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  1. Thanks for the answers, I always thought Ascension involved Shardic levels, not knowing there was a mid-tier Ascension. (I should read again Preservation's talk to Kelsier when TLR dies. )
  2. Hi everyone! Why does Rashek count as being Ascended if he never held the shard, or even a splinter of it? I'm not sure if in-world in mistborn era 2 they state Rashek Ascended, but the coppermind does talk about him being Ascended. Additionally, in Secret History, he could have lingered longer in the CR (because of this), but chose not to. Is the requirement for being Ascended holding enough raw investiture from a shard? I assume Dalinar Ascended because of his bond to the Stormfather, Honor's CS and splinter. If someone from Mistborn era 1 could have gotten hold of all atium, and burned it, would he have Ascended as well? (I ask this because if I recall correctly, God metals equal shardpools just in a different state of matter.)
  3. Thanks for the replies! I didn't know there was a WoB about this, and hopefully we can get an answer eventually about what happens to people killed by unsheathed Nightblood. With the Fused I think we know that shardblades don't destroy the souls, as opposed to what we have seen happens in Silence with the cognitive shadows there. And we do know weapons exist that can destroy cognitive shadows as Moash very gladly showed us.
  4. Hi all, I was thinking about how when someone dies in the cosmere, their souls passes to the CR and from there to the beyond. Does this mechanic apply to people who die by a shardblade? If I understand correctly shardblades sever souls, so, is this soul able to go to the CR and the beyond? Additionally, Nightblood functions differently, it (he?) consumes and destroys the investiture of one handling him unsheathed, and eventually consumes the life force (soul?) of the person and kills him. Is this soul also able to pass to the beyond? Thanks!
  5. The bad ones always have cookies! Here's the spider for proof :
  6. Thanks for the information! I'm relatively new to the WoB, and there's a lot of them. I always thought people just paid ultra good attention to details and just got information from that, but I see a lot of discussion/theories come from information gathered in different WoB. I know everything he canonizes in the Q&A´s will not be on the books (and this frustrates me a bit, because it seems a lot is explained outside of the books), but hopefully we will eventually see/know the story of all worldhoppers and what each was doing throughout the timeline of the cosmere. I definitively read too fast and just didn't catch this. My first read through is usually only a couple of days long and have no reread Oathbringer since hehe. Thank you all for answering my questions, you have been a great help and looking forward to being an active member of this community! Xavi P.S. I might be going off topic here, but do alpha and beta readers get access to more info than the average reader?
  7. Yeah I was going more to toward magics from.different planetary systems. He does? Since we've got confirmation of their identities in Stormlight I have been paying attention for this kind of thing from him or Vivienna. Is there something that gives it away as Elantrian? Always thought this was because of his corrupted spren. Totally forgot about this! But we still don't know from where/who it came
  8. Hi everyone! I had a question bugging me for a while. We know Hoid is invested from several systems i.e. lightweaving, sand manipulation, mistborn, foresight/fortune? (Or something similar as he knows he has to be somewhere if not exactly for what ) Have we seen in any book any instance of someone using magic from multiple systems? Thanks!