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  1. nightwatcher

    It's a good theory. However I think that in one of the WoB he refers to the nightwatcher as one of the bondspren. It would be cool if the bondsmith for her had to wish for the bond. However on the wishing for radiance part it's more complicated. I expect that one of the invigorators would have asked for it. However the nightwatcher doesn't grant any wish. She just takes the desires and then grants any wish or boon she thinks they deserve. So I guess that she simply didn't grant that kind of wish.
  2. I think that passage just meant that it was closest to the sky which was were they imagined honor was.
  3. I'm not stunning saying that the sibling was not the spren in the fabrial however I don't think that the sibling is the spren of urithiru. i.e. the manifestation of what people think of urithiru. A bondspren is the spren of a shard. To put it in reference, a shard is more powerful than a planet, more than a galaxy. If it weren't for the other shards they would be able to rule the entire universe with ease.
  4. I think people misunderstand what the sibling I don't think that it is the spren of urithiru as that spren would be strong but not nearly on the order of magnitude of the bondspren. So the sibling is either of odium or of some fusion of honor and cultivation. This means that it would have more perhaps the ability in the case of odium See the future Be able to take passion Or in case of the fusion Be some fusion of the two powers
  5. There is also the fact that he is trying to redeem himself. Not to anyone else but to himself by saving the world. If someone massacres thousands then saves billions are they then redeemed or are they vile and good at the same time. I think that because Dalinar was able to change her becomes a good man who had committed heignous crimes.
  6. If horneaters and herdezians can change form then what form is Lopen. I reckon that the forms couldn't handle The Lopen and so just kind of broke and against all logic or reason Lopen made his own kind of crazy form.
  7. It's safe to say that synthetic gemstones won't be available for a large amount of time and that the average person will not have piles of suffered soon. However the average person does have quite a few smaller gems. So having a fabrial that can be renued with stormlight is not so unreasonable. However assume it so. If so I reckon everyone will have heaters with rubies. They will have dishwashers that produce water with rain or river spren and then blow that around with wind spren. They'll have tumblerdryers with flame and wind spren. How do you reckon they will create trains? They'd need some kind of motion spren. I don't know if wind spren are that already.
  8. It's said that shardblades are modelled after honourblades however it seems that shardblades are just what happens when a cognitive shadow (spren) manifest fully in the physical realm. It is the same material as in Honorblades. Investiture made manifest. So that being true it seems less that the bond is modelled after the herald honor bond and more that it was just inspired. So if that's the case then why is it that shardblades form as swords.
  9. Who has the massive spiritual presence Dalinar? Gavilar?
  10. What's the OP
  11. Oh sorry I was thinking about perfect spheres as a unit.
  12. (SPOILERS) We learn in the chapter preview that Brandon just released that kaladin is trying to sneak into hearthstone, now singer controlled. So what do you think he is trying to do. I think he is trying to either free the town or to retrieve a radiant they found in hearthstone. Since he won't be trying to get his family out as
  13. It was heavily implied in the moments when he was trying to swear the ideal that it was to do with not saving people. I don't think it's do with letting others save him as he was able to do that. I think that it's to do with letting people die or not protecting some but it will have to include something of protecting those he can.
  14. We know that highstorm are a perpendicularity as a perpendicularity is any instance that allows for the travel of matter, energy or investiture between realms. So the Highstorms must be a perpendicularity but we only know that it allows for travel downward from the physical realm. So my question is do you think that there is any way for things namely people to travel between realms using a highstorm.
  15. That's strange since Ym's spren wasnt described as a reflection of a liquid or whatever, how truthwatcher spren were described.