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  1. *sad missing Luna noises*

  2. Luna do you be the okay at this day? 

    If so, I apologize for somewhat stealing the job of killing spambots :ph34r: I will say though, it's fun to glance at the recently visited page and see that you, Page, and Alvron have all been there too. Like sharing a little "heh, this username/post count/date combined were suspicious" :P 

  3. Luna come baaaaaaaack!!

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      Truthless of Shinovar

      Do you get two notifications if I post on this again? I sure hope so. Check those notifications. Get back on here!

  4. do you exist?

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  5. Luna, I don't know how you expect the spambots to respond to your questions...

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      It's all about reporting them, I think.

  6. Happy birthday!!!

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      I Don't Know

      Oh, thank you! :lol:

  7. Are you a spambot?

  9. Ben apprehensively followed Lapis outside, inhaling a good bit of stormlight in case something went wrong. Was she planning to land in the pool or something?
  10. Ben raised an eyebrow. Sand magic? That was certainly a new one. Somehow even weirder than swallowing metals. “Yeah, definitely!” he said, eager to learn about more investiture. Lapis continued on. “Wait, roof-“ @Random Bystander @AonEne
  11. “Um... I’m not sure,” he replied, shooting a questioning glance at Cassie. “I mean, I can make you glow if you really want to. I can do illusiony stuff.” He awkwardly scratched his head, not entirely sure what to say next. “If you ever need any more healing, just let me know, ok? Oh, and nice to meet you, by the way!”
  12. “No problem,” Ben said, carefully touching her on her arm, just above her wrist. He closed his eyes, sucked in some stormlight, and focused for a moment. His glow diminished, and the kink in her wrist straightened itself out. “Oh, I’m Ben, by the way.”
  13. Ben bolted awake from his inactivity nap on the couch. “Huh? Regrowth? What?” His eyes drifted over to Cassie, then to the girl sitting next to her. Another new person? Doc was gonna have to build a new wing at that rate. The newcomer looked young, way younger than the average Radiant. This worried him- what had the poor girl gone through to already be broken enough for a bond at such a young age? Walking closer to her, his eyes focused on her wrist. The way that she carefully held it told him that it was what was hurt. “Is it all right if I heal you?” he asked, motioning towards her injury. Luckily it wasn’t anything relatively dangerous, so he didn’t need to rush. It was best to be polite with a stranger, anyways.
  14. I mean it’s gonna run out of countries eventually, right? Right?!

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      Oh, that's why you have so many status updates...

  15. Happy 1000 posts Knight!!!