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  1. Bacon mats? Like, a rug made out of bacon? I want one. Yes.
  2. That sounds absolutely delicious, but I am having trouble figuring out how many laws of physics we would have to break to make that. Could I get that with a side of a waffle breakfast sandwich/burrito, please?
  3. Great. Now I'm hungry... I should make a breakfast burrito, except IN A WAFFLE! The ultimate combo.
  4. So true... Especially if you have more than one.
  6. Who are the two in the top corner holding hands? The left one has a shardblade, but the right has shardplate and a bow. Shouldn't those be opposite? Also, what spren and order are they? Great drawing, by the way!
  7. Waffles are the ultimate food for breakfast, lunch, dinner, or second breakfast. WAFFLES WILL REING SUPREME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  8. I just noticed the eyes in the bottom right canyon. That kind of details makes this an amazing piece of art. Please make more!
  9. Here is a link to the page:\ Thanks for your help!
  10. I recently discovered the page that has a list of literature and written works in Brandon's books. I was already making a list, and I had a couple of ideas for the page (besides updating it with some missing information). I thought that maybe, instead of just having a list with links to the works, the page could be formatted with the book title, author, a short description, and then place found (in Brandon's books). Example: The Way of Kings, Nohadon, a journal chronicling the journies of Nohadon. Often read by Dalinar Kholin. Way of Kings, Words of Radiance, Oathbringer. I only have two questions: 1. Do I have permission to make changes this big (this is mostly to the Synod [Chaoes, Argent, etc.])? 2. Does anyone have a suggestion on how to improve my system (or the current one. I think that my idea is better than the current one, but I am open to suggestions).
  11. Is it possible that Adonalsium had or has a vessel? I haven't researched extensively on the subject, but I believe that Adonalsium had some sort of consciousness, due to the fact that he/she/it was referred to as a god and gods are usually beings of immense power and intelligence. And if Adonalsium does have/had a vessel, then is that vessel still alive and who is it? (If there is a WoB for this, please let me know. I am not experienced in navigating the Arcanum yet.
  12. Ture, but what if you just had microscopic flakes of the metal, or ground up particles. Pills sound interesting. You could buy them and then break them up depending on how much metal you want/need. A full pill for a day, a quarter for a couple of hours, etc.
  13. I was re-reading Shadows of Self and when I read the part about Wayne and the gum, a question came to mind: What if someone put some allomantic metals into the gum and then a misting, twinborn, etc. chewed it for the metal? Would that work? Could it be used to discretely get some metal reserves? Feel free to theorize on this. I would like to know.
  14. Thanks! Also, I checked Brandon's website recently and I found that he uploaded a bunch of information about panels, times, etc. Here is a link to the Events page: Hope this helps!
  15. I am planning on going. I would go on Friday, just to be safe. I have never been to a signing before, though, so if all of his books catch on fire, it is my fault. EDIT: Actually, I have a few questions (sorry if this bothers anyone): If I have a question for Brandon, do I write it down in one of my books, or do I just ask him verbally? Is there a limit to how many books you can bring to get signed (I know that he will only personalize some of them)? Can you buy books at this signings, or can you only get books at release signings or special events? Thanks!