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  1. Ahhh makes more sense now thanks!
  2. Shadesmar wave pool!!!
  3. THAT WAS SO ME!!! I was at lagoon yesterday and I went on a ride thinking... kaladin gets to do stuff like this all the time!!!
  4. So my stepmom is OBSESSED with rocks. So we go geode hunting a LOT. Well, sometimes when you open them there is clay-mud-rock stuff in it. I couldn't stop calling the stuff crem.
  5. My brothers are mini-voidbringers. Also, we were talking about the phrase No big deal or NBD. Well it became SBD, between me and my dad. Storming big deal.
  6. wait? Parental controlls block 17th Shard! Storm it!
  7. SanderShelf? I need to build one! Also YKYASFW you write part of a school assignment in women's script and number all of your tests with glyph numerals
  8. when you accidentally make cosmere references in everday things
  9. When your computer glitches for a few days (its better now) and says nobody has said anything for four days. (Seriously I was stuck on page 256 for that time it said I was on the last page) I freak out and wonder what Odium, The Nightwatcher, or Ruin had done to all of you guys!
  10. Thank you!!!!
  11. Ok thanks!