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  1. New vape flavor: dead gods! [Stormlight] I get knocked down, but I get up again - ain't nothing gonna keep me down [Gold feruchemy] "It's not flying, it's falling with style!" [Lashings] Hacked the source code, hope no one notices [Forgery] Basically a mood ring [Royal Locks]
  2. Fair point, I had forgotten about her dynamic with Shallan in WoR. Still, I think it's fair to say that she's not really seen as a character in her own right until RoW.
  3. Pattern. He was already developing some personality in Oathbringer, but it wasn't until RoW that I realized he was an interesting character beyond just giving Shallan magic powers. I love his sense of humor so much. And I have to give a shoutout to my now favorite character, Navani; I didn't like her much when she was first introduced, since I really wasn't a fan of her attempts to force a romantic subplot on Dalinar. Until RoW everything we knew about her was just seen in relation to Dalinar (which is a personal pet peeve for poorly written love interests), but as soon as you took him out of the picture she was a fascinating, awesome character who I really related to. I'm so glad Sanderson decided to flesh her out.
  4. From a WoB: I suspect that there is a parallel between the imprisonment of BaM and the Shaod as a whole. The Seon/deadeye connection has already been pointed out - I think it has to do with a broken Connection. In addition, it's hinted at in the books that the madness of the Heralds is not simply due to the extended torture. I think the imprisonment of BaM damaged the Connection that kept the Heralds alive, and that this led to their madness. How exactly BaM was able to manipulate this Connection, though, I'm not sure.
  5. What does the in universe WoR say, again?
  6. That's true, I hadn't thought about it before, but what happens to the Stormfather if Dalinar loses the contest? I had assumed that the bond would just end, like when a Radiant dies, but what if it's seen as breaking his oaths and that's how the Stormfather becomes a deadeyes? I'm not sure about the rest of this theory, but that's a frightening possibility.
  7. ^ From the official description. I think the Truthwatchers we've seen so far fit this description the most; after all, the ones who have already made it Urithiru and joined the fight are likely to be on the more adventurous side of the order. I'm hoping that as Urithiru becomes more of a hub for scholars, under Navani's reign, we'll see more Truthwatchers. Of course, the corrupted Truthwatchers also complicate things - I suspect that we won't get real answers about this order until the back 5.
  8. Shallan has secretly been a Sleepless this entire time, and has just repressed that fact. This explains her fascination with worldhopping (since she actually originated off-world), her fascination with changing the way she looks, her love of natural science and studying cremlings, and her mother's extreme reaction when she learned the truth. Her soulcasting block is part of her repression of the truth, since the mutability of matter is a bit too close to how she used to change her form. Testament was willing to bond her because she wasn't actually a child - she's hundreds of years old, and has simply forgotten.
  9. Maybe referring to the Weeping?
  10. I do love all the themes of recovering from mental illness in the books, so I'm sure there are elements of that - however, from a mechanics standpoint, I believe more is required. After all, not all deadeyes are sent to places like Lasting Integrity; we saw deadeyes being looked after by old friends, for example. Testament was being watched over by that inkspren when she was found, after all, and I'm sure that in 2,000 years at least someone tried talking to a deadeye (akin to the way someone might talk to a gravestone, if nothing else). Personally, I'd guess that the recovery process requires something similar to a Nahel Bond, a way to replace the spren's broken Connection. (Elantris spoilers)
  11. You can also get a good amount of overview information that's been compiled on the Coppermind, which often helps me when I've forgotten specific details about things. Those articles will generally be citing the books themselves or WoBs. Of course, they also contain spoilers, so if that's something you're avoiding you should be careful.
  12. I've been here for two years and I still don't know who people are
  13. Just send the plot hook to the ranch. Lots of fantasy books start with the protagonist's family farm being burned down to spur them into adventure, right?
  14. You can never lose too many times
  15. How dare you. I'm quoting you so that you come back to this post. @mathiau join our suffering