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  1. It’s been months gaaaaaaah
  2. *reemerges from shadows* *wins* *withdraws back into shadows*
  3. I absolutely loved the Black Widow movie! While it had its flaws (Natasha should have died, like, 7 times after ragdolling so much), it was still pretty fantastic. The attention to detail was incredible, when Yelena randomly breathed on the window of their plane after talking about being able to make her own random choices was perfect. The vest was also pretty cute, especially how it connects back to when she wore it for most of Infinity War. David Harbour (Harbor?) absolutely killed it, he was hilarious. I’m super excited to see more of Yelena, I’m really curious to see how it plays out for her and Hawkeye. I’m also hoping we get to see more of Taskmaster, she wasn’t in the movie for very long. What did you guys think of it?
  4. Alligator Loki’s comedic timing was amazing, I kept losing it over when they were showing everyone’s reaction shots, then cut to him doing literally nothing, then back to more reactions
  5. Thoinks.
  6. It was actually in Norwegian (a couple of people have translated it), but I think it was just written for the show.
  7. Critics are saying that the second episode is way better than the first, so I’m really excited
  8. A belated welcome to the Shard! People with gold (or colored in general) names are moderators of the site. People with little plus signs in front of their name (not the ones next to their reputation title) are donators to the site via its Patreon. The titles next to your name are determined based on the total number of upvotes you have, so they don’t vary post to post.
  9. Thanks for following me!

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      You’re welcome!

  10. It did pretty good for its first season, in my opinion. One episode was way better than all of the rest, I think it was number three. I’ll probably keep watching if the second season comes out, it has the potential to be both great and meh depending on how they handle it. I was honestly way more invested in the backstory than the present day arc, so I’m really glad they are finally bringing George back into the story. To answer your question, it started out as a comic book series then got adapted into the show. I was pretty proud of myself for recognizing it as a comic book based thing when it went from lighthearted quipping to ridiculously violent
  11. Hi Ap! We’ve never met, I joined shortly after you left, but I’ve heard a lot about you. Welcome back, I’m glad to be able to meet you!
  12. Well the moon isn’t my former girlfriend, at least I’ve got that going for me
  13. Are you a spambot?

  14. It has been a very, very difficult year in terms of mental health for me. I was diagnosed with depression, anxiety, and ADHD about a year ago, and have been mostly unsuccessful in attempts at finding a medication that works for me. My mental health disorders had been ignored and downplayed for so long by my doctors that they had grown to unmanageable sizes. I recently brought up the idea of bipolar disorder to my psychiatrist, and it turns out that my symptoms fit exactly with it, so we are starting a new medication for that instead, as everything I’ve been trying doesn’t work for that sort of stuff. It is beyond frustrating that a year of my life was potentially wasted because of a misdiagnosis, especially because I had to do all of the research myself and how obviously my symptoms fit with a mood disorder. I can’t focus long enough to read anything longer than a few sentences (posts like this take me quite a while), it has been over a year since I was last able to read a book. Simple things like brushing my teeth or changing clothes in the morning have become so hard that I’m lucky to get even that done. It feels like my brain is sinking further and further into a fog, and thinking is getting harder and harder. I used to be a straight A student, but now I’m failing several classes and will be lucky to finish the year with all passing grades. Sometimes I can’t even manage to cry because I can’t remember how to or why. I’ll try and do something like playing a video game to distract myself, but those keep becoming harder and harder to the point where Solitare is one of the only things I can manage to do when I’m struggling. I am worried that I am losing parts of me and that they won’t come back. The worst part is that I know I can do better, that I accomplish what I want to, but my brain just can’t. I am really hoping that these new meds work, because I have exhausted every option at my disposal and really don’t know what to do if they don’t. Sorry for the really long post, I just needed to rant somewhere.