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  1. I'm honestly not a fan of this arc. I absolutely love Ashoka, but the new characters are frankly unlikable and dumb. Trace acts like a street-wise hyper competent pilot, but is in reality as sub par pilot who flies into restricted airspace and dumps a spice shipment into hyperspace for no reason whatsoever. Rafa is even worse in my opinion. At least Trace tries to be a good person, but Rafa is constantly spouting that "family has to stick together. Only sisters can trust each-other" as if her relationship with trace is anything other than parasitical. She relies on her younger sister to pay off her debt and regularly gets Trace into trouble, yet she still has the audacity to act like the smarter and more mature older sibling. On top of that, she never gets called out on it (except for one line by Ashoka). Just about every conflict in this arc is a direct result of one or both of the sister's incompetence, and it feels like Ashoka is just babysitting them most of the time. Obviously, it's The Clone Wars, and It's still good, but the slower pacing along with the annoying characters drags this arc down, especially since this is the final season which will only contain twelve episodes. It just feels like wasted space, even if it isn't bad.
  2. I don't think the problem is that there isn't enough action. I actually like the idea of a character driven story. My problem is that there is too much emphasis being put on two characters who I don't really care about. The story so far doesn't really feel like it's about Ahsoka, which is weird because the last time we saw her she left the Jedi order! Her emotions should be all over the place now, but it's not being explored like it should.
  3. In celebration of finally finishing The Wheel of Time, here are some WoT memes:
  4. I am shocked that no one has made the obligatory stick joke yet.
  5. Lopen 2020
  6. Let me put it this way, here is the opening crawl for A New Hope: And Here is the opening crawl for The Phantom Menace: I don't think the movie itself is as bad as Attack of the Clones is, but it's also a lot more dull and has a lot less going for it. Star Wars is supposed to be epic, and The Phantom Menace just ends up falling short in almost every regard.
  7. The prequels are definitely bad movies, yet they can still be very enjoyable if you are willing to look past their flaws. The Phantom Menace isn't that bad. Mostly, I think it was just a huge disappointment for star wars fans more than anything. Revenge of the Sith is actually pretty good, at least until Anakin went from "I'll never join the dark side" to "Ima murder some children" in about thirty seconds. Attack of the Clones however... Oh scud! The Obi-wan plot-line is actually really good, but it gets overshadowed by the atrocity that is the Anakin/Padme plot-line. First of all, Hayden Christensen is not a good actor in this movie, secondly, the script is about as terrible as is physically possible. The romance is one of the hardest things to watch in all of cinema. I mean, Anakin just seems like such a creep! And don't even get me started on Anakin's relationship with sand!! Watching The Clone Wars definitely helps make the prequel trilogy become more enjoyable. Honestly, that show is everything that the movies should have been.
  8. Star Wars fans can't enjoy Star Wars Memes?
  9. The prequels are by far the best thing ever to happen to Star Wars. Why? Because of the memes.
  10. Expanding on this idea, what if the entirety of the cosmere were to transfer to the cognitive realm. all matter, energy, and investiture. Would the physical and cognitive realm become one and the same? Would there be no more physical realm since there is nothing there? Would that mean that there is no more cognitive realm as well since there are no physical objects to manifest? how would this affect the spiritual realm?
  11. How would objects such as the sun, moon(s), and other stars be viewed in Shadesmar? The cognitive realm has an unusual sun-like thing, but this seems more like a uniform thing across the entire realm rather than a perception of something. (then again, maybe every planet in the cosmere has a similar perception of their solar system's star.) Also, there seem to be no moons in shadesmar and I doubt that the sun would show up differently than the moons. Are there just random spheres hanging out in the space between planets? Or would they be landmasses? Extra big spheres maybe?
  12. There are a few problems with this. First, as has been mentioned, He cannot hurt ANYBODY. That includes voidbringers. Secondly, as far as I know, Hoid does not have a method by which to "pop into shadesmar" at will. At least not before the end of Oathbringer. In SH and Elantris he uses a perpendicularity to transfer between realms. Third and most importantly, It would not align with his goals. Hoid has gone to great lengths to avoid odium's attention. Just coming to Roshar in the first place was a huge risk. He hates Rayse and would love to end his plans, but if it gets in the way of his goals, he will not take action.