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  1. I have drawn you all together upon this day for three reasons.The first is to tell you that I am handing off most of my RP characters and assets from the Alleyverse. I was going to wait until January to do this but due to a more immediate requirement for greater focus upon academic activity as well as my current stage in life in general it is a necessity that I spend the next eight months in as studious a way as possible. My characters and assets shall go as follows: Damon now belongs to @Gears , should you accept him. If not he is hereby an NPC. The Bleeding Spike Tavern now belongs to the Ghostbloods guild, as Damon vacated it for fear of assassination. Nuemark Bordeux will effectively vanish out of existence until my probable return. The second reason is to tell you this: Nearly two years is far too short a time to truly know anyone; I don't know half of you half as well as I should like; and I like less than half of you half as well as you deserve.

    Thirdly and finally, I wish to make an ANNOUNCEMENT. I regret to announce that — though, as I said, two years is far too short a time to spend among you — this is the END (at least for 8 months - a year ;)). I am going. If necessary I can be contacted on Discord at Elend Venture#2289. I am leaving NOW. GOOD-BYE!

    *puts on Ring*

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    2. Ookla the Steampunked

      Ookla the Steampunked

      Wait leaving?! Darn it Elend, I’m gonna miss you! I hope you’re able to be productive during your break, and I can’t wait to see you back on the shard!

    3. Gears


      I mourn your departure and humbly accept Damon as my own.

    4. Ookla the Intimidating

      Ookla the Intimidating

      Oof, I didn't realize this. I'll see you around on the Shard and *hugs*

  2. NIN Hurt or Johnny Cash Hurt? Or neither?
  3. I climb down from the tree painfully and limp over to the package, picking it up, making the laborious climb back up the tree, and opening it. @Mist
  4. "I am somewhat preoccupied at the moment however. . ." Nuemark paused. "Yes, I'll come."
  5. The barkeep, a young woman, takes down a bottle of port from a shelf behind the bar and pours a glass, sliding it over to the man across from her. @AmazingGoob Nuemark looked down the bar and around the room, evidently trying to find someone. The tavern wasn't noisy or crowded, in fact there are only a few people there. Damon still hasn't got back from whatever errand he was on, just like he said. Thought Nuemark. There is a possibility he is planning an ambush upstairs or outside. He is a coinshot, so he could've entered through a window easily, still could, actually, but I am not sure if he knew it was us. I don't know how wise it was coming here, Said Annette apprehensively. I don't want to do it any more than you do, but this must be done, and this is the fastest way to do it. Thought Nuemark. Fine, but be safe about it. Of course. That's why I agreed to come here with our friend. So we could arrest Damon when he gets back. Much safer than going and seeking him out on the streets, he thrives down there. He's an assassin. Fair enough, just, maybe summon your plate? I will, once he gets here anyway.
  6. "Certainly, that sounds like a capital idea." Said Nuemark. "I'll just clock out here and we'll be on our way." Nuemark flipped the sign on the window to 'closed' and finished clocking out.
  7. "Well to be honest, I have no idea." Said Nuemark, standing up and pulling on his overcoat. "Maybe she is visiting a bank for financing or such, though it is curious. I trust her to not be keeping secrets from her colleagues, but maybe. . .I don't know, I've just been set up by criminals too many times to ignore even a little strange behavior from good, innocent people. My first instinct is that she may be being extorted by someone in the city, maybe close by enough to get there in under an hour of walking; this is a quiet alley, and I haven't heard any cars go by since the morning rush hour. What do you think?" @AmazingGoob
  8. "To answer your first question, I am indeed the other employee." Drawled Nuemark, loading seven rounds into his pistol's magazine as he spoke. "To answer you second, I was fetching this here lovely desk from my flat." He tapped the mostly full magazine on the simple but clean desk he had been sitting at. "Thought it would come on handy of either of us two ever have to do extra paperwork or that sort of thing. It also ain't so bad for cleaning guns." On that note the look on Nuemark's face darkened, as he was thinking about a specific event that had taken place earlier, directly after he had reached his flat. One who had once been a friend had been there. His gun hadn't needed cleaning before he'd gone back. The platform was very accurate, he mused, but it was unfoutunate how rapidly it fouled compared to what was on the market these days. Gas delayed blowbacks tended to show those characteristics in general though. For his purposes, the system was worth the excess burnt powder in the action for its accuracy. Aligning the pistol's slide with its rails, Nuemark slid it back on, slamming in the magazine and racking it. He clicked the safety on, off, on, off, on, off, on. Seven times. It was a good number, one that made him feel secure. He knew that that tick of his was stupid as he slid the handgun into its holster, but had felt obligated to do it anyways. He both hated and loved that number, that pistol, this life. And for better or for worse, all three seemed to be permanently connected for Nuemark. @AmazingGoob
  9. "Good afternoon, my friends. How did that go?" Asked Nuemark, looking up from the pistol he had been cleaning. @DramaQueen @AmazingGoob
  10. @Doomstick
  11. Damon strode up to the building in which they were supposed to meet, mentally going over his to do list for the evening. His phone call with the Anarchist had gone well, it looked like he had a deal, but now to get some more details and to prove at least some degree of loyalty it was certainly necessary to arrive in person as well. He would need to secure either a target or a VIP to protect, payment, and, assuming this "Anarchist" was like any of his other clients, some informants to further communicate through, it made the jobs significantly more difficult to track if you were a conner. Then Damon would look around covertly for who else this mysterious client was employing, of course his business was his own, as was that of his clients, but Damon couldn't help but wonder. If all went smoothly he would thereafter return to his tavern to plan the hit (or whatever it was supposed to be). Damon opened the door and greeted the now somewhat infamous but enigmatic man, "The Anarchist". @Gears
  12. I clime a tree near the bramble thicket entrance hoping that it will provide a safer hiding spot. I notice that I left a blood trail starting from where I had been shot and leading directly to the thicket's entrance, an area I had cut down with my sword in order to get onto the heart of the large bushlike condtruct of vegetation. The bandages had thankfully staunched the flow of blood and now the wounds are hardly bleeding at all. They still hurt like hell though, I think, grimacing as I pull my weight up on to the lowest branch, which is six of seven feet up the trunk already. It is a sturdy old fur and hardly quivers as I stand up on the branch and begin the laborious clime to the thickest part of the trunk. There are numerous branches once near the the centre and the clime becomes much easier. The dense walls of needles conceal me and shelter me from any rain, snow, or arrows that might fall from the sky. And despite the fact that the still air would make practically impossible long shots with a bow easier, it would indeed also allow me to hear anyone approaching from a long way off; There is virtually no movement in the branches and needles.
  13. I break into a run after Experience, arrows whistling over my head, past me, hitting the ground around me. A feel one graze my side and I speed up, propelling myself through the woods in a sprint. I run until I am out of breath, then run some more. Then, exhausted and wounded, I kneel to the ground in a thicket of brambles and catch my breath. I had at some point strayed off of the path and had thus lost Experience. Wow, I think. They must have quite the archer on their team to be able to take such precise shots in quick succession and still hit at what was that? It couldn't have been less than 150 meters. I should probably wait for them to die off before I even consider any martial action against that group. Breath caught, I cut two rectangular pieces of cloth from my jacket, bandaging my deeper wounds which are still bleeding. I don't like ruining such a nice garment, but what other choice do I have?
  14. "You realize that if we stop fighting they'll probably just try to shoot us from there if they have bows; and I'm guessing that they do, I saw a few at the cornucipia. Then again, most archers would be hard pressed to make an accurate shot on a moving target at this range." I say, falling into a more defensive guard. @Experience