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  1. This fanart in certified Elend™ approved.
  2. Mistborn: The Final Empire
  3. Alright, this was a kind of dumb idea I had not long ago, but I personally found it rather amusing to select theme songs for various cosmere characters, and I think some of y'all will find it amusing to assign them songs that match them (seriously or otherwise, mine are mostly otherwise) as well. Here are some that I came up with yesterday (OB and Mistborn spoilers, you've been warned): Dalinar Kolin: Turisas - End of an Empire Ati (Ruin): Dope - Die MF Die Kelsier: 2WEI - Surivivor Kaladin: Nightwish - 10th Man Down Evi: Johnny Cash - Ring of Fire Waxillium Ladrian: Orden Ogan - Gunman/Johnny Cash - God's Gonna Cut You Down Veil: Korpiklaani - Vodka Paalm: Banners - Start aa Riot Gaz: Manuel - Gas, Gas, Gas, Tyn: The Offspring - You're Gonna Go Far, Kid Wayne: Alestorm - Drink Vin + Elend (WoA): OMAM - King & Lionheart Lord Ruler: Coldplay - Viva la Vida (or alternately Brandon Sanderfans W/ Ben & Sam - Old Lord Ruler) Meridas Amaram: Nightwish - Amaranth (okay, okay, I just couldn't help myself). These are just a few lovely possibilities. Fire away, mates!
  4. Lessie: Look! Veil is a real person! Veil: Look! It's Lessie manifesting in a schizophrenic girl's mind! Amaram: A lot like Eragon. He "needed a sword" so he got a sword, killing a hellova lot of people along the way. Evi: This girl's on fire. Adolin: Chummy murderer. Rannette: Grumpy gay master gunsmith (my heroine). TenSoon: There is an imposter among us and it very well may be a smart puppers. Elend: Rebellious nerd meets cute assassin and becomes Napolean. Vin: Street urchin joins cult and makes some friends; decides the cult leader is her dad. Kel: Thief gets superpowers and starts a cult; adopts street urchin and becomes Jesus.
  5. I hate to resurrect such an ancient thread, but I cannot help but add that for the setting, the medical field in general is quite advanced on Roshar. Surgeons such as Lirin have firm understandings of topics such as infection, bone setting, anaesthesia, sterilization of surgical equipment, etc. near all of which was not know in Europe until the mid nineteenth century.
  6. Good to hear that confirmed, I always wondered if Moshe was his namesake.
  7. Graduating today. No idea what comes next. Oh well.

    1. Tesh


      As my history teacher said, "You graduate, and then it's just taxes and debts."

      That is a direct quote, by the way.

      But also yay! Congratulations! Good luck!

    2. Elend  Venture

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      Thanks, mate. Your history teacher was wise, hah!

  8. 433. Pay attention to anyone who tells you their name, as they're probably important enough to the plot not to die immediately. Alternately, if you are not the Hero, make sure that they know your name, as it greatly reduces your chances of dying in the first conflict that comes along.
  9. Brando: He is a bridger of minds. Me: It's not like he's a bridger of minds or anything.
  10. Just checked my notifications and lost the game for the first time today. Now @Gneorndin has as well
  11. That's quite interesting, I really ought to read more WOBs.
  12. 1. Alright, from seeing other posts here, I have decided that this really is a rather unpopular opinion: Rlain could not have bonded the Sibling, even if Navani had never existed or had not been chosen. I have come to this deduction by examining all evidence presented in the novel which pertains to this subject. Rlain is an embittered outcast of both the Listeners/Singers and Humans. He lacks the correct personality and manor of emotional damage to bond a bondsmith type spren, as he does not bridge, or unify; he separates; It would require that he be chosen purely because he wasn't human and that he was in the right place, which would oppose his character arc completely and entirely. Outside of selection based upon what species he is, there is certainly no reason at all that Rlain would be better as a bondsmith than any of the other characters in the 'societal outcast' crowd, all of whom would make significantly inferior bondsmiths to Navani. And finally, Rlain being chosen is exactly what we would have expected to happen (hence some people's disappointment), the general trend in the fantasy genre presently being ridiculously contrasting hero's journeys. The only reason that Rlain would become a bondsmith is because we want him to do so in order to appease our sense of justice, which has nothing to do with the plot or his actual character. And thus, the trick is on all of us, Branderson actually pulled a massive plot twist by not writing one at all. I also have a personal hunch that at some point we shall learn why all of the Kholins are slowly becoming radiant I'm subsequent novels, but this hardly need be included in what is already a blurb of opinion stretched far too long. 2. Like many others have noted, the nodes are a terrifyingly foolish plot device, highly reminiscent of the 'conquest' mode in the first person shooter franchise 'Battlefield'. At this point is this really still considered an unpopular opinion? 3. Kaladin's depression was not handled with the same finesse that it was in WoK and WoR. It builds to an immeasurable front at which point Kaladin attempts to end it, but then, suddenly, he gets his powers back + shardplate and suddenly forgets that he was just in the frickin' process of killing himself. (Though that Tien seen was touching, I'll admit.) On the bright side, now he may be worshipping Dalinar as God, and I mean, really, why not?
  13. This really isn't a great place to debate the topic, but because I was already hoping to share my impressions of the event anyhow, I would like it indeed to speak further of the topic on the Character Discussion Board if you wished. If not, that's fine too, of course. Now, in good jest (since I have to include a meme to make the post valid anyhow):