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  1. game

    Might as well as try those two. Conventical Of Seran and Luthadel. @Rhapsody
  2. game

    I think that the Pits Of Eltania are the most likely right now. Not only is its name related to the underground, it is literally underground and a bigger focus in its book than pure lake was. @Scion of the Mists @luckat @DoomStick
  3. game

    I don’t want to lose our turn. Jah Keved. I think that we should try for one of our other guesses as well. Might as well try Luthadel right? @Rhapsody
  4. game

    Ok, so I think that we all agree with, Tranquiline Halls. Jah Keved seems like a likely guess as well. I’ll leave that up to you guys though. @Rhapsody
  5. game

    Well, those are good guesses. I could only think of one other thing, The Conventional of Seran. I think it is a bit of a stretch, but it is a depression in the ground that is inside an ancient fortress. Other than that wild guess, the other three sound good to me.
  6. game

    I will also join. This time, victory will be mine! *Rolls a critical fail* . . . Next time!
  7. "Thank you sir! Is there a traveling fee or a free trip?" Teksa looked in the direction the man was pointing, which was out into the harbor. A big glorious boat appeared over the horizon, coming ever closer to the docks. Teksa felt his heart bounce and a smile touch his face. The time for him to leave was getting closer and closer, he just couldn't believe it! What was he going to find out there? He did a quick check up on his bags to be sure that he had everything. A couple of warm comfortable blankets, loads of chalk, books for reading (a few are dedicated to investure and how it works), clothes, rations, waterskins, a small sum of spheres, and a knife. You can never be too careful right? All of his belongings are stuffed into two bags that he keeps very close to his person, wouldn't want someone stealing one of his bags after all. But why should he carry them himself? Teksa grabs one of the many pieces of chalk in one of the bags and starts drawing a very large and detailed man on the ground. It only takes him five minutes to finish and he looks proud of himself when he looks at his handy work. He suddenly looks extremely focused on the drawing, which starts pulling itself from the ground. The Chalkstruct stands at six feet tall and wears an overcoat and fedora. It kind of looks like Teksa, except it, looks way more handsome, with very pronounced muscles. Without a single word spoken or action taken from Teksa, it takes the bags proffered by his arms.
  8. game

    I agree, I just wanted to offer every option. I even had a third one, though I cut it out because it was the biggest stretch ever!
  9. game

    The shadow clue, which I also think is incomplete, might be referring to one of two things; in order of the most likely. First, Marsh who lived in the shadows for his entire life. He is the most probable. Second, Tekial Tower is in the shadow of of Ironspire and is tall enough to be obscured by the mists.
  10. A scarred faced man walked in time to hear about a raid. He went to the bar and got a fresh glass of lemonade and cake. He then sat across from his possible employer. He ate his cake slowly, savoring every bit of flavor. He then turned his attention back towards the man and asked him, “What kind of raid is this, when does it start, and how long will it take? I plan on leaving for the other side of the world soon, but would like some extra coinage.” @Dr. Dapper
  11. game

    I have to agree with the current guesses and think you should also just go for Michael.
  12. “Uhhh, yes I am.” Teksa said. He looked around like he was trying to see if anyone else was watching or listening, then said, “Who are you and why interested about me being interested in the other side of the world?” @xinoehp512
  13. Teksa looked up over not expecting to hear from anyone else. He walked over to the stranger when the girl didn’t respond to him. “What do you want?” He asked cautiously.
  14. “Why thank you, I’ll have to get another before I leave.” Teksa said to the fisherman. He took the piece of paper and read it. He didn’t know if he had any extra time though. He really wanted another fortune cookie. “I guess I’ll have to ask someone.” He sighed. Teksa looked around, but the only other people here were the fisherman and the lady still reading her deck of cards. He stood up and walked over to the girl and asked her, “Do you know when the next ship to the other side of the world leaves?” @Sorana
  15. Teksa looked at the fisherman and nodded his head in agreement. He then grabbed his basket of baked goods and put it between them. “You want some?” he asked the fisherman. @Silva