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  1. Welcome! It is quite nice to meet you. May I ask your favorite cosmere character?
  2. Beep! Beep! 10/10
  3. Granted. You get it, fresh from Japan, sliced with the finest of katanas. Your bane is that it was laced with Destroying Angel mushrooms and you didn't realise it. I wish that I could salivate gasoline but not become unwell.
  4. But you could be fire...
  5. This is so confusing. Cheers!
  6. Wow. we have the same name


    1. Elend  Venture

      Elend Venture

      That would be correct.

  7. Thanks, ya'll. As far as the nervous system thing I just meant that they didn't have a brain and/or natural spinal cord per se. So maybe you would have to sever their spikes for an instant kill?
  8. Darius Rucker looks about and scolds Elend for not giving artist names at the start.
  9. Ah, but of arse. My sword says salami This message is needy And Lenin can lead us... Goodnight! Oh, and @BringerofShadows, don't ever think anything is a coincidence. Ever.
  10. Him being Redacted, of arse. Elend blasted the Soviet anthem.
  11. Everyone knew this of coarse, but a narrator had changed his name to Redacted.
  12. Redacted was the true name of [REDACTED]. Elend was in the shield as well, still in tractor trailer sized eagle form, but not quite as tall as Redacted.
  13. It went off.
  14. BoS' throne was an H-bomb, timed to go off in .5 seconds.
  15. Mr. Wheedlenose died and joined his real lover as a ghost in the room. Why magma? Why not Elend's brassiere? Ahem, brazier.