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  1. Allivia stormed out of sickbay, glad to be out of there, but mostly just angry. Wendy, Wendy... That girl was a thorn in her side. Everyone else in the palace feared her, but not the new girl, oh no. Luckily, Allivia had a disposable ace up her sleeve; it was high time Nicolae Kimby was gotten rid of. A good horse - even a young one - with a broken leg had to be shot eventually, no matter how fun it had been to ride before. She rapped on his door, loud enough to wake him if he was sleeping. When Nico opened the door for her, Allivia grimaced. He had clearly had too much to drink. Which... would make things significantly easier for her tonight. "I didna wan' to see your ugly face tonigh'," said Nicolae, his words slurred. Welp. Apparently it wouldn't be easier. "That's not very polite, Nico." She shoved past him and into his room. "I'm drunk, woman, whaddya expect? I'll be hatin' myself in the mornin' anyway, migh' as well say wha's on my mind." "Well, if you're already going to hate yourself tomorrow-" Allivia started stripping "-why not just add one more thing to the list of reasons why?" Nicolae threw his hat at her, red in the face with anger. "You's a whore, 'Livia. Ou' me room. Now." 'You're drunk, you don't know what you wan-" "I said GET OUT!" When she said no, Nico growled and marched toward her, totally intent on grabbing her and dragging her out. But the moment he got close enough, Allivia drew a dagger and stabbed Nico in the stomach. The boy cried out and doubled over, blood pouring from his torso, staining his shirt scarlet. "'Livia?" Allivia grabbed his collar and pulled him forward, even as his knees buckled with pain. "You shouldn't have stepped on my foot, Nicolae. And you shouldn't have left me for Wendy. You're no longer of any use to me." With one last kiss, she let him drop to the floor and left him there to die.
  2. “Naw, i’s okay. I should really have gotten over sleeping with girls by now….” He shifted nervously but tried for a smile.
  3. “Sorry for what, miss?”
  4. Nico offered his arms for a hug.
  5. "I... Iffin' you need anythin', you just ask, alright, miss?"
  6. Nico furrowed his brow. "Oh, miss."
  7. "Well, you're almost as terrifying as me, my dearest, my darling, so we make a perfect couple."
  8. "Oh really?" She sucked her teeth, leaning in closer. "Well. I think you're pretty terrifying too, my love."
  9. Riva smirked, kissing him briefly. "I don't know what Ivian wanted with me. But I still hope I'm not losing my touch..."
  10. She wrinkled her nose at him. "Of course not. As I said at the ball, no one else would dance with me. You are, perhaps, the only one strong enough to." She folded her arms, settling into his chest. "You don't want me to be docile?"
  11. "I am not soft!" She punched his shoulder. "I am... I am the Nightterror, the monster of the dark!" She glared at him. "Don't tell me you were in on this. That you, what, teamed up with Ivian to try and make me love you? So I would be your picture perfect little..."
  12. "I see it now..." Riva lamented, tearing up. "This is what Ivian wanted. A tame and obedient Raveness who respects her superiors. What... what have I become?" Nico had never been good at hiding his tears, but at the moment, he found he couldn't cry. He had already cried, years and years ago, when the pain was still fresh. Now, he could do nothing but sit here and hurt. He ended up ordering some beer instead of water. That would down the pain. Hopefully. Maverick cocked his head, surprised at the disrespect from an apparent minor. But then... she couldn't be as young as she looked, could she? "Are you a demon?"
  13. “I’ll… I’ll be a good wife.” Riva teared up. ————— Nico walked back into the restaurant for a drink of water.
  14. "When I'm... done with you..." Allivia gasped. She tried to keep clawing at Wendy's chest though now her wrinkled fingers had begun to fail her, shaking more than actually doing damage. Her eyes were wild and bloodshot and her thin hair fell over her ugly face. She was, in short, a madwoman, even more so than the Raveness. "You'll live to see your little boyfriend dead. I'll... kill... both of you... Stupid boy isn't good for... anything but sex anyway. I'll get someone to... replace him. And you... you..." With that, she fell limp and unconscious.