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  1. YES YES YES!!!!! SO ME!!!
  2. Yeah, @not an Evil Librarian there was a kid in my class who claimed that syl disappears forever at some point at the book. I read through, fearing for the moment I would be heartbroken. It never happened. I was so storming mad at him.
  3. Okay, so I have a sanderfan in my class, and I was talking to her. I was quoting stormlight characters and doing impressions, we made a little game. Then one of my non sanderfan friends hears. All she knows is that Syl and Pattern are both spren. So she ships them together. She shipped Syl and Pattern together. Honor Spren and Lie Spren. I mean, come on. It makes zero sense. I told her that their species kinda hate eachothers guts. She still goes around saying Syltern.
  4. yes.
  5. My bestie just decided that Way of Kings is boring. She's on chapter 4. I mean. Come on. Stormlight spoiler
  6. That makes me both sad and happy! Is this possible??? Also, you know you're a Sanderfan when you learn how to say "I am a Stick" in french. (It's Je Suis une Baton) (or Je suis un Baton for the guys)
  7. Yes it is!!!!
  8. Haha, I will try to post a picture when it's done! It's not nearly done yet. Just got the first things in. Which unfortunately have nothing to do with stromlight yet. Just a blue bedspread, pillows, an awesome hourglass... and a goblet thingy for spheres. Don't have the spheres yet. (Those will be a bunch of marbles with an LED light at the bottom.
  9. Lucky. I have only a few friends who I can do it with and They are hard to talk to. One is in a different class and I hardly see her, one I can talk to, one lives 40 min away. I convinced my Best Friend to read Stormlight but she claimed it was boring. She won't talk to me right now for some reason so she probably won't read it just because it associates with me. I don't know why she does this. Theres more to what she is doing but that's not my purpose to this thingy. Oh and that's a stormlight spoiler, sorry I don't know how to do this!!!!
  10. Wow. Hope they let you eventually!
  11. Be as stuborn as a Stick!!!!
  12. Sad! Oops sorry for the double post!!
  13. Once it's finished I will!!!
  14. When you are themeing your bedroom after Stormlight!