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  1. I love the style, it looks really cool!
  2. I got so excited when I saw that is was on Netflix that I binge watched a season per day The series is amazing!
  3. Are you in possession of terrible eyesight? Do you wear glasses? Do you need somewhere to rant about/take pride in (whichever works!) said eyewear? Then this is the thread for you! I hereby found the Glasses Group!
  4. Hands-feet, hands-down. Sandcastles because they are less likely to come to life/give you frostbite. Qwarty.
  5. * This was meant to be my 1000th post, but I forgot so this will just have to settle for being my 1001th post. Here is my AMA. No super personal questions please! Random questions encouraged.
  6. This is amazing, at first I thought that it was new Shallan sketches from Rhythm of War
  7. They are far too adorable to be capable of espionage.
  8. Are you a spambot?

  9. They both go by rank, I think. Thanks!
  10. The normal amount, why?
  11. Thanks for following me!

    1. Emi


      You're welcome! ^_^

      and I thank you too

    2. Emi


      Yeah, I know, that I'm double-posting.:mellow:, but I don't really know how to edit this message

      I did it mostly, when I looked on your read your version of The girl Who Looked Up and saw some cosplay photos:P. Even Though I was thinking about following you

    3. Lunamor


      I’m glad you liked them!

  12. Probably Uranium, it’s not like I’m going to be eating it It took me roughly five days. Thanks! It’s very accurate
  13. This is absolutely amazing.
  14. In a place called “Dale that is green”.
  15. Twizzlers are far superior to Red Vines.
  16. A brain?
  17. Unfortunately vines were not made to hold the weight of a whale.
  18. Pienso "escolifriante" significa "chilling" y "creepy"
  19. Spoilered for length:
  20. The look normal on mobile but odd on computer for me, weird.
  21. Why are different words on your posts different sizes and why do the sizes change when I quote you???
  22. At the current rate it would take roughly 11 years to reach 100000 posts. 492
  23. The endless breadsticks would provide him food for all of eternity.