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  1. @Pagerunner Do you think you could create a poll? I would like to know the percentages of each of the Orders on the Shard (and this has so many posts in it already I'm not sure if I want to read them all).
  2. Sanderson Memes for sure is my favorite thread, and the people in the Waffles V. Pancakes Thread and PM are pretty great.
  3. This was completely out of the blue for me, since I thought I was a solid Elsecaller. But, after reading the description of the Truthwatchers (which I love!), I am on board with that. This was really cool for Brandon to do!
  4. Yes! This looks so cool! I needs it now!
  5. Because that’s only 1/100th of the way. 582
  6. Might as well join in... I hope I don’t regret this. 578
  7. I love the story with the “good Calvin” from the duplicator.
  8. Ah, yes. The infamous Noodle Incident. I’ve always dreamed of what that could have entailed.
  9. What about a larkin? I think maybe an aluminum or chromium-like effect?
  10. There was a WoB somewhere that said that it would be possible to spike a spren, so would it be possible to spike a seon, since they are “similar” in some respects? What would happen if seon were spiked? What attributes would be given? Etc, etc.
  11. You shall receive the ability to only be able to digest grass, and anything else you eat will taste like dirt! I wish for the ability to manipulate matter into whatever I want.
  12. *Scrolling through all the posts saying "I got Elend!" and "I got Vin!".* I got, uh, the Lord Ruler. Spare me (if you're Vin). Cower before me (if you're anyone else)!