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  1. main plot

    Aln stumbled as she landed, then turned to look back at the battle above her. Storms, she thought. She saved me. If that costs her this battle... Aln began to write again.
  2. main plot

    Despite the advice, Aln has not moved. She was once more scribbling furiously when the shockwave launched her backward. She slammed into the ground, and immediately began glowing with Stormlight. The notebook went flying from her fingers, and tumbled into the flames. She stumbled to her feet and pulled another, smaller packet of pages from an inner pocket. The motion dislodged several spheres, now dun, which scattered across the roof. Flipping her spanreed on, she sent a message to her guild. Then, gritting her teeth, she turned back toward the battle.
  3. main plot

    "I could ask you the same thing," Aln replied calmly, "but, seeing as, put that way, it would likely cause an increase to your annoyance, I won't. It's quite possible that you can enlighten me as to the origin of this phoenix, a subject which I am quite interested in, but we seem to be rapidly running out of time. I have calculated that, if I am to survive the destruction of this building, I need to begin running roughly 5.3 seconds before the shield breaks. I'm here to chronicle the events before that period, so if you would please explain what you're about to do, I would be much obliged." She said all this rather quickly, but her eyes remained fixed on Kumiko, and her pen remained poised.
  4. main plot

    Aln hurried over to the figure on the roof, still writing in her notebook. "Hello," she said, remarkably calmly. "I'm Aln, from the Scholar's Guild. Would you mind telling me everything you know about what's happening right now?" She gestured toward the phoenix, flipping her spanreed pen on with the other hand.
  5. main plot

    Aln stood on the roof of the Plasma Core building, gaping at the bird that perched inexplicably on thin air. Flames billowed around the building, but none touched it. A shield of some kind she scribbled in her notebook, along with a description of the phoenix. What remains to be seen is whether or not the phoenix can break though. Aln looked around the roof for others that she could question. She knew, of course, that she had a very limited window of time before she had to run, but she was going to make the best of it. "Aln, this is dangerous," whispered her spren in her mind. Aln ignored him. How could she ask her guild members to take risks, but not do the same herself?
  6. main plot

    Aln stood at the base of the PlasmaCore building, her mind racing. Some kind of massive bird, made of fire, had been seen at the top, though now she couldn't make it out through the smoke. A dragon? She thought, recalling her study of creatures of lore. No...a phoenix. She gritted her teeth, then walked into the lobby of the building, and began to ascend the stairs.
  7. Indeed, welcome. Which series was your favorite?
  8. Rushu, who had been lurking in the background for the last four pages, pulled out a wand and banished the eels into nonbeing. Which is to say, everything.
  9. main plot

    Alanis Sheneth walked the streets of the Alleyverse, notebook in hand. She gave the sky a few nervous looks as she did so, the ominous clouds reminding her uncomfortably of a highstorm. It's not quite a highstorm, she thought. Just like the mist that wasn't quite like Scadrial's. Ahead, she spotted someone, and she hurried toward them.
  10. Alanis Sheneth pushed open the door of the tavern, then froze, staring at the corpse on the ground. Her hand tightened around something in her pocket. She looked around the room for an explanation, and her eyes rested on Tels. "Tels?" She asked, surprised. She glanced again at the body on the floor, noting the wounds. Aln frowned. "Did you kill this man?"
  11. The issue with a timeskip is that we'd all have to decide what happened during those years. If one person thinks that, during that time, the DA would have taken over the world, then that's going to pose a problem for the rest of the Alleyverse. And saying that everything remained roughly the same could also be a problem. A newly formed guild, for example, wouldn't be able to grow, and would have effectively stayed at a few members for years. For it to work, we'd have to carefully organize a timeline that takes the actions of every character into account. It's not entirely unfeasible, but it would take some effort.
  12. Aln wrote something down in her notebook. "Well," she said, "That was about all I needed. Thank you." She held out a small box of tin powder and continued, "Feel free to replenish your supply".
  13. Hello, and welcome to the Shard. Just to clarify, what do you mean by corrupted? Also, which Cosmere books have you read? (We don't want spoilers on an Intro thread).
  14. Welcome, Samson. I noticed that you mentioned being an aspiring writer. Same here! Have you written anything yet? If so, what were they about? @SamsonOption
  15. I would have to agree with this. My favorite series might still be Stormlight, but Hrathen was a fantastic character.