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    Drawing my OCs, writing a duology, yoga, singing soprano, playing clarinet, Marvel movies, and all kinds of music.
  1. From the album My Mistborn Stuff

    A berry pie I made today.
  2. We’re having an open mic night at my school and I’m wondering if anyone has some suggestions on an excerpt I could read from one of Sanderson‘s pieces. It would have to be something that could be read without context 

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    2. The Wandering Wizard

      The Wandering Wizard

      The girl who looked up the extended edition

    3. Nathrangking


      One of Hoid's SA stories? Dog and Dragon maybe?

    4. Firerust


      I recommend one of Hoid's stories, like others on here have said. Maybe the story of Fleet, set to a stomping tempo.

      Ooh, or maybe excerpts of Alendi's logbook from TFE.

      I also think the Way of Kings prologue suggestion is a nice idea.

  3. Tami shook her head. "I can't believe that. But yes. Would be nice."
  4. "The spirit world," Tamika said. "I know a thing or two about gods who do what they want. It never ends well..."
  5. Star woke up hungry and a bloody mess. She knew she could travel to the stream to wash herself again, but what was the point? She knew there was nothing worthwhile in that direction. And besides, the blood would probably scare nervous, tired tributes like that farmer boy. She yawned, standing up and dusting the leaves off her blood-splattered clothing and messy hair. Once, she might have made sure that she looked perfect, but now it didn't matter. She could look good when she won. She could smell good when she won. For now, it was time to find Xino.
  6. Gosh, I'm so sorry about all y'all's parents. My parents are... well. They are semi-okay with it. I wish I got to talk with them about my queer characters (of which there are many), but I can't and that hurts. To not even be able to tell them that I'm who I am would hurt even more. I'm just so glad that we're all able to talk about it together though; being able to feel accepted is so, so, so important, especially for kids, which most of us are.
  7. Why haven't I posted here yet? I'm Star, I'm demisexual, but I'm way more aesthetically attracted to women than to men, even though my boyfriend is... well. A boy. As for gender, I guess I'm a cis woman?? Sometimes I wonder if I'm enby.
  8. @xinoehp512 @Vapor @Channelknight Fadran @Tani
  9. “So am I,” Tamika spoke. She had a soft high pitched voice