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  1. She would bake her some cookies using her secret recipe.
  2. I shall rule the world!!! The chasmfiend shall be our national bird!
  3. Nah, tis me.
  4. Due to the fact that it is I who is the current and forever winner of this thread.
  5. Ark, you’re an awesome person. I can say with certainty that I definitely don’t hate you- you are extremely clever, a great writer, hilarious, and can be incredibly kind. I love our kinda arch nemesis upvote thing we occasionally have, it always makes my day. Seriously dude, sometimes it’s ridiculous how many you can get in a week. I get a bit jealous sometimes Just know that even when things seem really bad, they oftentimes are way better than they seem.
  6. Yeah, the characters and plot get waaaaay better.
  7. I’m not Ene but my biggest problem is that his descriptions, while sometimes great, could be way too long and talking about unnecessary or boring things. I liked the story but it was hard to keep reading when he spent pages and pages describing a camp without having any action, dialogue, or progression of the story. That’s part of the reason I’m so excited for the show.
  8. Poor Fall never had a chance...
  9. *black hole appears*
  10. Are you a spambot?

  11. “Semicolons? Ok, I think I have a few.” Luna threw some semicolons at the AI. — — ; — — ; — — ;
  12. Here’s my character (note, this is for fun and not too serious ): Name- NnskjidjakkjJjskJjHhoao/)$:&-&-;” (His name was originally Bob but he changed it to make it harder to spell and impossible to pronounce) Profession- Optolomoagicalpapidarlitarian (Career he invented, means Professional Evil-Doer) Powers- He can vaporize things at will. Backstory- He’s just a generally evil dude. He took over the world because of his ability to vaporize literally everything. He once got bored, so he vaporized all existing bathrooms and plumbing, causing a worldwide sanitation crisis. If someone in his presence blinks in the incorrect sequence he vaporizes them. The sequence changes every three minutes and he never tells anyone what it is. Some of his hobbies are spoiling books, eating cake in front of others and refusing to share, locking people out of their devices, and releasing locusts into the the wild.
  13. Luna noted that the AI appeared to have some... issues.
  14. first verse

    “If he really didn’t want to hurt me, why did he bring me here? There’s no guarantee that he’ll be able to keep me save from the other Tühine officials and guards here. What if some more important Tühine notices that I’m here and decides to get rid of a nuisance? They probably have other Ta’e’lioans with a Probability Instinct to test on. I’m worthless to the rest of them, apart from being an easy target to enact revenge upon Cahaya on.” She lifted her head and turned to face Sagitta. ”And I find no peace in the fact that I’m here. I may not have any physical restraints, by I’m constricted with with a different sort of chains. I am forced to help my enemies in contributing to their research. They will force me to help them learn how to better kill innocent Cahayans. Real chains would be far more preferable.” The entire time she was speaking she kept her voice at a level barely above a whisper. She didn’t want to anger any of the nearby guards. She couldn’t afford to let them know how incredibly dissatisfied with her situation she was, so they wouldn’t suspect her to escape.
  15. *wins by power of being Alvron*