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  1. If unfortunate real world talents were translated into Smedry talents, mine would have to be accidentally hurting myself while doing the dumbest things, especially in situations when one would think that it would be impossible to get injured. With the extreme escalation of effects in Smedry talents, I'm not sure how long I would last, but I would definitely go out gloriously. Edit: Oops, I just realized the post directly above mine is along the same lines. We should be friends!
  2. I can't agree with this more. His internal conflict about belief was so well written. It was never too over the top, but still expressed strong emotion as he struggled with himself. And the irony of him bringing so many religions to others, and yet not having one of his own! Just beautiful.
  3. I'm super excited about reading Shadows of Self because I really like Wax and Wayne and their dynamic, but I've also heard great things about Warbreaker. The next book I read will most likely be whichever one I see first!
  4. Unfortunately, I overestimated my capacity to experience the greatness that is Brandon's writing, and I was not able to meet my goal. My favorite character has to be Lopen. In my opinion, he's the best king Alethkar ever saw.
  5. I just joined and already I'm loving it. I've read mistborn era 1, SA, and alloy of law, but I hope to be done with the rest within the next 5 minutes or so.