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  1. Are you trying to convince that friend to watch the TV show? Or maybe to read the books, or both? Show them this video, it serves as a first approach to the series, introducing the world to new readers, as well as a spoiler safe review/summary of New Spring, the prequel novel to the main series.
  2. The battle of Dumai's Wells animated! Asha'man... KILL!
  3. Welcome to the animated summary of the siege and subsequent battle at the gates of Cairhien, between the Shaido clan of the Aiel, led by Couladin, and the army led by Rand Al'Thor (the Dragon reborn), as it appears on the fifth installment of the series, "The Fires of Heaven". Enjoy!
  4. Ok, you surely have already noticed that the old symbol of the Aes Sedai is pretty similar to the Yin and Yang symbol. That's not coincidence, in fact, Yin and yang can be equated to Saidar and Saidin, the female and male halves of the One Power. The duality that completes a whole comes from Daoism, but, actually, there are many influences from Chinese mythology and history within Wheel of Time. Here it is a breakdown, along with the review and summary of "The Fires of Heaven", the fifth book. Thanks!
  5. Hi! Sanderson fan here. But besides Cosmere stuff, I just started reading The wheel of time, and liked it. I just took off with a series of reviews on YouTube, I'll leave the link here, just in case there's someone interested. I'll be super grateful to anyone giving it a shot. Thanks!
  6. Oh, cr*p, I'm halfway through The Hero of Ages, and now I'm starting to feel like I don't wanna finish it. Think I'm gonna take the advice and finally start reading The Wheel of Time before grabbing The Alloy of Law.
  7. Ok, yes, I agree that the political intrigue is a must-be, considering the immense power vacuum created after a thousand years of the same ruler, and the type of leader Elend is. I'm just saying that, after having finished the book, I've been left with the impression that 2 thirds of the book are unnecesary long. The action is condensed in the 10 or so final chapters, and I'm even a little annoyed at how all of the stalling was worth nothing, as the battle for Luthadel was won with a formidable Deus Ex-Machina, incarnated in Vin being able to control the Koloss. She didn't find out how to do so through a process all over the book, she just acted instinctively after just one test on her Kandra, which means she could have just been equally succsessful if the Koloss attacked the first day, without besieging the city. Many things happen in those 10 last chapters, without the pace feeling rushed, that's why I maintain that all of the political sub-pltos could have been easily narrowed down. I must add that I agree on Straff being too unlikable a character, and not very compelling as a villain, but, at the end of the day, he was just a minor antagonist, only to give plot to the second book, and his death was worth having him. I'm looking forward to seeing that scene on the screen, if they ever make the movie/series.
  8. Oh, what a disappointment. I thought maybe there was a mention to some wierd packman accompanying Washington, or how he doubted himself, while everyone else saw him as a liberator. Don't tell me it was only Alendi's journal that spoke of such things, ha.
  9. Nice, now I want to read them. I wasn't aware of its existence, but then again, I'm not from the USA. Hell, not even an english native speaker. BTW, The Silmarillion is my favourite book ever.
  10. I'm currently halfway through The Well of Ascension, first read. And i'm finding it a little bit slower than i would like. In fact, a hundred pages or so into the book, I stopped reading it and switched to Warbreaker, which I had just bought. Only after finishing it I went back to TWoA, and now I remember why I left it in the first place. I get that Brandon is building up tension, with Luthadel being besieged and all, but still think it could go way faster. Did anyone else feel similarly?
  11. damnation it, I haven`t read Warbreaker yet. Is it Vivenna?
  12. Yes, congratulations! Now it's your turn.
  13. Um, no, let's see... This character has a fondness for skaa girls. That's it, I'm giving him away with that.
  14. Getting closer. My character is a dead male nobleman from Scadrial and it's not an important character.