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  1. I am not entirely sure that this will work well on a forum, but here goes nothing: I used to play a game where one person would say a word, then another person would have to say another word ending with the last letter of the previous word. All of the words had to be four or more letters long, and no words could be repeated. You cannot use any proper nouns. It sounds pretty easy, but actually ends up being quite difficult. I shall start: Elephant Edit: You also can’t say a new version of a word (ex. adding an s or making it an adjective).
  2. I just had a random idea for a game. One person posts a word, and everyone else posts another word that is a synonym of the word from the last post. The goal is to get to an antonym of the original word. I will start: Happy
  3. Thanks for following me!

  4. Preeeetty sure you threw the whole toolbox in there ()
  5. “It wasn’t intentional!” a faraway voice muttered.
  6. Luna agreed with FT on the whole “not quite dead yet” thing. “I’m feeling happyyyyyyyy!”
  7. Only a hundred pages or so.
  8. I actually tried once but fell asleep and gave up
  10. Bada-boooooooooom...
  11. “Can... can I stand in your road?”
  13. The blob exploded outwards in all directions, bits and pieces of sticky goop flying everywhere. Luna, who somehow managed to avoid getting drenched by the blast, cocked her head sideways at Nameless. “How long... never mind. Are you ok?”
  14. lowercaseeeeeee
  15. A new label was added to its wrapper- “Extra Protein”.
  16. But A.C.’s blood looked odd. Different, not entirely right. The color was off. Instead of a bright red, it was a light brown, nearly translucent. It flowed at an incredibly slow rate, in no hurry to get anywhere. The light of the orange sun seemed to almost set it ablaze, little sparkles of light dotting its entire surface. Had one dared to touch it, they would have found it to be rather sticky. His blood was gone, replaced with a substance far more sinister. Syrup.
  17. With a great slurping sound, the melting jelly beans pulled together, adding the egg goop to their essence. Beautiful colors swirled around, warring until they became an ugly brown. Their white tattoos changed their lettering to say “protein bites”. The once unique candies had joined together to create one big monotonous confection. They had become something far, far worse. For now it had a disguise. It sprouted a wrapper not quite as shiny as that of its brethren, made of the absorbed shell- a big stamp on its papery surface declared that the new packaging was “environmentally friendly”. A second marking proclaimed in big gold letters that it was now “healthy”. Such a statement was, of course, untrue. But due to the added egg matter, there was no one to stop them from saying it. No one would care about how it tasted or looked, so long as it was supposedly good for them. Such a warrior would be the perfect choice for infiltrating enemy ranks. None would suspect them of any ill intentions- their marketing team was far too careful to let any hint slip out that could ruin their facade. The first enemy spy was born. Ahhhh why do I want to write so much about this
  18. But in an adorable way!
  19. I had a random thought that I felt like I needed to share with someone. You know how when taking a picture of yourself, you look better the higher up you hold the camera and worse the lower it is? What if tall people think that everyone is prettier than short people do? Is that why little kids are so afraid of adults? Do they all look super scary because they are tall and ugly? Anyone else have any random thoughts/questions?
  20. They are birds smart enough to have a conversation with! They have the intelligence of a three year old, can do simple math, and love to play pranks! They can imitate practically any sound near perfectly, and they speak to people in their own voices! They are also storming cute! I’d suggest looking up a video of one!