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  1. Are you a spambot?

  2. Life’s but a walking shadow, a poor player, that struts and frets his hour upon the stage, and then is heard no more; it is a tale told by an idiot, full of sound and fury, signifying nothing.
  3. Well... then... uhh... I WAS JUST BEING A SNAKE *tries to run out of the room but hits head on doorframe and falls over*
  4. + sssssssssssssssssssssssss
  5. A consert was like a concert, but with less seas.
  6. Are you a spambot?

  7. Luna tried to swallow one of the buttons.
  8. Except for the perfect slice of cake.
  9. Are you a spambot?

  10. Luna growled at Ark and prepared to smash the bottle.
  11. I saw something at some point that said it was unnecessary, expensive, and time consuming. I think that was the general gist of it.
  12. Luna gave Sophie a cake with sparklers for her brithday.
  13. Are you a spambot?

  14. You need to see it to believe it?
  15. *salutes* I’m gonna miss you and your amazing memes. Good luck!!!
  16. If we lock this thread then can we make another Random stuff thread for the random stuff?
  17. first verse

    Zura sucked in a shuddering breath when the Tühine mentioned Forestlynxes. She had heard stories of them, of how they ripped their victims apart, greedily tearing everything in their sight to pieces... She hated to put her trust in the enemy, but it gave her a slightly higher chance of surviving this mess. She was still a little tempted to throw her lot in with the lynx, though. The thought of spending another second with the Tühine was revolting. But another thought started to grow in the back of her mind, so quickly that soon it was too big to easily squash. The question grew deep roots and refused to budge. Getting rid of and uprooting it would cause irreparable damage. Why was she still alive? Had she been in the man’s position, she wouldn’t have let the enemy survive for more than a few minutes. The least she would have done was throw him out in the wild. So why was he sparing her? For information? The threat of violence kept Zura from nervously spinning her knife in the air. That could all too often be interpreted as something much more sinister, and with the man’s Entropy and whatever Instinct the woman had, she couldn’t afford to make any careless mistakes. She instead wordlessly sat on the ground, keeping her distance from the Tühine.
  18. Oh, sorry, I meant the Pikachu thing I think Ene explained it though.
  19. May I but into this conversation and request some backstory on this?
  20. Luna batted them away with another chair, then duct taped two together and spun them around like Darth Maul.
  21. Luna grabbed a chair to hit Truthless with. People do that in wrestling right?
  22. Granted. It’s filled with sour cream. I wish for some shredded cheese.
  23. first verse

    Zura growled when the Tühine dared to call her a flatlander. Apparently the woman had been contractee. That made some sort of sense, at least. The Ta’e’ilons didn’t have a clear side in the Cahayan war. But shouldn’t she have been back in her own country, fighting the Nomads? He claimed that they were trying to get back home. Zura raised an eyebrow at that. Did he really expect her to call anywhere in Tühine home? What sort of world was he living in? A world where missing carriages were apparently enough to make blood sworn enemies allies, she supposed. She hoped that false world view lasted until she could escape. His display of Entropy had set her on edge. It was a powerful Instinct. Her eyes flickered between the black flames and his face. She could probably take him in a fight, but as information starved as she was, she didn’t want to risk it. He whispered something to the woman and she strained- unsuccessfully- to hear what it was. Were they making battle plans? Deciding on how best to destroy her? Then the woman said that she would fight for the Tühine, that he was a friend. A friend. What self respecting human being would ever make friends with a Tühine? A contract could be a conceivable idea, if the contractee lacked a certain amount of morals, but this was just madness. Didn’t she know of the horrible things the enemy did, how he would kill her as soon as she turned her back? Did she even care? She decided to answer the enemy’s question. ”I do not remember whatever happened to the carriage because I wasn’t there.” She had to restrain herself, keep her voice from shouting. Her grip tightened on the knife until her knuckles were white on the last few words.!She was tired of their lies. Keeping the venomous edge out of her voice was getting harder and harder. Why hadn’t they given up yet? The only thing keeping her from stabbing the Tühine right through the heart was the woman’s threat.