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  1. Welcome, glad you are here! Do not accept any baked goods, they are most likely hemalurgically spiked and will steal your soul. Which character is your favorite so far?
  2. You are doing great so far! A few helpful tips are to not post twice in a row (you can instead edit your post using the edit button at the bottom), as the mods don’t like that, be careful that if you start a thread you do so in the right topic, and the newspaper icon in the top right of the screen shows you all of the content that you have not read yet (I didn’t figure that out until about a week ago). Oh oh, also, when you post in a thread that has not been active for a long period of time it is called “necroing” and isn’t allowed unless you have a good reason. Which Stormlight character is your favorite so far?
  3. Welcome, glad you are here! Your name sounds really cool. Do not accept any baked goods, they will most likely steal your soul. Which Brandon Sanderson book is your favorite?
  4. *wins more than more than a bunch*
  5. .ti etirw ot gnitartsurf erom neve saw ti taht ratS rotarraN ot deton romanuL rotarraN
  6. .gniht a hcus od ot nosrep live yrev a saw eineg eht ymmiJ
  7. *wins a bunch*
  8. So Narrator Lunamor was forever cursed to walk backwards.
  9. Sure, sorry about that. @SgxJames29, which of David’s metaphors is your favorite?
  10. I’m not a very cool person in general. I’m more lukewarm if anything.
  11. Hey! I am somewhat sane. It has been ages since I last hallucinated Sanderson characters. I think.
  12. You felt wrong.
  13. Yay, I’m cool now!
  14. ...Cool?
  15. Cause you told me not to.