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  1. "Sir, you want your change back?" Said Damon, taking the coins, counting them, and placing the required ammount in the lockbox. He went walked into the kitchen, returned with a piece of cold roasted chicken with a spicy sauce and rice and set it in front of the customer. "There's your bird" Said Damon. Only then did he pull a delicate brown bottle down from the shelf behind him and pour about seventy milliliters of the dark caramel fluid into an empty tumbler, as he didn't recall the man saying how he wanted it. He slid the glass over to the fellow. @bees?
  2. Nuemark Bordeux strolled along the sidewalk, sidestepping scattered groups of drunk partiers with a distasteful look, but letting solitary people remove themselves from his then unwavering path as they wandered the streets aimlessly. He had somewhere to go, a person to meet. They saw that. In his erect posture, swift, purposeful stride, the determined expression held on his face, and they moved. Gaining right of way was as simple as that. Authority was at its heart, a mere facade; that is, it was only as strong as the populaces' belief in it. As was currency, love, morals, and religion. The only thing that could be looked at the same way every time, obeyed forever, disobeyed and punished for, unchanging forever, was cold hard law. As he walked, Nuemark felt Annette's approval of that last thought somewhere in the back of his mind.
  3. Alright, here is my Era 5 sheet for Bordeux. When one of you gets a chance, would you mind scoring it? Thanks a lot, you all are great, simply great. @Sorana @I think I am here.
  4. Damon slid a menu onto the bar in front of the strangely attractive sliver haired man. It read as such: MENU buffalo mallard chicken wings 2 C stew 4 C chowder 5 C chouta 3 C roasted mallard chicken 7 C crescent rolls 2 C cremling curry 5 C Scottish shortbread 3 C Damon took a second menu from behind him, smaller, and marked with the varied beverages of the establishment. "Here Sir, all the drinks available right now. The I'm picking up some wine tomorrow, though." Nonvictual Menu* 1. CHEAP WINE PORT 2 C 2. HIGH QUALITY PORT 4 C 3. SAPPHIRE WINE 4 C 4. CHEAP WHISKEY 3 C 5. 15 YEAR AGED SINGLE MALT WHISKEY 5 C 6. DARK LAGUR 2 C 7. LIGHT LAGUR 2C 8. FIREARMS- INDIVIDUAL PRICE LISTINGS 9. EDGED WEAPONS - INDIVIDUAL PRICE LISTINGS 10. ROOM FOR THE NIGHT - 100 C** *25% discount for members of the Ghostbloods. **Clips @bees?
  5. "Eh, what we have is mostly distilled or brewed here in the city." Said Damon, scratching his stubbled chin. "Though we do have some imported port, though it's kind of a bit on the affordable side, if you catch my meaning, so just be ready for a headache by your third or fourth glass. Not as choice as our locally made port, but still pretty good stuff." He pulled a large dark green glass jug down from the shelf behind him. @bees?
  6. Damon looked up as a rather strange man walked in, wearing a nice suit jacket and embroidered hose. The man drew his attention like few things he had ever felt before, all of which possessed some type of strong magic. Unsafe magic. He maintained a smile but quietly levered open his shotgun under the bar, dropping in two shells of buckshot by feel. "Good evening, Sir, how can I help you?" Said Damon in an amicable and even tone. @bees?
  7. I do believe that I shall actually purchase this book in a short while. It looks quite interesting.
  8. "The tea was without charge, as a sort of. . . compensation for the spit incident." He paused, glancing away momentarily. "If you were wondering about hearing our menu before you went, we've got buffalo mallard chicken wings, stew, chowder, chouta, roasted mallard chicken, crescent rolls, curry, and Scottish shortbread." The barkeep rattled off from memory. "As far as drinks go, we've got violet wine, sapphire wine, cheap whiskey, good whiskey, lavis ale, port, light lager, dark lager, and of course auburn wine. We've also got coffee and (as you know) tea. The bar over there with the rifle racks is well stocked enough that you can find pretty much whatever you need there." He pointed over to where the smooth hardwood bar wrapped around the inside of the building, until it ran perpendicular to the direction in which it started. Behind it upon that wall, placed upon racks were hundreds of weapons. Cudgels, pistols, carbines, full length rifles, swords, polearms, switchblade stilettos, long daggers, you name it, it was most likely there. @Silva @SingingMosaic
  9. I have a few mild problems that have both partially overcame me and have been partially overcame by me. I'm not going to self diagnose, so call it what you like, but pretty much everything in my life has to be tweaked, touched, counted, tapped, washed, etc. until they feel "right" in my mind. Including my posts. That's why about ninety percent of them have been edited at some point or another. I've tried resisting this behavior and it only results in acute anxiety that inevitably leads me to places I don't want to be. I also get intrusive thoughts upon many occasions, I am altogether uncertain where they come from, but most are a touch disturbing; eg. Turning my vehicle into opposing lanes of traffic, becoming a sociopath, self harm, etcetera. The more I try to stop thinking about them the more they stay in my psyche. Immediate physical pain seems to halt the anxiety that stems from these relatively small issues, which as you could guess, could cause a bit of a problem. I never got into that kind of thing though, thankfully. It scares me, so I take comfort in my compulsive behavior. In the last two months however, I have taken to frequent prayer in Latin when I get certain compulsions or thoughts, and the actions haven't stopped, but I haven't had an intrusive thought major anxiety about my thoughts in four weeks, whereas I had multiple every day before. So I guess my mind is more at peace than it has been in years. I certainly feel more resolve to survive and serve the Lord here on Earth. There are better things to live and die* for than anxiety. *Yay for Nightwish quotes
  10. Y'all could use some punishment for making all these terrible jokes.
  11. "I am a goat!"
  12. Wait, does this apply to Camon?