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  1. Interesting! Been so long since I've read Prime that I totally forgot that Topaz bit. Will just have to wait a few decades for the official Dragonsteel, my day dreams/theories will have to tide me over.
  2. Just thought of this theory and thinking it has some merit. So don't have time to properly flesh this out now but we know one of Hoid's aliases is Topas, or bearer of the first gem. We also know he's no longer human via WoB. Perhaps Hoid was adjusted, a la Spook, at the Shattering as a final act by Adonalsium? Might be a good spot for Ado to hide its cognitive shadow as well. Also a good spot to bring a Spren along while worldhopping back to Era 2 Scadrial! Might this also explain Hoid's inability to harm on the Physical plane? Find out next time on... DragonSteel Z
  3. All I have is that weird strata that keeps popping up all over and extrapolation. If Uritheru can be a fabrial why not the whole planet? The planet itself must have a spren right?
  4. Wouldn't there have been some early version of the stormfather before any Shardic influence occurred on Roshar? What you describe reminds me of those harmonium cubes on Scadrial, definitely seems possible!
  5. Hmm I forgot about gravity! Just more crazy positing here. So on Roshar there's a buttload of free investiture. The spren are proof of that, investiture gaining sentience. The stormfather being a major one. Not a stretch to reason that Roshar has a spren then. Could make quite a powerful fabrial maybe? A fabrial of the gods.
  6. Have this half-baked theory that Roshar itself, as in the whole planet, is a fabrial. Urithiru seems to be one big ol' fabrial. So city sized fabrial's aren't out of the question. Several other cities are depicted to have similar odd strata, though of course no other giant gem cores mentioned. What if Roshar's core is a humongous gem? How this could be relevant or used is the question. Please prove my crazy theory wrong.
  7. Very true. Besides hemalurgy of course. Wonder if those potions could give him the connection needed to use the Dor. Wouldn't explain his bandages though.
  8. I wonder if hoid utilized any potions before, or in his attempt to become elantrian.
  9. That would be really cool. Especially given how Sel itself might be gaining its own sentience. It could totally manifest physically like the tears of Edgli.
  10. All the magics we've seen on Sel so far seems so different from each other. With the dakhor monks on side Dominion side, and the elantrians leading towards Devotion. I'd put ChayShan somewhere in the middle. All seems pretty similar to how the metallic arts relate to Ruin and Preservation. Not sure where the potions would fit in, really curious how they are made now.
  11. Hey if Hrathen can get a potion to look like a scrubby elantrian then I won't discount it. Maybe if the eyedrops use a certain well's "water" then that would actually be feasible!
  12. I want to feel like there is something more to the cause of the redness, as it doesn't seem quite consistent. Of course that doesn't mean there is Glys doesn't seem to be actively possessed by whatsherface, though he could be. Perhaps the difference is due to Glys only being investiture? The shades of threnody don't quite line up with this either. What would be possessing them when they sense blood? Couldn't be Ambition. Still spit balling with no good answers. Feels like there is a piece missing from this puzzle.
  13. Thanks all! Super long time lurker. I can definitely get down with the idea that its a sliding scale that would induce that redness at a certain point. Seems sort of similar to snapping. So on the left we have bleeder her one spike that allows her the autonomy to bypass Harmony. Two spikes brings her back under Harmony's control. I wonder if that red faceless immortal has two trellium spikes. In the middle of this scale would perhaps be Glys, given its always red, but we have no evidence of him being directly controlled. Perhaps all the way to the right of this scale would be the Fused. Just thinking out loud here. I think there is something at the bottom of all this that isn't totally understood. Or I'm overthinking things again!
  14. Preemptive first post woohoo!! So given what we know about co-opted/corrupted investiture why the eff weren't bleeder's eyes red??? This is bugging me the more I think about it. Bleeder is a kandra, compromised of ruin and preservativations investiture. Then she's using a foreign metal spike that both gives her her sentience and an allomantic or feruchemical power. Given everything we know so far about corrupted investiture shouldn't her eyes be red because of this? If not then why? There's always another secret!