." She smiled at the figure, then instantly regretted it. One wasn't supposed to smile while sneaking to the criminal underground for a clandestine meeting. "And would you like that in a bottle or a glass?" returned the the bouncer easily. "I'll just have to see which one breaks first," she finished, and the figure nodded. She pressed a handful of money into their outstretched hand, and slipped through the open door. The wave of sound hit her like a physical force as she started down the stairs. Tuneless music thrummed against her eardrums as neon lights flickered overhead, as if she'd stepped into a textbook entry for reflex epilepsy triggers. A shout went up from one corner, and she looked over in time to see a large man - clearly Tailored - twisting his opponent's arm back with a brutal snap. She looked away, feeling queasy. A few people were holding drinks, she noticed, so there had to be a bar somewhere in all the commotion. Maybe she'd be able to sit down somewhere out of the way and wait for her contact to find her. There was an open barstool near the corner, and she gingerly clambered onto it, hoping it wouldn't collapse on her. The barkeep slid a drink towards her without waiting for an order, so she dropped what she hoped was a reasonable number of bills on the table and picked it up. A quick sniff made her eyes water, and she set it back down on the table. She had no intention of getting drunk tonight, and certainly not off of that. It smelled more like rubbing alcohol than any of the drinks she'd tried before. Instead she took a deep breath and tried to adopt a cheerful expression. At least no one had tried to kill her yet; she'd count that as a success.
  11. Oftentimes "men" is used in dramatic language to just mean people in general. It's particularly common in old texts like the Bible, which is likely where Brandon got the inspiration for the way his prophecies are worded. So the chasm scene is pretty compelling. That being said, I do think that it's very possible that all the epigraphs could have multiple meanings, so theorizing about something like this isn't necessarily unproductive.
  12. New vape flavor: dead gods! [Stormlight] I get knocked down, but I get up again - ain't nothing gonna keep me down [Gold feruchemy] "It's not flying, it's falling with style!" [Lashings] Hacked the source code, hope no one notices [Forgery] Basically a mood ring [Royal Locks]
  13. Fair point, I had forgotten about her dynamic with Shallan in WoR. Still, I think it's fair to say that she's not really seen as a character in her own right until RoW.
  14. Pattern. He was already developing some personality in Oathbringer, but it wasn't until RoW that I realized he was an interesting character beyond just giving Shallan magic powers. I love his sense of humor so much. And I have to give a shoutout to my now favorite character, Navani; I didn't like her much when she was first introduced, since I really wasn't a fan of her attempts to force a romantic subplot on Dalinar. Until RoW everything we knew about her was just seen in relation to Dalinar (which is a personal pet peeve for poorly written love interests), but as soon as you took him out of the picture she was a fascinating, awesome character who I really related to. I'm so glad Sanderson decided to flesh her out.