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  1. So, I just finished my oathbringer re-read and have come up with a theory about the heralds. oathbringer spoilers my theory is that the oathpact bound together the souls of the heralds, part of the reason is probably so that they could share the pain of torture, but also it is possible that this was also done to cement them together to the oathpact. Oathbringer spoilers. The second part of my theory is that Odium will use this to make/ replace the heralds, meaning that in order to stop the fused from returning after death, odium's new heralds would need to be dispatched. thoughts? Any Wob that make or break this theory, or any things that you can point out?
  2. what are your thoughts for an Elantrian using aondor to enhance or create weapons/ armor? the main ones I've come up with are using aons create a weapon similar to a gun, my idea for this is to have an aon create a burst of compressed air to launch the bullet, which would have aons inscribed on it activated upon contact with a surface. these would cause effects such as expanding or catching fire. other Aons could be inscribed onto the barrel of the gun for stabilization against recoil, or used kinda like a silencer.
  3. I don't know if this specifically answers your question, but at some point during the emperor's soul, shai soulstamps a wall to add a mural. to do so multiple stamps are used, the first two describing how it would have been made, and the final actually changing the wall.
  4. That seems to be a larkin, but it is always fun to believe there may be dragons
  5. That's a fair point. You would have to keep it from getting scratched. So maybe if you had a protective layer of metal over it, or just put it inside the armor.
  6. seons

    Thank you, I didn't know you could do that.
  7. This is amazing. I really like it
  8. theory

    It would have to bee a person who died recently, be for the soul sees itself as separate from the body, just like healing a wound
  9. Anyone wearing armor I suppose
  10. The meaning of life is to be in elantris
  11. seons

    Possibly a type with a desire to serve?
  12. seons

    Would the seons be a type of spren?
  13. Also you could inscribe healing aons on the inside of your armor to heal you when you take a hit. Or on rubber tiped arrows, to shoot near injured allies. Possibly consider having a sack filled with aons inscribed on paper, so you can activate them without taking the time to write them mid battle
  14. In the book it mentions that you could incrib an aon in dust, and it would work long after it had been blown away.
  15. My theory is that for an elantrian to be made, one has to die, whether by the pool, decapitation, or burning