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  1. The luck doesn't work all the time. at the midpoint of the story, have the main character rely on her luck to solve a problem, and have her fail utterly. Perhaps this trait could be tied in with a character arch. for the first half of the story, she could rely on her luck to solve problems. at the midpoint, her luck fails her when it matters most. So for the rest of the story, she is trying to solve problems without taking any chances. during the third act, she could be put in a situation where she must rely on her luck once more. She could go from a character who always trusts the roll of the dice since, more often than not, the odds come up in her favor, to a character who is terrified of relying on luck. In the end, she must come to terms with the fact that sometimes she must rely on chance. Just a thought (Edit) one of the most common and effective ways to take bad writing and making it work is to tie it in with the themes of the story. Shrek and One Punch Man are good examples of this. In Shrek, the protagonist is an oger who has lived a simple and lonely life and is suddenly forced out of it and into the world of fairy tale knights and princesses. so while crude humor is usually a big no-no in writing, it works for Shrek because of the crude humor ties into the story thematically. One Punch Man is about an overpowered superhero who can defeat any enemy, no matter how powerful with just one punch. while overpowered protagonists are usually bad writing, the show is great because it is more about the protagonist's inner conflict. the main character is bored with life because he does not have any challenges or obstacles that he can't easily solve with a single punch.
  2. Storm area 51 meme: Exists Sanderfans:
  3. I agree. Scadrian magic systems (specifically allowmancy) work better in this setting.
  4. Very interesting, but removing a small amount with an aluminum bowl I imagine would be different than filling the entire pool with aluminum. I don't think it works that way. An aluminum spike will remove powers and burning it makes all other metal reserves vanish. Aluminum doesn't seem to just resist investiture, but to actively negate it. Another question: Could aluminum be transported to the cognitive realm via a perpendicularity?
  5. What would happen if you were to fill a shardpool with aluminum?
  6. The Bands are so powerful because of nicrosil compounding.
  7. God: Exists Kelsier: Nobody: Sanderfans:
  8. If a person were invested enough, a shardblade would not be able to magically sever the soul from the body. however, it is still a large sword being swung at high velocity toward a human body no matter how invested they are, unless that investiture is being used to protect them. Which breath does not. So while a shardblade MIGHT not be able to kill Azure magically, I would hardly call her shardblade proof.
  9. He was created with 1,000 breaths, but that doesn't really tell us much, as nightblood is far more invested in oathbringer than in warbreaker
  10. Do you listen to Welcome to Nightvale?

  11. Nobody: Ham: