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  1. What?
  2. where did you get the information that exactly three magic systems exist on each planet?
  3. yes, but a thousand years of interbreeding has virtually wiped out all differences between Skaa and Nobles. Aside from that, Kelsier does not believe that the Skaa are any different physiologically from the Nobles.
  4. This is an inaccuracy I have been noticing more and more lately. I have read many posts accusing Kelsier of being racist. This is simply untrue. He has prejudices based off of social class and privilege rather than race. His prejudice is not unfounded either considering how the nobles have treated the Skaa for a thousand years.
  5. Kelsier is not racist. He has prejudices based off social class, not race.
  6. They is not a library
  7. You think we don't know that?
  8. What? No! As you can see from my name, I am most certainly not a librarian!
  9. I am a fish
  10. I too quite like that theory. My only problem with it is that it doesn't explain why Vo was able to have a child.
  11. Easy. li·brar·y /ˈlīˌbrerē,ˈlīb(ə)rē/ noun a building or room containing collections of books, periodicals, and sometimes films and recorded music for people to read or borrow that is not the royal archives. "a school library" a collection of books and periodicals held in a library and not in the royal archives. "the Institute houses an outstanding library of 35,000 volumes on the fine arts" something that is not the royal archives.
  12. Sorry if this theory is already out there, but if it is, then I have not found it. The Returned, excluding The God King, supposedly cannot have children. We know from the annotations that not only is this actually possible, but that Susebron's priests know the secret to it. While reading Warbreaker, it occurred to me that if a Returned was incapable of bearing children, that must mean that this Returned did not want to have children in the first place! Seeing as how the Returned have a subconscious control over their physical bodies. But why would none of the returned want children? And then it dawned on me. The Hallendren, keep their gods constantly living in luxury and encourage laziness among them. To a people who enjoy such an idle life, wouldn't a body that is physically incapable of bearing children be the ideal from their point of view? It also probably helps that everybody assumes that the Returned cannot bear children. everybody says that gods can’t have children, so the Returned unconsciously sculpt their bodies so that they cannot. So, according to this theory, everybody in the court of gods is being kept idle, and being told that they are incapable of bearing children, so they unconsciously make themselves incapable of having children. Everybody except one person. One god is being told from a very young age that he must produce an heir, and being told that he is the only god who can bear children. The god king is supposedly the only Returned who is capable of having children, well maybe that is precisely the reason why the god king is the only one who is capable. This also explains why Vo, the first returned was able to have children. There would have been no expectation for him not to, and no system set in place to keep him lazy and not thinking about children.
  13. Librarian propaganda! do you really want to trust the definition found in dictionaries written by the librarians?
  14. What? NO! *starts sweating*
  15. Syrup and whipped cream!