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  1. The room fell into darkness as the last of the Stormlight was expended, and she stumbled back, drained. She could make out a figure rising from the table, but the details of their appearance were obscured in darkness. Aln forced herself to her feet and retrieved an electric lantern from a drawer. Flicking it on revealed a tall, wiry woman, with the same bright blue eyes that had unnerved her when on the statue. Did she just say something? If she had, Aln had missed it. "Right," she said vaguely, hoping that the response was appropriate. It was hard to think through her sudden exhaustion. "Um, do you have a name?" @Invocation @Gears
  2. Yes. Many people consider rolling a nat 20 in D&D to be an automatic success, which can lead to a lot of hijinks that the Dungeon Master wasn't prepared for. Gets The Game - and loses it. Inserts an ancient blue dragon
  3. Gets an exasperated DM Inserts a 20 page backstory
  4. Gets a broken sword Inserts a natural 1
  5. Gets the destroyed corpses of some evil Inserts a D&D campaign
  6. Through the glow of the stormlight, Aln saw the fingers of the statue beginning to move. It's working, she thought, exhilarated. Or perhaps that was merely the effect of the energy streaming through her. This was the most stormlight she had ever handled at one time, and the effect was nearly overwhelming. Nevertheless, she redoubled her efforts, focusing on healing even faster. @Invocation @Gears
  7. Great Expectations. I loved that book when I read it the summer before, but the analysis we had to do was so inane. Plus, I had to listen to my classmates complain about it for months. If you had to remove one class from a standard high school school curriculum, which would it be and why?
  8. Meaning In the cosmos, our choices are insignificant. It's fortunate, then, that we don't see our lives from the universe's perspective. What you do with your time makes a difference to you - that's what matters. Our time is short, so we must choose to give ourselves purpose. Endings define our lives.
  9. Aln began to strip the aluminum coating from the rest of the statue. Her mind was still riddled with doubts. Pel had told her to help people. That's what she was doing, right? She was helping the Epic who had turned to stone. And yet, it still felt as if she was selling out. Like she was allowing people to be hurt for the sake of a bit of information. Well, she thought, so be it. Seeking knowledge is my job. She circled the room, removing any charged spheres from the lamps on the wall. By the time she had finished, the only light in the building was cupped in her hands. She placed the spheres on the table, beside the statue, and rested her hands on the cold stone of the Epic's arm. An inhale drew the Stormlight into her body, and she felt the storm claim her veins, raging and pulsing. She channeled that energy outward, letting the light stream from her to the statue, until every last bit was drained. @Gears
  10. Aln nodded. That made sense, and the deal itself seemed fair. But it had been so vague about whether it would hurt anyone. If she freed it from the statue, and it went on to cause damage, would she be to blame? Was the knowledge to be acquired from the Epic worth the risk? She sighed, turning the matter over in her mind. I'm a Truthwatcher. But what does that mean? Certainly not that I know the answers. Finally, she nodded again, this time to herself, and spoke. "I will help you to the best of my abilities. In exchange, you will tell me what you know, to the best of your abilities. Do we have a deal?" @Invocation
  11. An unknown language. One from the Earths, she was sure. Was it Latin? She had heard of Latin in her studies, and the word forms seemed to fit, but she had never bothered to learn it. She had enough on her plate studying the most common current languages without bothering with dead ones. Aln stepped over to a bookshelf and ran her fingers along the spines, searching. Didn't she have a Latin dictionary? She thought she had picked one up - but no. She'd never been to Earth. She must have been remembering something else. Instead, she turned to Dr. Gears. "Do you understand that?" @Gears
  12. "Small, quiet, immortality"? What did that mean? It was as if the statue was deliberately trying to confuse. It likely meant that it wanted immortality, but did it mean that it would stay small and quiet, or that it would leech from small, quiet things? Aln tried a different tactic. "If we heal you, will you stay and answer our questions?" @Gears
  13. "As in, you'll continue to leech from plants? And people? I don't know that I can let you free if you're planning to hurt anyone." @Gears
  14. More life? That must be referencing the plants it had been draining .. and the drain she had experienced herself. She drummed her fingers on her arm, thinking. As signified by the progress it had made before, it would be inefficient to provide it with foliage to drain, and allowing to to absorb the life of a human was out of the question. It was probable, however, that Progression would prove a worthy stand-in. She rolled up her sleeves, then paused, and switched the sphere. "If we manage to heal you, what will you do?" @Gears