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  1. my background is the windrunner glyph and my lock screen is kalidan lashing himself downward from out of the sky. My keyboard is a picture of shallan underwater looking at the creature thing.
  2. When you have you're phone themed on the cosmere. My background and keyboard are cosmere related.
  3. It's a silly show called "the Amazing world of gumball." It's suposed to be a kids show but it has many aspects that make it interesting to teens. Its funny. It was in one of the most recent episodes.
  4. Oh on a high imperial related topic. In a stupid show I was watching there was a slang laguage which was almost exactly the same as high imperial. My brother and mom were baffled but I was following. Ising for the loving of high imperial
  5. Or even its a cosmere thing, or rosharen thing, or knight radient thing, or mistborn thing, or a scadrial thing, or... oops got carried away i could keep going. Ooh! I would also say "We mistborn need not make sense."
  6. oh and what if we split the theme park up into sections of each world. The color schemes for each section would be different. we would make each section look like that world. (If the world changes in the book, have it gradually change as you get farther in. Also it would be cool to have an edge dancer skating rink.
  7. Even if this theme park is on earth we could try to make food like cosmere food
  8. when you discuss cosmere themepark area color schemes
  9. No a drunk monkey. Lightsong agrees
  10. Actually im going to end up doing both at somepoint. The first time I will actually be the sword. Kinda weird but I like it. Eventually I will be a night blood holder
  11. When you have your halloween near ish future booked. This year: Vin After that: Lift After that: Syl After that : Nightblood After that: Shallan And so on
  12. Just go on google and search up stormlight archive shirt or something similar. Then go in the shopping area. When you find it click on it it and it will have an option to go to the site. Go to the site and you can order it from there. I know it says it will take a while but it only took 1-2 weeks. There's lots of cool stuff. I actually bought four shirts and a hoodie. All stormlight related.
  13. When you wear a " run like bridge four " shirt to volleyball practice
  14. Ooh I should try that. During a lucid dream of course. That would be great! Also Ykyasfw you relate your sleepwalking to dalinars visions just because sometimes you act out your dream. Hehe
  15. Cant wait for my SA t-shirts and hoodie to get here!!!!