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  1. Ugh. Giant power outage. Lasting till 2 in the morning. So now I'm stuck in the dark. With candles. Its also been raining a lot. So what do I think? Weeping. Its the Storming Weeping.

  2. Im tired. But. Sad. And lonely. So what do I do? COSMERE BINGE!!!

    1. Truthless of Shinovar

      Truthless of Shinovar

      Like all good Sanderfans should:P

  3. Hah- I felt that. However I'm confuzeled about my eye rank. I have hazel eyes and they change color. Some days they look green and are light, somedays they look brown and are dark. Also- I was having a conversation with a boy at my table I have converted. He just finish oathbringer and I am working on finding him a mistborn book. We were discussing ships in Oathbringer, specifically Shalladin. (Shallan/Kaladin) He is a strong Shalladin Believer and so am I. Someone made a joke. (One of the others that I have converted, They are only on way of kings. But They have read mistborn.) He shouted. "SHALINAR!!!) (Shallan/dallinar) Though I realized it was a joke, we had almost all of the Sanderfans (Mostly the extraverted ones, but a couple of the quiet ones) Arguing and commenting on how wrong Shalinar is. Eventually it calmed down, and me and the first kind continued to talk about Shalladin Possibilities. (I can only imagine the what the one's I haven't converted might have been thinking about our loud argument. It was also during Science class and my teacher is almost always out of the room.) Eventually we actually got back to work and chatted about other cosmere things. (spoliers end of oathbringer.) Anyway. After that, one of the non-cosmere kids looks at us and says to me and that first kid: "I ship you two." Awkward. We were both embarrased and they commented " oooh you two are blushing it means its truuuue!" I mean... it doesn't... we were just flustered. But We just tried to ignore them. And we went back to conversations about how all of the eithgrade girls are being immodest with their hands, we talked about which foods we were sad we couldn't eat, and class ended. When half of your post has spell check yelling at you for cosmere words. Sorry for the massive post.
  4. When you can write your name in womens script and a male sanderfan asks what each letter is. I replied: "You can't know! You're a boy." we also had a conversation about what foods we are sad we don't get to eat. Also, when you have converted nearly half of your ALL classes. (Once I finish, my goal is to convert my english teacher who is very anti-fantasy)
  5. YKYASFW you are trying to sleep and thinking about if the house was on fire, what you would grab as you escape and the two things you think of are your phone and all of your sanderson books. Spesifically signed ones.
  6. Er... I don't know... I have only been on this site for a little while and it is kinda my first site with any kind of thread.
  7. Nooooooooooo!
  8. Is my computer failing again or have you guys disappeared for 9 days. Did a chasmfiend eat you?
  9. I read fast too, I just don't have money to get physical copies so I listen to it on audible so it takes a while.
  10. Ykyasfw you haven't started your cosmere reread before stormlight four, and you consider it as bad or worse than a missing assignment. (I'm kinda worried tho cuz i have no time to read anymore my mom doesn't let me read those particular books. She want's me to read school related books.)
  11. I realize it isn’t cosmetic but I have questions. Also I haven’t read starsight so even though my question doesn’t have spoiler potential I just want to be careful. I think it’s a silly question, but what color is the cadets pin and what color is the pilots pin. It mentions that they are different colors, but I can't remember which is which. Can you remind me?
  12. I wish I had been there! I really hope I can make it to the Rythym of War release party. Eek. Being my age I don't have controll over that
  13. I'm still in shock from the realease party. There were sooooo many Sanderfans!!!! It was beautiful. (there were about 1500 of us there.) It was kinda funny though because while waitning in line we would just jump into conversation with random people.
  14. Oh! Yeah, my dad did. I just took to long to notice it was there. So much excitement going on. My dad did though I got VIP seating and cool stuff. I'm so happy!