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  1. I think I'd like F-Chromium and either A-Steel or A-Iron. Like, just making yourself lucky at any time? Just kinda awesome. And then, as stated above, murder coins are cool and so is flying.
  2. Okay okay okay. Hear me out. I know that it sounds weird, but the idea popped in my brain this afternoon, and all of a sudden, I got obsessed with the idea. In this hypothetical Musical, these are the songs I was kinda thinking. ACT 1 “Calamity” “Bad Metaphors” “I Wanna Kill Steelheart” “Who Doesn’t Want a Smoke Grenade?” “Convince Her” “A Banana Farm of Guns” ACT 2 “Why Do You Hate Me?” “Then and Now” “A Brick Made of Porridge” “Dramatic” “Tonight” “Firefight” “I Killed Steelheart, Now What?” "Calamity" - David sees that Steelheart bleeds at the Bank years ago. "Bad Metaphors” - David helps the Reckoners take down Fortuity “I Wanna Kill Steelheart” - David tells the Reckoners he wants them to help him kill Steelheart. “Who Doesn’t Want a Smoke Grenade?” - David, Cody, and Megan go to David’s Apartment to get his notes “Convince Her” - David tells the Reckoners his plan to kill Steelheart David learns about the Tensors “A Banana Farm of Guns” - David visits the Gun Shop with Abraham and Megan David discovers Nightwielder’s weakness ~~Intermission “Why Do You Hate Me?” - The Reckoners attack the Powerplant, Love Song with David and Megan “Then and Now” - The Reckoners find the Bank “A Brick Made of Porridge” - The Reckoners attack Conflux “Dramatic” - Megan Dies The Reckoners interrogate Conflux Steelheart Accepts Limelight’s Challenge “Tonight” - The Reckoners prepare for the fight with Steelheart The Reckoners Fight Steelheart “Firefight” - Discovering Megan / Killing Nightwielder -Explodes Steelheart with the pen -Prof is an epic “I Killed Steelheart, Now What?” - Finale
  3. Disrespectful. Makes me sick.
  4. Oooh. This is from the Coppermind on Compounding, most of the way through the "Mechanics" Section: There isn't a source on this, but if it's true, then there could be some crazy stuff you could do, including basically flying like what @Knight of Iron was saying.
  5. When you compound, you burn the metal, right? You burn the metal, and you tap the metal, both Wax and Sazed refer to it as ten-fold normally, so like one hundred fold with compounding. So they make themselves incredibly heavy, heavier than anyone could withstand, and flatten themselves? That's the logic that I came to. And then if they try to pull anything toward them, it'd rush towards them and... squish.
  6. Hello hello hello! I don't know how many people know this, but there's a Mistborn RPG? Mistborn Adventure Game It's super cool. I haven't done anything with it yet, but I really want to. However, there's also an additional book you can get that's based on Alloy of Law and general Era 2 stuff. Alloy of Law Book Inside of this second one is a bunch of stuff for Twinborn, including some other names for them! We know that Wax is a Crasher, but did you know that Wayne is a Constant? And Miles Hundredlives is known as a Timeless? There's a bunch of names, so here they are! Feruchemical Table Allomancy Table Allomancy, Feruchemy, Name Tin, Tin, Eagle Eye Tin, Steel, Catcher Tin, Copper, Monitor Tin, Zinc, Quickwit Tin, Chromium, Keeneye Pewter, Pewter, Hefter Pewter, Steel, Sprinter Pewter, Zinc, Sooner Pewter, Chromium, Scrapper Pewter, Gold, Bruteblood Pewter, Cadmuim, Marathoner Iron, Pewter, Scaler Iron, Iron, Deader (They're well known for squishing themselves dead) Iron, Steel, Guardian Iron, Zinc, Navigator Iron, Gold, Stalwart Steel, Tin, Sharpshooter Steel, Iron, Crasher Steel, Steel, Swift Steel, Aluminum, Shroud Steel, Duralumin, Bigshot Steel, Chromium, Luckshot Steel, Cadmium, Cloudtoucher Copper, Copper, Copperkeep Copper, Bronze, Shroud ( Yeah, two of them are named "Shroud". I dunno. \_(ツ)_/¯ ) Copper, Brass, Boiler Copper, Aluminum, Ghostwalker Copper, Duralumin, Shelter Copper, Chromium, Masker Bronze, Tin, Sentinel Bronze, Steel, Hazedodger Bronze, Copper, Metalmapper Bronze, Bronze, Sleepless Bronze, Zinc, Pulsewise Bronze, Bendalloy, Stalker Zinc, Pewter, Strongarm Zinc, Zinc, Mastermind Zinc, Aluminum, Loudmouth Zinc, Duralumin, Zealot Zinc, Chromium, High Roller Zinc, Electrum, Instigator Brass, Zinc, Schemer Brass, Brass, Cooler Brass, Aluminum, Icon Brass, Duralumin, Pacifier Brass, Chromium, Slick Brass, Electrum, Resolute Aluminum, Aluminum, Puremind Duralumin, Duralumin, Friendly Chromium, Pewter, Metalbreaker Chromium, Chromium, Ringer Chromium, Nicrosil, Sapper Chromium, Bendalloy, Gulper Nicrosil, Pewter, Booster Nicrosil, Copper, Burst-Ticker Nicrosil, Duralumin, Enabler Nicrosil, Nicrosil, Soulburst Nicrosil, Electrum, Cohort Gold, Copper, Chronicler Gold, Aluminum, Vessel Gold, Gold, Timeless Gold, Electrum, Introspect Electrum, Iron, Whimflitter Electrum, Copper, Foresight Electrum, Zinc, Flicker Electrum, Chromium, Charmed Electrum, Electrum, Visionary Cadmium, Bronze, Plotter Cadmium, Gold, Yearspanner Cadmium, Cadmium, Chrysalis Bendalloy, Tin, Spotter Bendalloy, Steel, Blur Bendalloy, Copper, Assessor Bendalloy, Zinc, Flashwit Bendalloy, Aluminum, Monument Bendalloy, Gold, Constant Bendalloy, Electrum, Transcendent Bendalloy, Bendalloy, Sated By the way, these aren't canon. The Mistborn Adventure Game isn't canon, and Brandon didn't write these names. I think that it's still a fun idea and cool to look at all of them!
  7. Oh, I didn't know that! Thanks! I'll get working on it!
  8. @Elegy, sure! I don't have a physical copy of Warbreaker, but if someone wants to get his story from there, that'd be great!
  9. Hey! I collected all of Hoid's stories in a document! This is for your theorizing pleasure, and for potential memorization! Hoid's Stories I was interested in reading all of them, so I collected them, and couldn't think of a better place to share them than here!. I included the Wandersail (Way of Kings Chapter 57), Fleet (Words of Radiance Chapter 59), The Girl Who Looked Up (Combined both Shallan's Version and Hoid's, Oathbringer Chapters 25 and 82), Mishim and Tsa (Oathbringer Chapter 67), The Dragon and the Dog (Rhythm of War Chapter 80), The Origin of the God Kings (Warbreaker Chapter 32) Hoid’s Stories.pdf Hoid’s Stories.txt