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  1. Welcome to the shard! Looks like you are already wise to the hidden contents of certain unnamed baked goods presented by strangers. Who was your favorite cosmere character?
  2. Of course there's no such thing as 'falling in love', so Kaladin's end choice about Shallan, whatever his sexual orientation, was the logical one. You can have couples with compatible personalities, and even those who love each other after several years, but the only instantaneous feeling that people ever have when they first see each other is sexual attraction, which is what many mistake for falling in love. He was crushing on Shallan, but knew he didn't actually love her. OB spoilers: She'd probably have to find some way to outdo Shallan on page 622 of OB I've been considering this for over a year now. Vivenna x Kaladin is certainly worth further thought, although we haven't heard a lot about her* yet, so I am uncertain. *At least not in the SA
  3. Thank you, mistcloaks are certainly cool.
  4. Welcome to the Shard!
  5. From the album A Young Waxillium

    Simply terrible lighting.
  6. From the album A Young Waxillium

    Elend impersonating Wax, holding a gun that is ideed impersonating a Sterrion.
  7. From the album A Young Waxillium

  8. Reading Oathbringer again, it occurred to me that Jasnah is kind of asking Kaladin and his squires to cuddle her in a roundabout way
  9. I have been told that I have an unhealthy obsession with blades. I have been called a Nazi sympathiser for listening to Primo Victoria by Sabaton, which honestly, I still can't grasp the reason for. I was called a "No good vandalist' and "Qu**r druggy" by an two older men who were yelling at me as I walked through an unfamiliar neighborhood in a town 2000 miles from where I live. To be quite frank, I ran after that. Mistaken identity, I presume...I wasn't any of those things and didn't know either of the gentlemen. *realises that none of my experiences were particularly positive* The world is a very weird place.
  10. Jasnah's encounter is in the prologue to Words of Radience, on page 21 through 22.
  11. From the album RP Sketches

    Voidus, the true Almighty.