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  1. Actually, as much as I want to RP a psychologist for the Alleyverse, I think that I'm going to wait. I want to try out one character first, then maybe add him later.
  2. You bring up some fair points. Ok, here’s the plan, Stan has ONLY seven aspects, he can’t get more because of the reality transfer did something to his head and the others he had were left on Earth. This helps keep the number of possible aspects to a manageable amount. I will come up with the list of aspects and their skills tomorrow. And if possible, I would like to make him a First Ideal Lightweaver.
  3. I put the number he could handle in the weakness, section. I said he could handle seven different aspects before he starts getting a constant migraine, which only increases at an exponential rate. So where do I find the index, then I will definitely do what you ask. I almost want to give him Lightweaving to make his aspects real and I think it would really fit with his character. Another fake friend that helps him out, a cryptic spren, and the ability to make illusions. It would just be perfect. what do you think @Archer ?
  4. This is my second and last character for era 3. The weaknesses should outweigh the skills I gave him, but you never know what this sort of character could do.
  5. I only changed two things that are related to the chalkstructs. First, I doubled how many chalkstructs he could control at once (ten) and made it so he could "renew" his chalkstructs if he spends five minutes completely focusing on one at a time. Other than that I kept everything the same. Last thing, I feel Teksa would be most at home at TUBA, so when he is all done, i'll post my vows in the TUBA guild thread.
  6. Ah man, I’m out of chromium! With my current status of luck, I’m gonna be that one guy that’s a pinch hitter. Do like cookies? I stole a couple from those guys in the Alleyverse. Totally not a bribe by the way.
  7. @Voidus If it’s bellow the average power level, can I pull back on some of the weaknesses? I want him to be able to fight evil, you know?
  8. @Voidus @Archer How's this? 1 - Power The chalklings can lift up to 4 times what Teksa can lift, but it depends on how much effort and time he puts into the drawing. Teksa is a little above average, but definitely not a power lifter (I will figure out the exact numbers later.). He can also only control as much chalk as he can lift and only do two different things with them at once, such as draw a circle and a line of vigor. 2 - Range He has to be within 5 feet to awaken one of his drawings. The chalkstructs have to be within 100 feet of him and they only stay around for up to 6 hours (This number could probably be shortened to 3). 3 - Limitations He has semi full control, think of Melody from the Rithmatist. He can control about 5 chalkstructs at once. 4 - Weakness He feels like he has been given these powers for a reason and will drop whatever is happening to save an innocent. He will also hunt something he sees as evil till the end of time, no matter where it leads him. "With great power comes great responsibility." sort of thing. He also believes that he is above most people and tends to underestimate opponents, though he gives everything he does his all.
  9. @Archer Yeah it’s for era 3 and I’ll think about some more non epic and more character flawy weaknesses. @Ark1002 I’m glad I’m not the only one!
  10. .This is my rough draft and sorry about the huge history portion, I wrote that then looked at other people's characters. I can't wait to see what you guys think! Go ahead and tear him to pieces, I want to make the best character I can. Name: Teksa Matfen Sex: Male Age: 23 Birthplace: Earth (Rithmatist), in the United Isles of America. Family: Philip (Father whom Teksa is extremely angry at), Threta (Mother who imigrated from JoSeun), William (Oldest brother who told him stories about rithmatists and their duels), Sarah (Older sister who teased Teksa far too much), Ashley (Older sister that ignored Teksa most of the time), and Senfa (Older sister that Teksa got along with best). Appearance: 5’ 09”, bright red hair and deep green eyes, almost emerald. Decent build, not overly muscular but not skinny. Parts of his face, left arm, chest, and left leg are all scarred from acid burns. Investiture: Rithmatist (Melody Level Ability) and Epic Power : Primary - Can bring his drawings to life (They look exactly as how he has drawn them, including colors.), Secondary - He can control non investured chalk, which he uses along with his Rithmatic abilities. Skills and special equipment: He has a lot of chalk on him and carries pen and papers. He also has a knife and a classic six round revolver, think old western. He has a high intelligence and is good at infiltrating buildings. Weakness: His weakness is acid. If he sees acid his epic powers immediately shut down (Although his drawings that he has already brought to life stay alive, he calls them chalkstructs.) and he gets physically sick. Biography: Teksa was born in the United Isles of America to a normal family of two parents and four siblings, where he is the youngest. When he went to school, his teachers immediately saw his intelligence and he was pushed to the front of his class. When he reached the age of eight, he went to a Church of the Monarch and went to the Inception ceremony. He saw and received the power of a shadowblaze and became a rithmatist. He went to the Valendar Academy, where he would once again be considered the great intellectual of his class, however, there was a boy who was better than him at rithmatics. Teksa starts to push himself harder and harder to beat him and even gets lax in his other studies. He greatly improves, but never surpasses his "nemesis", Jake Stonthem. He ends up graduating at the age of eighteen and heads to the Tower of Nebraska for is two years of service. The second day after he arrived, there was a big wave of wild chalklings that broke through the circle and invaded the camp. Teksa was fighting off as many chalklings as he could, but he saw Jake fall and get covered by the creatures. Suddenly, he loses control of his emotions and rushes over to Jake. He is able to pull Jake out and behind friendly lines. However, chalkilings start rushing all over his body and one of the nearby soldiers freak out. The soldier throws acid at him, staving off the chalklings, but also burning Teksa. He is in pain for several weeks and is sent home. He never stops practicing and in fact reaches new bounds when it comes to chalklings. He gets to the point where he doesn't need to give commands to them, they just do what he says. After one year of hiding his newfound power, his father finds out about this and has a panic attack, Teksa is now on the run from the authorities. He has spent a year dodging the army, but is finally almost caught. He is on a cliff and his only option is to jump, which he does. He doesn't hit the water, however, and finds himself alone on the ground. He looks up in the sky and sees a bright red light, which shines ever so brightly for half a second. Suddenly, Teksa's vision goes black. He wakes up and finds himself in a settlement run by an epic. He stays there for three years and learns to use his new powers. Eventually, he meets another world hopper that teaches him the different ways to get between worlds. The kind old world hopper send Teksa to Alleyverse, to grow and learn. Guild: Not Decided as of yet. Personality: Reserved to most people, but if you become a friend, he is very protective.
  11. Hi, I have an idea for a epic rithmatist, but have no idea where to begin. Like, how do I score my character’s power level and where do I go to start rping. Any help is appreciated. I hope that I can make the Alleyverse just a little more interesting.
  12. I’ll have to check that out, that sounds like tons of fun!
  13. I know that I am new, well very new, but I have watched a couple of games and would like to try my hand in the ring. Svarin the Rogue, your doom and destruction! Mwhahahahaha!!! You know, if I get in.
  14. The dust settled down after the two shots were fired. The people looked on curiously, but with caution. The sun tipped down slightly from its noon day throne. A man lay dead in the dust, blood oozing from his body. The other duelist picked up his hat off the ground, looked at the two new holes, and then placed it on his head. He lifts up and says, ”I’m so glad for the warm welcome to your little town, I plan to stay here for a while. Oh, and my name is Mr Mafia.” I couldn’t think of anything to say, so I deceived to introduce my self with a little narrative. I can’t wait to make friends with you guys and the get backstabbed! (I’m planning on joining the Sanderson Elimination, which I have been watching.)