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  1. One thing to keep in mind is that you aren't required to have "autistic meltdowns" be a symptom from having high functioning autism. Renarin's autism is definitely high functioning - he can handle himself socially, just awkwardly, but better when he's around those that he's comfortable with. My brother was high functioning autistic and I can't recall him ever having an autistic meltdown. He has a son who is also on the spectrum, but again, very high functioning, and no meltdowns that I know of. So I think Renarin's "fits" truly were just epileptic episodes. The only real "fit" I can think of that Renarin had was when he was losing his absolute marbles during the summoning of the Everstorm, but that could have just been due to absolute panic related to his visions of the future.
  2. Another support for this theory is in Words of Radiance, when it was revealed why Shallan killed her mother. WoR says that Shallan's mother only started attacking Shallan after she found out about Shallan's abilities - meaning a bonded spren, and Radiant powers returning to the world. So Shallan defended herself against her mother, using Testament as a shardblade, and killed her. To me, that doesn't seem like the act of a typical mother, especially after how Kaladin's mother reacted to his radiant powers. It seems like the act of someone who knows too much, or someone who is trying to prevent the return of the Desolations. Similar to Nale.
  3. Regarding the theory of "that Stormfather wasn't the real Stormfather), I'm currently re-reading Oathbringer and noticed in one of Dalinar's visions that Dalinar spots "a shimmering in the air, about the size of a building, on the edge of the vision" or something like that. That description lines up with how the Stormfather is described in the Prologue for Book 5, and right now my hunch is that it's either Odium or one of the Unmade serving Odium. I'll keep my eye out for other references, but so far the "real" Stormfather has never been described as a "shimmering in the air", even after bonding with Dalinar or officiating Dalinar and Navani's wedding. He's typically described as either a face as vast as the sky itself, or as a disembodied voice like thunder. Regarding Gavilar being a total douchebag, I can't help but notice that everything about his behavior lines up with the "perfect Alethi ideal". That of power over anything else, sacrificing friends or relationships in the name of gaining power, and preferring war over peace. It's what makes Gavilar think he's so correct with everything, despite being flat out wrong. And a total jerk.
  4. I think you are correct, but I also think the Sibling is correct. Two sides of the same coin. I believe what the sibling meant was Dabbid would have the ability to heal once he bonds with a spren - meaning his mental illness can't be healed through normal medicinal means. BUT you are also correct - even if he bonds a with a spren, that healing will only take place so long as his spiritual identity is of himself without the illness, just like Lopen's spiritual identity included having two arms. If his self identity firmly included the mental illness, it would not heal through stormlight, like what happened with Kaladin's slave brands for 3/4 of the books.
  5. Agreed, I like it when there's fresh new faces. I'm OK with a "bring back" season every now and then, maybe once every 5 seasons or so, but I think the best seasons come from the ones with new cast members. I personally dislike the "bringing people back" part more so than the twist for next season. I heard that the castaways won't know about the twist until the merge when it happens, so I think I like that better. If they knew about it from the beginning it would change the dynamics of the game. Plus I love seeing people get hit with twists they didn't expect
  6. Thank you for the welcome! I wasn't familiar with the term GIFT before, but it sure explains a lot now that you bring it up. It really was the anonymity that was the issue, which is why I'm trying to be more open and honest here. So far I have read all of the Stormlight books, Mistborn era 1, Skyward, and then Defending Elysium short story. My bucket list for this year is to actually read all of Wheel of Time, then re-read Stormlight with Warbreaker and Edgedancer thrown into the mix, then dive into Mistborn era 2! The Wheel of Time is on my list because a friend wants to drag me to Jordan-con in Atlanta this year, and so far none of us except for him have read the series. He introduced my friends and I to Sanderson, so I suppose I'll let him introduce me to Robert Jordan as well
  7. Ugh this is a question I've wrestled with ever since I read Skyward...in the US military, you don't get to choose your callsign, your squad chooses it for you, so I was surprised that they chose their own in Skyward. I'm from Tennessee and still live here, so maybe something southern related... Callsign Whiskey? Redneck? Or as my loving wife tells me, "you were so skinny, you looked like a Somalian pirate back in high school" (this was 12 years ago, mind you, way before we ever met). So maybe Callsign: Pirate? I do like to lovingly bend and maneuver around rules I don't like, which is very piratey. Or, based on my username, just call me Toilet
  8. I wouldn't even call it bluffing, more like Jasnah being the most knowledgeable when it comes to Radiant history, and she knows that "full" Radiants can summon Shardplate. Almost like when someone is a full police officer, they have their gun and badge. It doesn't take a police officer to know about that and be able to see if someone is or isn't one. Maybe that's a bad expression, maybe more like the white coat when it comes to doctors. If they have the white coat, they are legit and have become a full doctor. It doesn't take another doctor to recognize whether a white coat is or isn't there. For any cops or doctors on this sub, forgive me, I don't actually know how those processes work, I'm just trying to come up with a visual
  9. As others have said, I've always felt the vibe that Hoid was *present* at the time of the shattering, but was more just a spectator of it, not playing a pivotal role in it. Or if he did play a role, he did so knowing that he didn't want a shard himself. It's all pretty foggy right now, and leads to more questions than answers. Questions like who or what was Adonalsium really? Knowing this could help us learn why "it" was shattered to begin with. Since we get hints that Hoid knew the Nightwatcher before the shattering, it makes you wonder who she was, and wonder why it seems like a group of people (like her) may have wanted the shattering to happen. But then now that everything is shattered, Hoid is worldhopping and gathering powers and finagling with events, almost looking like he wants to either reform Adonalsium, or at least clean up the shards that are threatening planets and humanity. Clean up could be eliminate, could be merge with other shards, etc. He's up to something, but we aren't really sure what or why.
  10. Jeff Probst: "AND KELSIER HAS WON INDIVIDUAL IMMUNITY!!! No votes will count for Kelsier, he can not be eliminated from the game tonight"
  11. If you are open to it, you should definitely check out the recent season "David vs Goliath". I haven't watched the majority of seasons, and hadn't watched any for almost 3 years, but then heard about how good DvG was and it completely hooked me again with the show. It's definitely worth checking out
  12. I haven't watched all the seasons, but I have seen the first (Borneo and Australian Outbook), as well as Cagayan (Brains vs Brawn vs Beauty), World's Apart (White Collar vs Blue Collar vs No Collar), Cambodia, and then as of recently David vs Goliath had me absolutely HOOKED. I'm using Hulu to watch other seasons that I've missed, and would love to have a 17th Shard discussion thread for episodes, if there's an interest for it!
  13. It's funny, during my teen years I was on all sorts of forums. Then in college, I was introduced to Reddit and had been active on it for years (not this username though, naturally). Turns out the anonymity wasn't exactly the best thing for me, and some of the subreddits were not the healthiest for me psychologically, and I sorta kinda became a bit of an internet butthole, if you catch my drift. The thing is, I'm not a jerk in real life (99% of the time), so it was causing some problems. Online personality one place, real life personality another. So in an attempt to more distance myself from the bad places tucked away inside Reddit (except for the Brando Sando subs, /r/hockey, and my city subreddit), I've moved myself back to the forum life! Here I hope to be a little more open and a little less anonymous. Plus it's a website dedicated COMPLETELY to Sanderson, so what's not to love? I'm a 28 year old male in Nashville, Tennessee, married with a little baby-to-be cooking in the oven, and for some strange reason I still have the humor and playfulness of a 13 year old. And yes, I think my username is hilarious. Nothing like Skyward humor and immature boy humor coming together in sweet harmony (a new shard, perhaps?)
  14. It's funny that he has Mistborn powers but is currently on Roshar. I feel like that would be a lot of work. It's not like you could just go bouncing around Roshar asking people for powdered tin or pewter. If they even have the metals to begin with, you'd have to file them yourself. I suspect the mistborn powers will come into play somewhere else in the Cosmere. I can't see them getting a ton of use on Roshar, especially now that he seems to be trying to bond a cryptic spren.