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  1. I realize it isn’t cosmetic but I have questions. Also I haven’t read starsight so even though my question doesn’t have spoiler potential I just want to be careful. I think it’s a silly question, but what color is the cadets pin and what color is the pilots pin. It mentions that they are different colors, but I can't remember which is which. Can you remind me?
  2. I wish I had been there! I really hope I can make it to the Rythym of War release party. Eek. Being my age I don't have controll over that
  3. I'm still in shock from the realease party. There were sooooo many Sanderfans!!!! It was beautiful. (there were about 1500 of us there.) It was kinda funny though because while waitning in line we would just jump into conversation with random people.
  4. Oh! Yeah, my dad did. I just took to long to notice it was there. So much excitement going on. My dad did though I got VIP seating and cool stuff. I'm so happy!
  5. When you just had a blast at the Starsight Release Party! It rocked!
  6. When for your birthday your dad gets you a vip ticket that comes with reserved seating for the starsight release party, a tshirt, a swag bag, and a doomslug lanyard. Cant wait!!!!
  7. Oh Really? I thought it was otherwise. Well. Either way. I still got that glove. Thank you!!!
  8. When you turn thirteen today, (am I really?) and your first thought is, wheres that safe glove. (I have covered my left in the past but I'm left handed and it truely is a pain, but hey. I'm the age where you need to so.
  9. Wait how do I do alleyverse. Where and tell me more please!
  10. What state are you in? I'm in Utah so I don't need to worry about that stuff (And I'm in Junior High.) When and where is it anyway???
  11. I'm going as Marasi for halloween and my cousin is going as Wayne. We're trick or treating together.
  12. When your favorite character list is long and only has one outside character By outside character I mean outside of the cosmere.