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  1. That's a really hard question, there are a lot of great ones, but I'd have to go with Nightblood, if it counts. If not, then Kelsier.
  2. That seems a bit scary... And useful.
  3. That sounds fun, assuming you don't incinerate yourself.
  4. Yeah, there are definitely cooler ones.
  5. So it would cause a ton of heat in the user. Thanks!
  6. I started with the first age of Mistborn, but haven't gotten to the rest yet. I've also read Warbreaker, Alcatraz one and two, as well as The Emperor's Soul and Way of Kings. I'm in the middle of Words of Radiance right now.
  7. Does anybody know what would happen if Brass was compounded? Soothing and Heat don't seem to go together.
  8. I started reading Cosmere three or four months ago, and these are pretty much the best books I've ever read. I also enjoy writing fantasy and SciFi.