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  1. I have a suspicion that the killing of Adonalsium might not be what it sounds like. Maybe they were a willing participant in what happened. A possible foreshadowing of a possibly repeating theme in the Cosmere.
  2. You should do a blog! It’ll be like the youtube videos of people reacting to watching movies they haven’t seen yet
  3. I’m wondering what’s going to happen with Vyre. It seems like there is destined to be a confrontation between he and Kaladin, probably many. Are they turning him into a new supervillain like Amaram? The way Khen and the other parshmen “wanted to be near him” reminded me of the bridgemen’s devotion to Kaladin. Is he taking over from Jezrien in some way, being that he killed him (or trapped him...?) and he has Jez’s Honorblade. Anyway I’m rambling a bit. What do you think Vyre’s role or purpose will be?
  4. If Azure had gone with our heroes back to Urithiru, she would have found “Vasher”, the previous owner of the weapon she’s looking for; and in Thalen City she would have found Szeth
  5. Odium is defeated by the Care Bear Stare
  6. I just realized that the title of each of Brandon's Stormlight books is named after a book relevant in the story. Way of Kings, Words of Radiance, Oathbringer.
  7. Kaladin actually claims responsibility for too much, carrying the weight of everyone who dies and dwelling on his perceived failures. There's a bit of a Moash - Dalinar - Kaladin continuum there.
  8. I noticed recently that Kaladin has a "lighteyes name", and the lighteyes only have their position because of their similarity to the Radiants, while Moash has an ancient Singer's name... interesting. I also noticed (in re-reading Oathbringer) that Moash has a voice in his head saying "it's not your fault", and he embraces that idea, while Dalinar at the Battle of Thaylen Field accepts responsibility for what he did, and is thus able to escape Odium's control. Moash goes further down the revenge path, Kaladin (through the first two books at least) goes through a large transformation around his own feelings of vengeance, choosing to protect instead. It's like holding on to your own ego and what it wants, vs. choosing humility and acceptance
  9. I would say that he doesn't care one whit about the Parshmen, but he sees them as a tool that can change things. Maybe there needs to be a Dalinar / Radiants among the Sons of Honor (aka humans) for him to be able to win the contest to escape? Probably the Fused are angry and insane and that makes them vulnerable to his influence. Plus there's the unmade like the Thrill that he's probably leveraging to move things... Did he create the Unmade? Everyone says they're "of Him". Anyway I'm getting on tangents.
  10. So Soulcasters gradually turn into smoke or rock or whatever they work with; do Elsecallers ever do that? Would the Stormlight-healing undo that...? It might not be considered an "injury", because it's a transformation from one thing into another....
  11. Maybe everyone else but me realized this as soon as the book came out...
  12. ...because he's not ready to accept that there are some people he can't save. He keeps trying to save everyone, it's deep down in his personality that he has failed every time he couldn't save someone, as if he killed them himself. Maybe he kills himself a little inside every time he loses someone. (and I just had the thought that Gavinor and Oroden (Kaladin's new little brother) are gonna be best buds. Just sayin.)
  13. I'm now on my third trip through the Stormlight books, I realized that on the night of Gavilar's assassination, at the party, Szeth walks by an old man he thinks is drunk... But it's actually Jezrien himself!!!!!!! He says the same thing at the end of Oathbringer before Moash kills him. An Easter-egg across 3 books... nice
  14. It's like... oh, he wanted to be a Radiant so he just bonded the storming STORMFATHER, that's all, and he just learned how to RECHARGE SPHERES BY HIMSELF, no big deal.... I noticed that too, on my second re-reading of the series, I thought that can't be just a coincidence. I think maybe Dalinar isn't fully aware of the full meaning of what he said.... If not a being called Unity, maybe that's referring to Honor's Perpendicularity in some way...? Also I think Shallan is going to learn how to make her Lightweavings become permanent beings that exist on their own -- totally different topic...
  15. Cool!! So, like, both....?