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  1. Expanding on this idea, what if the entirety of the cosmere were to transfer to the cognitive realm. all matter, energy, and investiture. Would the physical and cognitive realm become one and the same? Would there be no more physical realm since there is nothing there? Would that mean that there is no more cognitive realm as well since there are no physical objects to manifest? how would this affect the spiritual realm?
  2. How would objects such as the sun, moon(s), and other stars be viewed in Shadesmar? The cognitive realm has an unusual sun-like thing, but this seems more like a uniform thing across the entire realm rather than a perception of something. (then again, maybe every planet in the cosmere has a similar perception of their solar system's star.) Also, there seem to be no moons in shadesmar and I doubt that the sun would show up differently than the moons. Are there just random spheres hanging out in the space between planets? Or would they be landmasses? Extra big spheres maybe?
  3. There are a few problems with this. First, as has been mentioned, He cannot hurt ANYBODY. That includes voidbringers. Secondly, as far as I know, Hoid does not have a method by which to "pop into shadesmar" at will. At least not before the end of Oathbringer. In SH and Elantris he uses a perpendicularity to transfer between realms. Third and most importantly, It would not align with his goals. Hoid has gone to great lengths to avoid odium's attention. Just coming to Roshar in the first place was a huge risk. He hates Rayse and would love to end his plans, but if it gets in the way of his goals, he will not take action.
  4. Several reasons 1) He is physically incapable of harming others. 2) He may be powerful, but shards are nearly omnipotent. If he started taking serious action against odium, he would draw his attention, which is exactly what he is trying to avoid. 3) It may not align with his goals. as Hoid himself has stated, he will watch the world burn in order to achieve them, albeit with tears in his eyes. 4) For all we know he has been taking steps to counter Odium. We have seen very little of him throughout the series, and his intent as well as his actions have been kept mysterious. I don't think it's fair to say that he has done almost nothing to stop Odium because we do not have all of the facts.
  5. Alcatraz:
  6. Oathbringer: BoM
  7. edit: @FictionSpren2019 Could you please stop with the plagiarism
  8. If you find it offensive, I'll edit it out.
  9. The problem with this post and Kaz's list in general is that tall people are objectively superior to short people.
  10. "Crem" can be used as a replacement in most circumstances.
  11. What about people who have poor eyesight, but are not necessarily blind? If there is an effect, does it change whether the subject is nearsighted or farsighted? what about colorblindness?
  12. I don't think that aluminum simply "resists" investiture, but actively negates it.