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  1. Aln blinked at him, automatically running through the planets of the Cosmere in her head. Frogstar B? Why have I never heard of this place? She put this from her mind, though, as Zaphoid announced the disappearance of the cremling. "That bug," she said as calmly as she could manage, "is a part of a very powerful and mentally unstable Sleepless named John Redleaf. He was a high-ranked member of the Bureau of Villainy. I doubt that a lectern would dissuade him for long." She picked up the lectern and carefully moved it back to its corner, eyes scanning the ground for the insect. "I'm Aln, by the way," she added over her shoulder, remembering her manners. "Alanis Sheneth, leader of this guild."
  2. Aln looked around, feeling slightly dazed. Her lectern lay on the ground, having narrowly missed her foot, and the Sleepless was no where to be seen. Instead, she was surrounded by people, one unfamiliar, all of whom were talking at once. The overlapping words filled her vision, and she had to take several steps backwards and a deep breath before speaking. "Excuse me," she directed shakily at Zaphoid, "but who are you? Did anyone see what happened to that portion of a Sleepless?" @Spaceferring @mathiau @Ark1002 @Invocation
  3. @Spaceferring @Ark1002
  4. Aln backed up hastily, kicking out at it. "Get out of my life!" she directed angrily at the bug, not noticing the entrance of the newcomer. "Why are you here?!"
  5. Aln recoiled, a familiar flash of terror shooting through her, but she took a deep breath of Stormlight, and tried to brush the bug away. She must have cut quite a ridiculous figure; Stormlight streaming from her skin, she frantically shook her leg, clutching a tiny approximation of a knife in one hand.
  6. King Alderbon had stood silently throughout the duel, watching the fight carefully with hard blue eyes. Rhode was talented, enough so to justify Alderbon's presence, although his spren still burned with indignation at being referred to as anyone's "second". It did not take long for Rhode's rapier to find the mark, sending a line of red blood streaming down his opponent's face. Quickly, the man began to bluster, accusing Rhode of cheating. "No law has been broken," Alderbon stated calmly. "This duel is over." The man's second looked as if he was about to protest, and suddenly Alderbon's Shardblade was in his hand. "If you dispute this judgement, I am willing to resolve it through combat. Otherwise, this man is the victor." He gestured at Rhode. Although Alderbon's expression was calm, danger burned in his eyes.
  7. King Alderbon acknowledged Rhode's bow with a nod, and accepted the weapons. He examined them expertly, testing the balance and feeling the edges of the blade. Then he tossed the weapons back to their owners. "I declare these rapiers evenly matched," he said.
  8. @Sorana
  9. Silence was a constant state for Aln, similar to breathing or having arms. She had no way to distinguish sounds, or even to really understand the concept of noise. Nevertheless, the room was the quietest she had ever heard it. She could see the flickers of conversation out of the corner of her eye. The others in the room had ignored her panic. Well, why wouldn't they? She was nothing to them. The Sleepless - it was the Sleepless, right? - was ignoring her too, crawling aimlessly across the floor. Her breath came fast, all remnants of her previous calm vanishing from her mind. Her spren might have said something, but she couldn't hear him over the silence. She felt the ghost of pressure on her eyelid, saw the shadow of a demonic grin. For a moment, bullets filled the air around her. She was fifteen again, completely alone, in a world she couldn't understand, listening to people she couldn't hear. From her hands streamed her brother's blood and her own ineffective Stormlight. The faces of all those whom she had failed to help drifted into her mind. Trent. Nultūk. Xena. That Worldhopper girl. The friendly soldier from Roshar. The countless innocents who had died in the war. Temeria. Knowledge is power, whispered the echo of a distant memory. Well, it wasn't. Because she had devoted her whole life to learning, and she was still helpless. She was so storming helpless. She stared at the bug, hands shaking. She remembered the hatred in Temeria's eyes that morning. Her sister's expression had carried contempt for the coward whom she saw. Aln's eyes flickered up, taking in the room. She saw rows of thick books in plain bindings, stretching from the floor to the ceiling. They were from all over the universe. Once, she had run away from those who wanted to hide her in library, sealed off from the outside. She had left her home, seeking adventure, searching for the sort of knowledge that could only be found by living it, not just by reading it. Each fragment of information had been a precious gem, a hard-won victory. Now sshesat, like those books, on a dusty shelf, forgetting and being forgotten by the world. Because it had been hard, and it had been scary, and she had been alone. But she was still afraid. And she was still alone. Hardly realizing what she was doing, she rounded the desk, her purposeful stride carrying her towards the insect. She was tired of the fear. She was tired of being helpless. Her foot raised, and she slammed it into the dark carapace, again and again, and again. The terror remained, but there was something stronger behind it. Aln was done with hiding. @Ark1002
  10. Eyes still fixed on the ceiling, Aln knew nothing of the conversation around her. Her thoughts were running in panicked circles. How did he find me? Why isn't he dead? How do I get away? WHY ISN'T HE DEAD? "Aln," said a quiet, familiar voice in the back of her head. "Calm down. Close your eyes." She hated to let the bug out of her sight, but she obeyed. She felt a surge of panic as the darkness fell around her - what was happening in the room? What if the bug moved? - but she took several deep breaths, and imagined a shimmering globe, rotating in the darkness. Her breathing slowed, and she could feel some clarity return to her mind. "Now," said her spren, "what do you know about Sleepless?" She recalled the research she had done, poring through fragments of histories and vague descriptions of encounters. They have one consciousness, but their body is formed of hundreds or thousands of cremlings. This makes them very versatile and very powerful. Because their mind can survive when much of their body is destroyed, Sleepless are very hard to kill. It is, however, possible to do so if you destroy enough of the cremlings. They're found all over the Cosmere. "So what are the options?" Perhaps he stored his consciousness in a separate, secure group of cremlings, sl allowing them to survive the attack. That seems like a probable precaution, as he mentioned having been wounded before. Perhaps his mind was mostly destroyed, and now the remaining cremlings are returning to me as the last thing they saw. Unlikely after six months, though. Perhaps it was a different Sleepless, or even an ordinary bug. "So what can be done?" I don't know. Aln felt the panic welling up again, overwhelming whatever calm her spren had instilled. She wrenched her eyes open, and saw the cremling crawling towards her across the floor. She jumped backwards around the desk, and fumbled for the nearest thing she had to a weapon - a small knife of the sort used for sharpening pencils. "What do you want?" She asked the bug, ignoring her spren. She could feel her voice trembling. "Why did you come here?" @Ark1002 @mathiau @Invocation
  11. The Stormlight streamed into the air, dissipating ineffectively, and Aln sagged, disappointed. Why could she never heal when it mattered? Suddenly, the man stopped thrashing an muttering, and sat up. Heartbeat still thudding with adrenaline, Aln started to say something, but stopped when she saw his tears. She tensed, unsure of how to comfort him. She settled on trying to help him back to his seat, saying gently, "You had some sort of fit. Apparently it was associated with a vision of some sort, either a hallucination or perhaps a memory. If you like, you could try writing it down, and I could help you make sense of it." She felt helpless as she walked to grab some more paper from her desk. Gathering it, she noticed that Myriad's spanreed was flashing. She debated for a moment, then turned back to the amnesiac; his needs seemed more urgent. As she returned, her eyes automatically took in the room. In the dim light, it took her a moment to realize what the dark shape on the ceiling was. And then she froze. She could feel her breath coming faster. Perhaps it was only an ordinary bug? But no. It had the same horrible, dark carapace that she could not banish from her dreams. She stumbled back into her desk, and her trembling hand unconsciously touched her eyelid. He had died. HE WAS GONE. Right?! @Ark1002
  12. Aln jumped backwards as the man suddenly tumbled from the chair, his forehead narrowly missing the table. His eyes were far away, lips twitching as if to form words. Aln hesitated, then drew Stormlight into herself, dimming the lights around the room. The familiar energy surged within her, and her thoughts seemed to quicken. DidI not heal him properly the first time? No... The concussion was gone. This must be something else. Related to his amnesia, perhaps? There was no time to wonder. She poured Progression into him, hoping for something.