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  1. But I wasn’t in charge of that! I would have been kicked out had I gone up there to properly inspect them!
  2. But those were backstage, where the fire was! I would not have made it back there alive!
  3. Luna walks in after Ene. ”I am fairly certain that the owner of this establishment quit a while ago, as they haven’t been in here for quite a while. Would you like a Horneater Root Beer, courtesy of The Happy Inquisitor?”
  4. It’s not my fault I was panicking! I am fairly certain that most people would panic in that situation!
  5. And rehearsing!
  6. There was an extinguisher?!
  7. Luna continued to smile.
  8. Luna pleasantly smiled back.
  9. “Mostly cause it doesn’t really let others participate.”
  10. (Sorry Ene!)
  11. So Luna changed the topic to them to make things less dark.