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  1. quest

    I'd say that Songbearer would probably be rather hesitant to take action at first, and would probably mostly abstain at this point. Still, I think that the library would appeal to what I've seen of his personality and intellect. Therefore, my vote is as follows. (On a side note, isn't it interesting that we have to vote on what we're going to vote?) Tax on colors: [X] Abstain Safety regulations on Dockworkers: [X] Abstain Build a library: [X] Aye
  2. main plot

    Aln flinched away from the woman's touch, but at his words stiffened and nodded mutely. Teleport? Said the voice in the back of her head. Is that Elsecalling, silimatics, or something else? She ignored it. Those voices were dangerous.
  3. I'm flattered
  4. main plot

    John's backhand slammed her into the wall. The wall burst as he raised his claws, and bullets exploded around her, grazing her ribs, striking her shoulder, and tearing her coat to shreds. The Stormlight she held quickly healed her wounds, but it didn't stop the flashes of pain. She cried out, voice inaudible over the sound of bullets, as a tall man in amberite armor threw her across the room and out of the newly created doorway. She struggled shakily to her feet as the man turned back to her. His voice was familiar, and through her shock she vaguely realized that he was Lord Arkos, the Ghostblood leader that had joined her guild. "I... No, I'm fine. Thank you," Aln answered. She tried not to look at the insect corpses that littered the room behind them, or the fabrial that lay discarded. "I'm sure you have just saved my life."
  5. This is what I'm wondering. I think that as this point Dalinar's claims have been effectively proven. The devotaries will have to accept that the Desolation has returned, and that Dalinar's visions were real. This undermines a lot of what they've been claiming over the past few centuries. Combine this with Dalinar's perpendicularity, and we might be looking at devotaries that abruptly change positions and begin revering Dalinar as some sort of a holy figure. Perhaps the devotaries will split over this issue, with some claiming that Dalinar is chosen by the Almighty or something, and others saying that he's still a heretic, and perhaps even in league with the Voidbringers. Doubtless this whole situation would make him very uncomfortable. Of course, it's just a theory.
  6. Well, how do Shards create anything? Sure, the Nightwatcher is just a Splinter, but I'd assume that she has enough power to be able to grant these wishes. Perhaps it is similar to Soulcasting, but I see no need for her to rely on other forms of magic.
  7. It is a great series. I remember being very frustrated in the middle of it, but by the end I was wishing for 5 more books. It's true, though, that it does all blur together. If you asked me what happened at the end of the 5th book, I'd have no idea. I don't even know if I could name the titles in order.
  8. main plot

    @Ark1002, could you perhaps reply to this before the Era ends? I want to wrap up this plotline. Thanks.
  9. I love this. "It's only a scratch!"
  10. If life is a video game, then we have to revise our definition of video game. The set definition of reality, by the way, is just what we're all experiencing right now. It can't be not that.
  11. Rust and Ruin.
  12. Those are fantastic! I love Adolin's hair, although I did have to zoom in to see Renarin's glasses. Maybe I'm just blind.
  13. Oh, man, there are so many to choose from. I think the one that consistently hits me, though, would have to be Tien. Everything about him and his death. He just had do much potential, as a budding Lightweaver, and some petty border squabble between lighteyes took that away from him. Plus, Kaladin really needs hook. Watching Kaladin trying to cope with his brother's death just breaks my heart. Sazed searching for Tindwyl's corpse, too... That was a rough moment. As was the whole situation with Taln. And Lightsong's death. And Evi. And Syl's near demise. And Gawx, before he came back. And Wax's near death, with Wayne's reaction. (I just realised that Sanderson loves to do fake-out deaths. Huh.) And Wayne's backstory, with the way he visits the children. And Eshonai's transformation, then death. Honestly, I could go on.
  14. quest

    I'm going to jump in here (awesome plot, by the way) and say that Songbearer should either play Tarachin as a way to get to know the other gods, or develop his religion. If we can only pick one, I'd be more inclined towards developing the religion, as that seems to fit more with his character as I've seen it, but really either sounds useful. [X] Develop Religion And, if possible, [X] Play Tarachin with Other Returned