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  1. You can never anticipate the persistence of Lunamor!!!
  2. Granted, but you end up understanding that everyone secretly despises you. I wish for my own logo.
  3. Unfortunately, it is impossible to prepare for the strange actions of Lunamor!!!
  4. He convinced pineapple to turn his family into a traveling circus so they could travel the world together.
  5. You could often find him quailing during the saddest parts of the play.
  6. Now I rule the thread!!!
  7. I have evolved into a Prelan! ^_^

  8. Thank you!
  9. Which meant that he greatly enjoyed singing “Hip hip hooray!!!”
  10. They were both quite terrible. The singing was so bad, in fact, that it broke the 9th wall.
  11. Unfortunately, it fell asleep on his feet, so he could not go anywhere.
  12. Ah, I didn’t know that only Skyward needed spoilers. Thanks for clarifying!
  13. Someone had spilled their drink on it.
  14. He then, being a cockroach, ate some wood.