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  1. 1 hour ago, AonEne said:

    Luna, just kill them. That’ll end the argument pretty quick. 

    Why do have to do it?

    18 minutes ago, Brightness Warrior said:

    You have my full support. Anything you need, be it editing, brainstorming, moral aid, etc., you've but to say so.

    Thanks :P


  2. Here are some off the top of my head (warning, a few are kinda cliche and most of these could either be temporary or permanent):

    - They lose a little bit of their personal identity

    - They lose a little bit of their humanity

    - They lose sight

    - They overheat

    - They get really cold

    - They lose some ability of their brain to control their muscles (this results in weakness and incoordination)

    - They can’t move at all when using the powers

    - It is physically/mentally painful for them or those around them

    - The object the powers are being used on suffers burn damage

    - The person has to physically bear the weight of whatever object they are lifting mentally