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  1. I've only seen him in Oceans 11, but he might be able to do a pretty good Dalinar. Ken Jeong.
  2. Lunamor nodded, gesturing for A.C. to take a seat at a table and bustling into the kitchen. As the doors closed, faint Unkalaki cursing could be heard as a mistakenly awakened dish towel attempted to do whatever a dish towel thought the definition of "be delicious" is.
  3. Truthwatchers, we gotta find that Truth!
  4. * This was meant to be my 1000th post, but I forgot so this will just have to settle for being my 1001th post. Here is my AMA. No super personal questions please! Random questions encouraged.
  5. Dobby, cause he looks just like him
  6. It was pretty small so it balanced well. He’s usually pretty lazy and chill so he didn’t move much.
  7. Thanks! He wasn’t too thrilled about the hat
  8. “We are open, though have not had customers for a very long time. Which type of stew would you prefer?”
  9. I have one cat. He’s awesome. (Sorry the picture is sideways)
  10. Indeed. Bacon (better than you’d think, though I’d rather have something else).
  11. Mwahahahaha
  12. Aww, love ya too! Horses. They were jealous of the long necks, you see.
  13. Gosh darn it. That’s a hard one, I’d say probably either Settlers of Catan or King of Tokyo. If typing that sentence on mobile then one or two, if typing it on a computer then ten.
  14. That one's tough. I've only seen him as Iron Man, but I think that he might be able to play a good Kelsier, at least personality wise. He'd need a wig. Nicolas Cage.
  15. I got Truthwatcher, yay!
  16. Redwall gave me whiplash, it kept on going from stuff like "and they caught the biggest fish and had a tea party" to "he was crushed under the wagon wheel and perished in a red mist"
  17. Luna accepts the trade, though is a bit wary of the nachos. "Red velvet." Yay, cannibalism!
  18. Luna happily offered one. Thanks! Yep! Thank you!
  19. Luna handed @AonEne her custom cake.
  20. Win and Peace
  21. Thanks for following me!

    1. The_Truthwatcher


      I will follow Numuhukumakiaki'aialunamor to the ends of the world, always.

  22. Luna was very excited to watch the documentary and got out some popcorn. I'm buying cake mix tomorrow
  23. *sad violin music resurfaces*
  24. Luna gave Salad the ghost initiation high five.
  25. From the Pirates of the Caribbean Universe.