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  1. Nerd Moment


    I was trying to imagine what a chasm fiend might look like and then it hit me: Garthim, from The Dark Crystal.

    Yes, the anatomy would be quite different, they would be much bigger for one thing, but I now have a visual aid.

  2. So, what they're saying is something like "come to the Dark [Alley], we have cookies," or similar expression?
  3. And here I was just convincing myself not to go through that story a second time yet... Looks like time to break out my copy of Arcanum Unbounded again.
  4. Noob alert: I don't know what the term cookie means in this context.
  5. @go_go_gragdet @HarmonicMonk and @#Voidapple thanks for your thoughts. @go_go_gragdet those are some good questions and I'll do my best to answer them. 1) Hoid is the one character who fascinates me the most, but that is probably because of the little information about him and his appearances in so many places. I also really like Kelsier. 2) This is a tough one. Until now I never thought about it, but I'm leaning towards TES even though it is just a short story. 3) A regular teaspoon. 4) Windrunner. I don't say that because liked Kaladin more than the other radiants (I don't really), but because I value keeping oaths and despise lies.
  6. So, I'm new to the cosmere as of early last year. After Way of Kings, I blew through the rest of the books and short stories (as many as I could get my hands on) in less than a year. I love the books and am already most of the way through them again. As I said before, I really enjoy the books and can hardly wait for the next one. The only thing that is bothering me though is that WoA and HoA move a little slower, in my mind, than his other books. I'm having some difficulty following Vin into the next part of the story the second time around for this reason. I remember seeing a WoB saying that he was trying to avoid this slowness in his books as compared to the WoT books, but I'm not sure if he said that before or after HoA. Wax and Wayne are a refreshing contrast to the earlier trilogy, since they move so quickly, but the resulting shorter book makes me a little said. Has anyone else felt this?