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  1. horror

    I have checked out the Coppermind briefly before, but I wasn't sure how up to date/accurate it was. I hadn't seen the Arcanum before, so I'll be sure to check it out. 1/3. Ok, I'll look more into light wave and interference. 7. I was thinking since LOF are weakest at the corners, if you cross multiple LOF, you could create a square-ish structure with no corners. I also didn't know if LOF were always weakest at the ends, or only when they were formed into corners. 16. I was wondering if the thickness of lines other than the LOF would affect them, like LOV being able to bounce more, LOW being able to take more hits, etc. Thanks for taking the time to answer!
  2. horror

    I just finished my second reread of the rithmatist, and thought I would post a list of questions I had. If anyone can answer them, please feel free, these are just things I thought of while reading. How do Lines of Vigor(LOV) interact with Lines of Forbiddance(LOF)? In the book, Joel states that LOV can be used to break through LOF, but in one of the diagrams(I think it was before Chapter 22) it states that they bounce instead of damaging them, so which is it? When are bind points determined? If I draw a circle, then attach chalklings on opposite ends(as if it was a 2-point circle), can I add a circle on the side(as if it was 4-pointed) later? Can LOV bounce forever? If I draw a LOV and trap it with a bunch of LOF will it bounce endlessly, or will it run out of energy after a while? Can a LOV damage my own circles/lines/chalklings? If someone reflects a LOV back at me, will it damage my other creations? Could a very skilled rithmatist win by only reflecting LOV? How do Rithmatic lines deal with corners? For example, if I draw a LOV at a wall, will it bounce off of the wall or will it travel up the wall and down the other side? Can LOV trick-shots please be something Rithmatist's do for fun? How cool would it be to have a Dude Perfect type group in the sequel. How would a large scale Mark's cross work? Would it be weaker at the intersection? Could you cross 4 LOF to make a stronger square as it wouldn't have any corners? If you knew your circle was about to be moved(because you didn't anchor it properly, it got damaged, etc.) could you jump/move with it to prevent being disqualified? How much could a Rithmatist do with intent? Could you make a LOF that switched from being active to inactive? A Line of Warding that spins in place? How long do lines other than LOF take to dismiss? Is it instant, or does it just take less time than a LOF? Is Melody's ability with chalklings a learn-able skill, or is it something unique to Melody? At Nebrask, do the Rithmatist's defend from inside or outside the circle? Why can't they just redirect a river/make a moat? Are Rithmatists something that is limited to the American Isles, or are there Rithmatists all over? If they are all over, do they all go to defend Nebrask? Are there other Nebrask-like locations in the world? When fighting Harding, Fitch uses 2 chalk pieces to draw. Is this allowed in dueling, or is it just too hard to be regulated? How is a Line of Revocation(LOR) drawn? Is it drawn straight piece first, or squiggly piece first? Joel initially mistakes it for a LOV, but those are drawn out to in, which doesn't fit with the LOR. Does the amount of chalk/thickness of the lines have anything to do with the power of the lines? If I draw a LOW with chalk that is 2 times as thick, is it 2 times as strong? How do LOV move? Do they leave a trail of chalk as they move from where they start, or do they erase themselves, leaving only 2 periods at all times? When a LOV hits a LOW, does the LOV just dissipate/get erased, or does it break apart/fall apart? How much strength would you lose on a LOW if you missed bind points? Could you bind more than 9 circles/chalkings and have them cover the weak-spot they create? OK, wow that was more questions than I anticipated. If anyone has answers to any of these questions, please leave them down below. If not, I guess I'll just have to wait for a sequel.