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  1. Brandon was a guest on The Legendarium podcast last week discussing The Truth by Terry Pratchett, as well as other Discworld novels. Check it out! It’s always really interesting listening to him talk about other authors’ works. What are some other podcasts he’s appeared on?
  2. Thanks, @AonEne. I do! Of all sorts. For video games, I’m a big RPG guy. For cosplay, my wife and I tend to take costumes seriously - I bet we could pull off a Wax/Steris. For board games, I’m just now getting into tabletop RPGs. I got the Mistborn Adventure game for Christmas, but wanted to finish the series beforehand.
  3. Cosmere Canines Unite!!!
  4. Thank you, Silva! I’ve read Skyward, Legion: The Many Lives of Stephen Leeds, and Children of the Nameless. I really enjoyed all of them, and am looking forward to Starsight. I’m saving Reckoners for after I finish my three remaining Cosmere works (Arcanum Unbounded, Oathbringer, and White Sand, Vol. 2). I also just finished Knife of Dreams in the Wheel of Time series, so I’ll have even more Brandon to look forward to!
  5. Fellow Shard! Greetings, and thank you! It may have been more apt to call myself ShardOfIndecisiveness, because it’s a tie between Wayne and Hoid. Granted, my Hoid favoritism may be in the Hoid is my dog’s middle name.
  6. Thank you, Stormblessed Dolphin! It’s really tough to choose, because I like them all for different reasons. As of right now, it’s a tie between Hero of Ages and Words of Radiance. HoA because it was my first time experiencing a true Brandon Avalanche and massive payoff, and WoR because it mixes everything Brandon does so well - an awesome magic system in action, deep philosophical questions, worldbuilding, and amazing characters - with a big dose of Cosmere info. How about you?
  7. Good morning/afternoon/evening. I’m ShardOfAnxiety. I started reading Brandon recently - October 2018. Since then, I’ve consumed all of his Cosmere works, in order of publication, through Bands of Mourning, with only Arcanum Unbounded, Oathbringer, and White Sand, Vol. 2 remaining. I look forward to spending time between now and the release of Stormlight 4/Wax&Wayne 4 hanging out with you lot. Edit: Merciful Domi, I referred to White Sand, to my horror, as White Sands. Edited to salvage my credibility.