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  1. "They are organizations," Said Nuemark, turning toward Tel. @Truthless of Shinovar
  2. Nuemark was a Ghostblood. He felt right at home.
  3. "Not nearly as much as a man..." Nuemark shrugged, severing four new tentacles with a single swing, wheeling on the second wrath and loading another magazine into his machine pistol. "I have no idea what these things are...As for why, you ever heard of PlasmaCore?"
  4. "The name is Bordeux, Nuemark Bordeux." Said Nuemark, thrusting into a tentacle using his shardblade with a pained look on his face, "I am a lawman and a soldier but there is nothing that I find more repulsive than killing." @Truthless of Shinovar
  5. main plot

    Dragon!!! Thought Damon, rolling to the side and shooting three more rounds at a marine. He fired the other three that were left in his gun into the eyeslits of muscleman's armor, using the same technique as before. @Grey Knight @Ark1002
  6. main plot

    @Grey Knight
  7. main plot

    The dropped satchel, really half full of ETN detanated between the two blocky-gun men, spewing lead and brass shrapnel everywheare. @Grey Knight
  8. "Stop, Tel!" Called Nuemark, noticing that Tel was starting to walk right into the beast's tentacles. Nuemark threw a five pound chunk of RDX with a blasting cap and a lit fuze into the monster. He then opened up on it with all 30 rounds in a aluminium machine pistol, hard-cast penatrators each and every one, before stepping foreward and slashing at several tentacles.
  9. The pipe bomb went off inside the creture. @Ark1002
  10. *looks at a quarter of Alleycity destroyed* Ark, u one deadly boi. 

  11. Nuemark jumped back and threw one of those new-fangled pipe bomb things into it, already lit. He chopped at the tentacle and bound himself away again. The other three tables connected.
  12. Nuemark downed 3 shots of whiskey before summoning Dark. He launched four tables at the evil-wraith with fifteen bindings each before they connected with the monster. Then he rushed forward, shardblade held high.
  13. main plot

    As Damon saw the guns, he steel-pushed himself toward the figures, passing between them and firing twice more at each. Then he saw the muscly thing come out from where it was about to punch him a couple seconds ago. He emptied a revolver into it's head, where the eyeslits should be, steelpushing all six bullets for extra speed. He had once tested this and found that he could make a 340 grain hard-cast bullet travel at 3000 feet-per-second. Unfortunately, Damon dropped his satchel, which had his ammunition in it as he pushed himself away from the blocky gun men. He made it to the opposite end of the room from the muscled dude, and half the room away from the gunmen. He was careful to look forward but watch his back too. He now only had twenty rounds left in his pockets. The rest had been in his satchel. He reloaded the empty revolver. Fourteen now... @Grey Knight
  14. main plot

    Damon took a deep breath. Then he pulled the pin on his charge. The twenty seconds was ticking. He placed it carefully down on the granite. Tossing a bullet casing onto the roof beneath him, he steelpushed himself 20 meters into the air against it as it came into contact with the stone. A few tense heartbeats later, the charge blew. Because of it's cone shaped nature, the explosion was directed straight downward, smashing through the stone and blowing a three foot diameter hole in the roof. Very little of the explosion came back at Damon as he dropped down through the hole, quickdrawing both his already-cocked revolvers. He slowed himself at the last moment before he hit the floor, landing in a crouch. He raised both revolvers and pointed at two of the three dark figures. barley visible through the smoke and rubble in the air. The third could be delt with by a pushed bullet casing. Damon rolled to the side, came up, and fired. @Grey Knight