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  1. I suppose you could say it's the third element of makeup in the Cosmere. In our universe, there are two elements of makeup: matter and energy. Investiture "came from" Adonolsium. or rather, Adonolsium was all of the investiture in the Cosmere. when he was shattered, the sixteen individuals who killed him took up the investiture for themselves. (I am no expert so I could be getting some of this stuff wrong) here is the coppermind page for investiture:
  2. Please post your unpopular opinions of Brandon Sanderson's books here. Please try not to get into debates. Mistborn era 2 is better than era 1. Jasnah is overpowered and unintirestingly perfect. she is to good at everything, and has no flaws at all. This makes her boring.
  3. Mistborn is far superior to Stormlight Archive.
  4. Captain Marvel was fine. I'd put it on the same level as The First Avenger. there were some great performances and some funny moments. but overall, the movie felt flat to me. Brie Larson's performance as Carol Danvers felt completely devoid of emotion and has an utter lack of character development. which is strange considering the action sequences and fight scenes were confusing, usually being too dark and/or dusty to tell what was happening, and the cinematography was bad. For example, The CGI wasn't very good, and there were some utterly atrocious greenscreen moments, but Marvel isn't exactly known for their amazing special effects, so that didn't really matter to me. Samuel L Jackson did a great performance as nick fury, but the story itself kind of butchers his character. I had many more issues with the movie, and only have time to write about these few. However, I still found the movie fairly enjoyable. Although admittedly, when I was watching the film it felt more like I was watching a really good, high budget fan film than anything else.
  5. What if... Breeze is a worldhopper! "X-Files theme plays"
  6. Not necessarily. it is entirely possible, even extremely likely that someone would give their breath to there children while on their deathbed. everybody in the world could stop giving their breaths up, and all the drabs could magically get their breath back, and there would still be plenty of awakeners. The lifeless have SOME level of self-awareness. The sentience that they have is more of a memory of being alive than actually being living and feeling. they can't feel pain, nor do they care about the fact that they are slaves or even their own death. I fail to see what's wrong with making them slaves. I'm sorry, but I can't get around the idea that you think awakening is worse than hemalargy. First of all, you claim that it requires very few people. this is true for the inquisitors. but what about the Koloss, or even the Kandra. there are several armies of thousands of Koloss, and each one involves killing four people and turning one living, breathing, thinking human into a monstrosity against their will, that wants nothing more than to kill and destroy. there are several hundred Kandra, and each one has two spikes. Secondly, hemalurgy involves directly, brutally killing people, ripping their souls out against their will, and stabbing someone else with the very same spike you used to brutally kill someone else. which do you think sounds worse: a large group of people willingly weakening their immune system so that they can feed their families, in the process creating a non-sentient, yet efficient working class and army to protect your nation. Or brutely murdering hundreds of thousands of people, ripping out parts of their soul against there will, and then using that to create an army of monstrosities who want nothing more than to free themselves so that they can kill and destroy as much as they can?
  7. I'm pretty sure that the only reason the cognitive realm is able to be used for worldhopping is that no one in the cosmere so far has any concept of space, or the sheer vastness of the universe. So, in the cognitive realm, the worlds are not that far apart. Is it possible that in the future, with a proper understanding of the distance between worlds, the cognitive realm could change to match the way people think of the cosmere?
  8. Yes, but he also claims that he has experienced a world without gravity, which implies that he actually succeeds later on. you have to keep in mind that Alcatraz is not in full control of his talent. Remember that Alcatraz the first broke time itself.
  9. Hoid is not The Doctor. The Doctor is Hoid.
  10. Please don't use his name in vain.
  11. That is absolutely adorable. You know you're a Sanderfan when you have to write a review for an autobiography for English class, and you submit a review of Alcatraz vs The Evil Librarians.
  12. just found this WOB Questioner [PENDING REVIEW] Back to Stormlight. Is there significance to the color of moons? Brandon Sanderson [PENDING REVIEW] Yes, there is a significance to the colors of the moons in Stormlight, but it is not a major player in theories. There is a significance, but it's not, like, one of these things that you're going to read book seven and be like "The colors of the moons! It was there all along!" Sometimes, I put stuff like that in, right? It's not like that. Oathbringer Glasgow signing (Dec. 2, 2017)
  13. The ending of the Mistborn trilogy was absolutely amazing. I did not see it coming at all, despite the fact that all of the signs clearly point to Sazed being the Hero of Ages. However, I was recently listening to the series on audible, and while I think Michael Kramer, for the most part, does a good job with the series, the first thing that stood out to me on the third book was that he simply used Sazed's Voice at the introduction to each chapter. You can clearly hear Sazed claiming to be the Hero of Ages at the beginning, and you can clearly tell that it is him throughout the entire book. Am I the only one who feels as though this kind of ruins the amazing ending?
  14. I think that you could say that all things that exist are already broken. A table is a broken tree, glass is a material forged from thousands of broken grains of rock, and ultimately, the entire universe is made up of material from long-dead (broken) supernovas. so yes, I would say that Alcatraz can break objects that are already broken.
  15. Alcatraz does have a tendency to break indestructible swords.