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  1. “Welp all I did was make her sad and now I feel really bad.”
  2. “Oh, I’m really sorry! I didn’t realize that it would, um...” Luna faltered and made the car disappear, replacing it with a puppy. ”Is this any better?”
  3. Being invincible, it didn’t budge.
  4. Luna summoned an invincible, adorable kitten in front of Astral.
  5. I have found my dose of adorableness for the day:
  6. Welp darn it. Luna broke time and make it so that she hadn’t randomly turned into light.
  7. Same here but with otters.
  8. The wave is very accurate Before Luna was completely turned into light, she said, “You may not want friends, but you still need them.”
  9. I had a random thought that I felt like I needed to share with someone. You know how when taking a picture of yourself, you look better the higher up you hold the camera and worse the lower it is? What if tall people think that everyone is prettier than short people do? Is that why little kids are so afraid of adults? Do they all look super scary because they are tall and ugly? Anyone else have any random thoughts/questions?
  10. Of course! Feel free to add whatever sort of chaos you want Luna was sad that Astral didn’t want to be friends anymore. Way back when I was actually somewhat active in that area of the Fallenverse
  11. Luna grinned and did a little victory dance.
  12. I wish to know what I saw in the mirror.
  14. Happy birthday!!!

    *hands chouta*

  15. (Anyone else too scared to click on links like those?) Granted. He gets two shardblades and you get nothing, though. I wish for a pair of warm, fuzzy socks.
  16. Luna handed Astral a bar of dark chocolate. It still has a little bit of sugar in it
  17. Luna handed Astral a bar of chocolate.
  18. Luna gave Astral a TUBA certified cookie.
  19. Are you a spambot?

  20. Luna was very sad, but decided to try giving Astral some ice cream instead. My quest is now to get Astral to eat some sugar.