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  3. Upon hearing this proposition, Lunamor rushed to finish the exploding shake, returning to the dining area with it and the boot cake. He set both down on a table, turning his attention away from them to focus on the man who had apparently invented some sort of new drink. ”This drink, you say you made him? I will need to taste test him first. I am the expert on-“ Lunamor abruptly was cut off by a high pitched whistling, akin to the sound a tea kettle makes after being filled with steam. Glancing back over his shoulder, he found that the exploding shake had begun to boil over, bubbles of the liquid floating into the air. Somehow, every time one popped, it spouted a small burst of flame. Perhaps rushing the drink wasn’t the best of ideas. Particularly when explosives were involved. Lunamor nonchalantly untied his apron and placed it on top of the milkshake, as if it were a common occurrence. He had certainly been forced to deal with far more disruptive events during his time running The Happy Inquisitor. Doing so smothered the flames, quickly reducing the boil to a mere simmer. He turned back towards the Wizard. Unbeknownst to him, his beard was slightly singed. ”-alcoholic beverages. Horneaters can handle their wine much better than airsick lowlanders.”
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  6. “They will be ready in a moment!” Lunamor turned on his heel and made his way back to the kitchen. He grabbed flour, sugar, and a whole host of other ingredients, one of which looked suspiciously like old leather. After preparing the cake mixture and placing it inside his fabrial oven to bake, he began to work on the exploding shake.
  7. Lunamor emerged from the kitchen, proudly holding two bowls of stew. One looked perfectly regular. Well, still as superior as Lunamor’s stews when compared to all others, but relatively plain in terms of The Happy Inquisitor’s typical fare. The other bowl looked almost as if it had been infused with Stormlight, shimmering with all colors of the visible spectrum. It’s hue was rather unpredictable in nature, sometimes gently fading to another, other times violently flashing between pigments. He proudly set both dishes down in front of the lucky customer. As their contents sloshed slightly from the jolt of hitting the counter, it became apparent that Lunamor had put some glitter in the colorful stew. It was quite a generous amount. The remnants could be seen dusting his apron. @The Wandering Wizard Lunamor furrowed his brows upon hearing this. ”Pineapple… pizza? I know nothing of this thing. This dish, is he some type of stew? Perhaps something like a waffle or pancake?”
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  9. “Hmm… I suppose I can make this stew. He might become at risk of spontaneous combustion, but there is no progress without danger!” He disappeared back into the kitchen, which soon began to flash as if filled with disco balls and stained windows.
  10. Lunamor cursed in Unkalaki as he bolted for the door. Being the language that it was, it took him until reaching the door to finish his curse. ”I am not a younger! And you are a foolish old man! Do not make me get my Shardbow!”
  11. Lunamor stuck his head out of the kitchen door. ”The proprietor is here and he must be paid in a story. I will not have anyone, uh… what’s the word…” He mumbled for a moment. ”Stiff! Yes, stiff the establishment!” @Nameless
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