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  1. I'm doing my first NaNoWiMo this year and I am working on an epic fantasy series which mainly focuses on a magic system called Potential. @Invocation is there a PM that I could join?
  2. @Rask That must have been a pretty cool stuffed tiger. My favorite poem is Nauseous Nocturne. The twist at the end makes me laugh every time.
  3. @The Last Post Recipe Sorry I took so long. I went on vacation and the internet was garbage.
  4. That's pretty awesome! How did you make it and what ingredients did you use (I am planning to make chouta for a Koloss Head Munching day celebration)?
  5. Same! The story of my "novels":
  6. I searched "Calvin and Hobbes" and found nothing. This is severely disappointing, so I am going to remedy that. So uh, just talk about Calvin and Hobbes, I guess . When I read this (for the hundredth time), it reminded me of every time that I was into a good Sanderson novel:
  7. You have my bow! And my favorite character is...
  8. So, Jasnah's spren is an inkspren named Ivory, who when summoned appears to be a white Shardblade (at least, in all of the illustrations I could find), but when seen is a pitch-black figure. Is it a coincidence that his name and Shardblade color are white, while his namesake (inkspren) and physical appearance are black? There haven't been any other Elescallers that I have seen, so I don't' know if it has to do with the logical and scholarly nature of the Order, or does it just pertain to Jasnah?
  9. I think that this question really boils down to what makes the fabrial in the Oathgate work. If it is the spren in the Radiant Shardblade or Honorblade that makes the Oathgate work, then I do not believe that Nightblood would be able to operate it since it is not a spren, as far as I know. But if the Oathgates are operated perhaps by an object with enough Investiture, or some other sort of mechanism, then it would make sense that Nightblood would be able to make it work. Sorry if there is a WoB about this that I missed. Thanks!
  10. Hello @Skyclad ! Welcome to the Shard. What is your favorite Brandon book and character?
  11. (this may seem a little random, but I applaud you for it)

    @Karger, as of September 29, 2019, you have 3,186 posts. That means that you have an average of 14 posts A DAY.

    That's the sign of a true SanderFan:D.

    1. Karger


      Unfortunately this is true.

  12. Hello, and welcome to the Shard! Who's your favorite Cosmere and non-Cosmere characters! And by the way, I think that The Rithmatist is actually quite good, though others may not agree with me. You should definitely read it.
  13. Name: Exile (prefers Keeper as the prefix for unknown reasons, but goes by Exile) Age: 14 Gender: Male Order: Worldbuilder of the 2nd Ideal Spren: Storm Personality: he does not like talking to people (outside of his few friends), and unconsciously uses big words around people he doesn't know. He also has a large knowledge of completely random facts on some of his favorite subjects, especially science. He also likes to take various cool landmarks that he has seen (mountains are his favorite) and image that they were someplace completely random and out of place, and then come up with a story taking place there. Sorry if I missed something or added too much. Thanks!
  14. @robardin Wow! That is very descriptive. Thanks for the suggestions. I think that using ground turkey for the flangria is a really good idea, as well as the extensive seasoning list you made (proves that you are an infinitely better cook than me. You actually can name a seasoning outside of salt and pepper).