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  1. I'd like to submit a character for approval, please. *I am aware that this backstory likely contradicts established Alleyverse lore; unfortunately, I don't know the lore that this would be. If someone more well-versed in these matters would point out the flaws to me, I would be quite grateful and would subsequently change the story. So, with the followers this is probably over the point limit, but I thought I'd submit it to get a sense for how everything's rated and what I need to change. Sorry for the trouble. Thank you!
  2. In response to Temeria's question, Aln moved the illusion closer to her sister, leaving it floating above her plate. She nearly began to elaborate, but cut off as the waiter approached the table, eyes wide. She reflexively banished the Lightweaving, but the damage was done; the entire restaurant had likely seen it. Their server bowed - significantly more respectfully than he had last time, she noticed - then inquired of their orders. Temeria answered quickly, although she hadn't looked at the menu once. "And for you, Brightness Radiant?" He asked, eyes darting to where the globe had been. She caught the flicker of discontent in his eyes when she ordered a men's dish; clearly he disliked the contradiction between her status as a "holy" figure of legend and her open defiance of Rosharan religious custom. She wondered what it must have been like for him to enter the Alleyverse and suddenly walk among gods. What was his story? She suddenly felt embarrassed about her eagerness to flaunt her powers. It was a frivolous waste of Stormlight, and only drew attention. Glancing at a neighboring table, she spotted her own name drifting amidst the conversation. It made her uncomfortable that people knew who she was, but it was largely inevitable; you don't get to be the leader of a guild, even a small one, without gaining some degree of infamy. She sighed, turning back to Temeria. "I've talked enough about myself. What about you? You were a soldier on Idris for a while, I know, but it's been 10 years. What was it like?"
  3. Aln tensed as Temeria reached for her sword. What did she need it for? Had something happened? Her eyes darted around the room, but she could find no source of trouble. When she looked back at her sister, the woman's eyes were instead fixed on Aln's Lightweaving. Her face was completely transformed. It was an excited expression, tinged with awe, and accented by a wide smile. Her eyes were suddenly those of Aln's sister. Aln couldn't help but smile too. She inhaled more Stormlight and, after a moment's thought, crafted it into a glowing image of the Rosharan globe, hanging between them. It took more effort than usual, and she could feel the Stormlight escaping at a greater rate. She had spent a weekend a few months ago teaching herself to create these three-dimensional maps in painstaking detail, and now found the process soothing. It took her a few minutes, longer than usual- she tried to suppress her anxiety about this fact. When she was done, she noticed several people staring, and she suddenly realized how conspicuous they were. She tried to lower her voice a bit, and said "This is the surge of Illumination, also known as Lightweaving. I use it to create illusions like this one, and I'm told it can also replicate sounds." She examined her sister's face carefully, trying to read her reaction. Was she disappointed? Impressed? Delighted?
  4. Aln watched the man's reaction to Temeria. Interesting, that. He lived in a place where the vast majority of women openly displayed their left hands, and yet he retained his extreme aversion. Was he new, or simply deeply ingrained in his ways? She picked up the men's menu, noting the pictures and glyphs that accompanied each item. After making her selection, she carefully placed the booklet back in the center of the table and looked around. It was the hour when most Alleycity residents would be eating dinner, and the room was quite full. Floating letters and words crowded her vision, nonsensical when taken out of context. She banished the sight to her peripheries, focusing instead on the woman sitting across from her. Temeria had removed her sword, but kept it carefully within reach. It was a practiced move, one that she clearly didn't think much of, but Aln's eyes were drawn to the weapon. She didn't know why the fact of her sister being a soldier bothered her so much. She had seen plenty of fighting, and she knew that it was often a necessity. Trent had been a soldier, too, if only for a little while. Still, the image of the ten-year-old that Temeria had been remained with her. She had been so full of wonder, then, and so endearingly sincere. In her place was left this nervous woman with grim eyes and a scarred face. At a loss for words, Aln remembered that Temeria had only recently come from Nalthis. Perhaps she would be interested in seeing how Lightweaving worked. And perhaps you can't resist showing off, interjected Dai. She ignored him. A deep breath brought light streaming from her pockets and into her person. She wouldn't be glowing enough to attract attention, unless someone was specifically watching them. Even so, she kept her creation simple. Though she couldn't see them, she knew that small, black letters had appeared, floating about her head. They were identical to those that Aln saw every day, and read, Hi, Temeria. Do you want to see some of the magic I can do?
  5. It's possible that Moash will die. I don't say this as wishful thinking, because I actually don't hate Moash, but more in view of the impact on Kaladin. It's already been brought up that Kaladin will probably have a death to motivate him, and I think Moash's could be a great one. Kaladin being Kaladin, he likely already feels that he let Moash down. The death would be a very interesting point in his arc, and feels like a very Sanderson thing to do. Perhaps Moash will even acheive some redemption first, just to make it hit that much harder. As for other people, I'm not sure. I don't think Adolin will die, but I think he'll have some serious character development. (At least, I hope so. He's currently one of my least favorite people to read, but I think that would change if there was a bit more to him.) I'm sure hundreds of unnamed extras will die, which I for one consider deeply tragic.
  6. That all sounds great! I've got a character in mind already... Do you know when we're going to start?
  7. Aln nodded. She knew the feeling. She had spent so much of her life running from home; it had taken her a while to acknowledge that she missed it. Maybe I'll go back, one of these days. Aln looked at her sister. Their differences were so obvious; it was difficult to see past them to the similarities. And yet, they were there. She recognized the look in Temeria's eyes, that combination of nervousness and wonder. Or perhaps she was just projecting. Regardless, they were united in the simple fact of being so far from their shared home. Maybe that was enough. "The first other world I ever visited was Scadrial. It was after the Lord Ruler - Era 2, some call it - and I remember being blown away by the differences in cuisine. It wasn't even that it was that much more flavorful, on average. There was just so much variety." What had made her share that? Did Temeria care about her opinions on food from a world she'd never visited? Conversation, Aln, reminded her spren, a touch of humor to the thought. Right. Conversation. She slowed as they reached the nearest Rosharan restaurant, and pulled open the door. She very rarely ate out, but she knew the customs well enough. "A table for two, please," she directed at the uniformed man at the door, despite clearly seeing for herself several empty seats. She couldn't help noting that the man was darkeyed, while the woman on the telephone in the back was lighteyed. They carry their traditions along with their recipes, she thought.
  8. Myriad's spanreed began blinking, ready to write the following message. Myriad, Do you have any information for me about the state of the caverns? I'm particularly interested in unusual investiture, as well as anything we might write in a newspaper article. Have you found the first expedition yet? Aln Sheneth @AonEne
  9. "We can eat Rosharan food," Aln replied. "Although-" she hesitated. "I've developed a taste for spicy food. Would you mind terribly if I ate a men's dish?" Glancing at Temeria's bare safehand, she didn't think it would be a problem. Still, her sister was so strange now. It's better to be safe than sorry, she thought, using an expression from Earth that she was rather fond of.
  10. Yes, this she could handle. Food, and then some time apart to process her own emotions. "Lunch works for me," she responded, then began walking again. "There are some restaurants ahead. What would you like to eat?" A fly buzzed by, and she flinched away, then tried to cover the motion by adjusting the strap of her satchel.
  11. I'm also doing NaNoWriMo this year, although I don't know how successful I'll be (busy schedule). My potential novel is titled "The Absolutely Ordinary Life of One Eva McBlair". It's a fantasy mystery type thing, with the main highlight being an extremely snarky narrator. Actually, I'm going into this rather unprepared; I barely have a plot . I may be frequently asking for ideas and feedback.
  12. "I don't know," said Aln. "They have eyes in many places. It's very possible that they've already heard. I think the safest option is to advertise it in the paper. I'm sure they'll see it." Aln looked up at the sky. A faint bit of red had begun to tinge the horizon, signifying the approach of twilight. Storms, I really hope Temeria doesn't get mixed up with the DA, she thought. I've been lucky enough to stay largely out of that mess until now. She remembered her sister's earlier question. "Don't you want to know if one of yours vanished, or decided to leave?" An image flashed into her mind of a cheerful young man who spoke through a spren. It had taken her months to figure out what had had to him, but she had tracked down the truth eventually. He had been spiked by Voidus for stepping into the wrong Alley. Aln let her gaze rest back on Temeria's face. She wanted to change the subject, to forestall further argument. "Are you hungry?" She asked, using the first diversion that came to mind.
  13. Aln unconsciously rubbed at her forehead. "It would not be incorrect to call me a Truthwatcher. I was merely being pedantic." She glanced around. "Look, Temeria, it's great that you want to tell the DA about Mac, but I really don't think it's a good idea. They're dangerous and incredibly powerful, and they don't take well to meddling."
  14. John: As you look out over the snowy landscape before you, you notice the wind beginning to pick up. Snow begins to fall from unseen clouds, whirling about. It appears to be the start of some sort of storm.
  15. "A hero? I wouldn't know. I imagine it's fulfilling." Aln felt a pang of guilt. Did her sister imagine her as some noble warrior of ages past, simply because she had bonded a spren? You've always thought that you should be doing more with your powers, she reminded herself. "You do good work," piped up her spren. She glanced at him absently. Do I? It doesn't seem to have much impact. He fell silent, clearly not in the mood for an argument, and she shook her head. "I call myself a Knight Radiant," she spoke aloud, "but that's not really accurate. That name belongs to the ancient orders. I'm just a Surgebinder."