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  1. "Yup!" Brin called. A rope would be easiest. He hoped no one was staring.
  2. Brin smiled at the suggestion, and lashed himself out of the hole. He came out on a busy street, where a small crowd was suspiciously watching the hole that had mysteriously and noisily appeared. "Er…" Brin said. "Police business?" That seemed to satisfy the crowd, and most went back to their business. Brin leaned down the hole, and called down: "Alright, who's next?"
  3. As soon as the gunshot rang out, Brin instinctively sucked in Stormlight. The ringing went away quickly, with nothing more than a wince from Brin. "Gethen, mate, why in Damnation would you do that!? If the Dustbringer is anywhere near here, Almighty, mate! We're stormed!" Brin's annoyance at Gethen almost outweighed his annoyance that Althea had noticed things he hadn't. She and Max seemed to be conspiring near the back of the group, and Mari had jumped an inhuman length away at the sound of the gunshot. @Kings_way @Sorana @kenod @I think I am here.
  4. "Hmn…" Brin looked around the area that they paused. His eye caught something lying in a puddle of a sewer sludge. Something gray, and covered in slime. He picked it up. "Now, what's this?" It felt cold, and papery. The image of the Dustbringer's koloss-gray skin flashed in Brin's mind. He was holding skin. He cursed loudly and dropped the piece. "What in Damnation!?"
  5. Are there any fellow Canadians around that love the Hip around as much as I do?
  6. "Shall we go in?" asked Gethen. Brin laughed, and jumped down, inhaling some stormlight to brace his fall. "Interesting..." he said to himself. He spotted cracks along the sewer wall. "That way." Brin's old Skybreaker training was kicking in almost too easily.
  7. The Brigade was almost done with the fire, and Brin watched as they put out the last few flames. The Watch had set up camp, milling about and interviewing bystanders, business as usual. Brin noticed a path in the wreckage. He downed the rest of his Horneater lager and the drink Gethen got him. He stood up wordlessly, and beckoned his companions to follow. There was a guard standing by the tape by the scene of the crime. "Sir, you'll have to stop," the police officer said. In response, Brin pulled down the lapel of his shirt, showing the Skybreaker tattoo on his breast. The cop nodded and let Brin inside the tape. Brin made his way to the building, and saw a path through the rubble and ash- one that led to a sewer grate. Brin smirked to himself. "Well, lookie here," He said. "Mates, I found something!" @Sorana @Kings_way @kenod @I think I am here.
  8. Oh, I didn't notice. I disagree, I live by Delirium.
  9. Are you sure? I think Destruction as well.
  10. Somewhat unrelated but can somebody send a discord link? i'd love to join.
  11. Not only the art, but at least early in the comic, the speech bubbles themselves are the art. How each member of the family has their own distinctive font and bubble style? Delirium especially was exceptional.