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  1. @Frustration @DramaQueen @Channelknight Fadran @Mist @Enter a username @Vapor @Condensation @Emi @Honorless I have lost...and ya'll have as well.
  2. Nicroburst. Interesting.
  3. I have an old character I should like approved for Era Five. Thank you, it's a great help! I hope I scored correctly. @Sorana
  4. This is @Stormblessed Dolphin's cat that I stole. I call her May.
  5. "Well, seeing as I uphold the law, and justice and such, I have some experience investigating." Nuemark paused. "Now I have made some money doing work for my guild, but seeing as all of the guilds got considerably less powerful this last year; and less power means less funds; I saw that I'd probably be needing at least a side job, maybe more. So I asked around about available jobs in which I could use my talents, as a soldier and a lawman, and wound up here. With how things are going now, I am available full time, but may be called away at any time by my guild for one of our operations. Part of my terms and conditions, the last page I gave you." @DramaQueen
  6. Well no one would know better than the Shallan impersonator herself, now would they? Thanks, I'll tell her you said that.
  7. Thank you! My sister made it.
  8. You lost The Game.

    1. DramaQueen


      You know, I like you. You're a good person. Thank you for this.

    2. Elend  Venture

      Elend Venture

      No problem. This probably isn't the last time.

    3. The Last Post

      The Last Post

      So did you 

  9. "Listen here, pal, I've got a couple of errands to run downtown. Tavern business. Wine shipments late. So if you need anything just ask Talon, see?" Said Damon, slipping out of his duster and into a cheap paletot, dropping his pair of snub-nosed Immerling .44s into their holsters, bluing scraped off where he had taken a file to their serial numbers earlier that day, in his boot and in the small of his back, respectively. After that, the 3 inch barreled .38 went into her holster, under Damon's arm. He wouldn't go anywhere without that thing, never failed him once, she hadn't. Placing a hat on his head and pulling on a pair of thin deerskin gloves, Damon strode out the door, mist trailing in behind him. Smiling at the weight of the metal spike in his pocket, Damon burned steel. Blue lines pointing towards his chest sprang up all around him. He loved modern cities, so much metal. Dropping a bottlecap, Damon pushed out into the swirling mists. @bees?
  10. Not sure, to tell you the truth. Though I have the notion that it isn't.
  11. By no means suggesting anything inappropriate, but Pattern can also purportedly fit into a keyhole and continue vibrating. He picks a lock with the very method in WoR.
  12. An excellent idea, no doubt! Does linking to a link of an Alleyverse guild in an introduction thread violate the rules though? Curious as to everyone's thoughts.
  13. Thank you all. You have been quite helpful. This solution actually makes the most sense out of the ones that I was guessing, so I am completely satisfied.