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  1. I don't think that living in the Cosmere would change anybody's mind. everybody already understands that there are plenty of real false religions out there, and that doesn't change our religious beliefs. I disagree. If you lived in T'Tlier, you would have a different view on divinity than what you currently have, and you would not see fallibility as a problem for a god. as for myself, the only known being that I would, if not worship, support as God is Harmony. From what I've seen, he is the only one of these gods that I feel is worthy of worship. Not because he is perfect or infallible, but because he is trying his hardest to be the best divinity that he can be. which is something I don't really see with any other "god" in the Cosmere. I would, however, probably believe in a power higher than the shards. I would only truly worship the God Beyond because that is more in line with my current religious beliefs.
  2. I don't know if I would necessarily call these religions "False". I think that it is subjective whether or not these beings are actually gods. take the shards for example. They may not fit the definition of gods by most modern religions, however, they would most certainly be divine according to the ancient greeks. The Returned are beings who come back from the dead with seemingly divine power, heal unhealable wounds and diseases, foretell the future, and sacrifice themselves for the betterment of the world. They do many of the same things that Christians worship Jesus Christ for. I don't think that just because we know the mechanics of Godhood necessarily means that it is no longer Godhood. This is one of my favorite things about Brandon's writing. He doesn't specifically say whether or not any one side of any argument is true, but leaves it up to interpretation. You can interpret these beings as gods and believe in the religions, you can interpret these beings as simply powerful entities that have no inherent divinity and there is no god in the Cosmere, or you can believe that there is some kind of true divinity that we don't know about, but must have faith in.
  3. I doubt we will even truly understand it then. The SR seems like the type of thing that is beyond a mortals comprehension. we might learn some of the mechanics, but I don't think we will ever have a true understanding.
  4. When people ask how I can read three Stormlight Archive books in one week
  5. The Spiritual realm is... difficult to understand. I've always thought of the SR as the base of existence. It is what a person or object inherently IS that exists in the spiritual realm, while the cognitive realm contains the perceptions of people and objects. The Physical realm is where the people and objects are. I know that's confusing, but this is kind of a deep subject and, not one we know much about. SH Spoiler
  6. Not all metal inside a person is a hemalurgic spike. And aside from that, the reason hemalurgic spikes are more difficult to effect is due to the fact that they are invested. It is a known fact that the reason metal is more difficult to effect with allowmancy when it's inside a body is due to the investiture in a person as per the WoB Snipex posted above
  7. Drabs are still invested, they are just not quite as invested as most people, so it would be easier to push/pull on metals inside a drabs body. But it would still probably be basically impossible or at least extremely difficult for the average Allowmancer.
  8. I don't think that Kelsier would really care about Sazed having control over him. He knows Sazed to well for that.
  9. That is, of course, assuming that the Beyond does actually exist and there is a real afterlife in the cosmere.
  10. Is it just me, or is this debate going absolutely nowhere?
  11. Except a fullborn could fill an ironmind to essentially get rid of almost all his/her weight. Except a Fullborn like the lord ruler has been compounding for a thousand years. as seen in BoM, a fullborn's metalminds have the power equivalent to mist-burning. I doubt that the surge of division even fueled directly by a shard would be enough to reduce a Fullborn to nothing. Even if it did have an effect, compounded health could take care of any damage. I don't think that we really know enough to say that soulcasting even directly fueled by honor would be enough to soulcast something like the bands of mourning.
  12. could you please explain further? As seen in BoM, Fullborns can access Mist burning levels of power as well.
  13. PREACH IT!!!