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  1. So she randomly tossed some over her shoulder.
  2. So this isn’t exactly something to make it more realistic (I know zilch about geography), but it seems like a great deal of nations bulge out on the left side and taper down on the right side, kind of like they are all facing the same direction. Unless that is intentional, I’d change the proportions of some of the boundaries a little so that there is more variety in shape. (I love the worldbuilding by the way!)
  3. Happy birthday Po!!!

    1. Blessing of Potency

      Blessing of Potency

      Thank you! (Not for 3 more hours my time but thank you anyway!)

  4. No hablo... Latin? French?
  5. Thanks for following me!

  6. Sí, podo ganar en español.
  7. But you are not to win.
  8. Thanks for following me!

  9. I think that she is talking in third person or something like that
  10. Common. Next word(s): Red Rose Flower Grow Mature Age Wither Shade ()
  11. And passed the task off to his daughter.