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  1. @Elegy, sure! I don't have a physical copy of Warbreaker, but if someone wants to get his story from there, that'd be great!
  2. Hey! I collected all of Hoid's stories in a document, I'm going to try and memorize one. https://docs.google.com/document/d/1ThGsW0T5AjZQpnirO6rb0JgeR0S9CPe7RnJ3tWe2dac/edit?usp=sharing I was just interested in reading all of them, so I collected them, and thought that it would be good for me to put them here. I included the Wandersail (Way of Kings Chapter 57), Fleet (Words of Radiance Chapter 59), The Girl Who Looked Up (Combined both Shallan's Version and Hoid's, Oathbringer Chapters 25 and 82), Mishim and Tsa (Oathbringer Chapter 67), The Dragon and the Dog (Rhythm of War Chapter 80), The Origin of the God Kings (Warbreaker Chapter 32)