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  1. Happy Birthday 

  2. Well that was pretty fun. Thank you all!
  3. Seeing Truthless play nearly every character on the roster and then there is me playing exclusively Bowser and Cloud and Random.
  4. @Truthless of Shinovar It’s fine, I could use the practice.
  5. Ah, I see.
  6. If someone wants to set up another arena, let me know.
  7. Well that was an unexpected ending. (And can I call teaming? That was brutal ).
  8. Dang. You guys are good.
  9. I’ll be on in a moment.
  10. (Hashtag necroing forever) If you had to talk to the Nightwatcher, what would you want to get? What would be the best curse for you, in your opinion?
  11. They’re... interesting. Some of them aren’t that good, so they’re not a problem. But if you’re a good one, that’s not fun. Yes. I will destroy you all*. *not really.
  12. I hate that so much! DK players who just try to cargo throw you onto the bottom of the stage also suck. That is the ultimate rule set.
  13. But, Ice Climbers still retained their ability to cause an infinite amount of lag when you are playing an online battle with 8 of them.
  14. That is genius. @AonEne @ToaCalune I agree.
  15. Because the world has too few stickers. I say: DDF sticker, an Aon (I don't really have a preference on which one), and one of the Radiant Glyphs (again, I don't really care which one).