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  1. “I smell favoritism.” Edit: Ninja’d
  2. “Her Narrator, I think?”
  3. “I dunno TVG would allow that.”
  4. “A different universe, maybe? You never know with TLT stuff.”
  5. “Would she be ok with that? And what would the consequences of having two Stars around be?”
  6. “So does she still share some of the same likes as Star?” Sssssss
  7. Luna pulled out a blackboard.
  8. “Welp all I did was make her sad and now I feel really bad.”
  9. “Oh, I’m really sorry! I didn’t realize that it would, um...” Luna faltered and made the car disappear, replacing it with a puppy. ”Is this any better?”
  10. Being invincible, it didn’t budge.
  11. Luna summoned an invincible, adorable kitten in front of Astral.
  12. So cute!
  13. Luna just raised an eyebrow.
  14. I have found my dose of adorableness for the day:
  15. Welp darn it. Luna broke time and make it so that she hadn’t randomly turned into light.
  16. Same here but with otters.
  17. The wave is very accurate Before Luna was completely turned into light, she said, “You may not want friends, but you still need them.”
  18. Are you a spambot?

  19. Of course! Feel free to add whatever sort of chaos you want Luna was sad that Astral didn’t want to be friends anymore. Way back when I was actually somewhat active in that area of the Fallenverse
  20. Luna grinned and did a little victory dance.
  21. I wish to know what I saw in the mirror.