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  1. "So, uh... is it time for dinner, then?" "Yes, indeed. If you'll just follow me..." Riva turned tail and walked briskly up the stairs, clearly expecting Nico to follow. He did so hesitantly, curious at how odd the Raveness really was now that he saw her in the flesh. Riva burst open Caden's door. "Dear, Nicolae Kimby is here. It's time to eat."
  2. "I figured you would. I don't care." She grinned. They made their way to the front door quickly, as Riva's office was on the ground floor same as the main entrance. She squealed when she saw Nico and extended her arms as if for a hug. Nico flinched pointedly, but relaxed when the Raveness simply took his hand instead of embracing him. "Ah, hello there, dearie! I'm Riva Praetorium, you know me as the Raveness. I've heard quite a bit about you from your friend here." Nico managed to crack a slight smile. "'ello there. Oi'm Nicolae, but Oi guess you already know that..."
  3. "Oh, come now, why not? I want to meet your Nicolae officially." She grabbed the cuff of his sleeve and dragged him along with her.
  4. False information!!! And while I’m here…. “Eh, I'm more of a My Little Pony guy.“ - @The Ward's Guard
  5. A pair of servants opened the door for Nicolae. One of them let out a slight gasp at the young man's height, but Nico paid it little mind; that was a common reaction for people who'd never seen him. He walked in on his too-large feet and asked after the dining room. "Her Raven-ness will be delighted that you're here," the serving woman squeaked. "Wait here." As she scurried away, Nico raised an eyebrow. He'd never seen a serving staff so up-tight before. Did the general beat his servants? Ah, whatever. It wasn't worth thinking about. ------------- Riva's office looked neat again; it had only taken a day for the help to clean up the nasty mess left behind by the mysterious saboteur. Of course, without all the potions and tomes, things now looked rather barren. It was a depressing sight and left Riva feeling quite empty. And so, she was happy when a maid came in to announce Kimby's arrival. "Ah ha, he's here, Fischer!" Riva got up off chair. "Come now, let's go say hello, shall we?" @The Ward's Guard
  6. creator games

    It’s a short, but effective piece. I think you guys will like it.
  7. Prompt 14: Tick, featuring Tom from the Keyed Duology that I'm writing with Xino. I knew I wasn't going to get any further with this drawing than what I've done, so I figured I'd stop now and not stress myself out more than I had to. Enjoy. Luckily the next two are ones I'm excited for.
  8. creator games

    Just a heads up, I’m not even going to read anyone’s if it’s longer than five pages…. That’s why the deadline isn’t that long. I already finished mine.
  9. The carriage ride was long, and Nico had precious little to do during it. He stared out the window, resting his head on his arm, and sighed deeply, the wind playing jump rope with his brown locks. He had decided, in the time passed, that he was glad to have something to do. This was something interesting at least. Better than the usual spending all his coin on drinks in the tavern or getting an early sleep, alone in his room. Of course, the ride there wasn’t interesting, but whatever. He should be close to the destination anyway. And, indeed, soon enough he was there, on the steps of castle Praetorium. Nicolae tried not to gulp. The fortress in front of him had dark stone walls that extended like an eternal shadow on the land. It seemed the perfect place for the Raveness and her husband to reside. Could Fischer, the boy who’d always been like sunshine to Nico’s constant downpour, really reside here now? Apparently it was so. Trying not to shiver, he stepped forward and knocked on the great doors.
  10. creator games

    These are all so good, what the storms, people. You're making this harrrrrrd.
  11. Prompt 13: Foot, featuring Star and Heather from the CBST-verse. I had a hard time with this, particularly with Star's face. But it turned out well. Enjoy the art. Hopefully I'll have more soon.
  12. Nicolae Kimby had an appointment he was loathe to attend. A carriage waited to take him to the Praetorium estate where Fischer and his masters would have dinner with him. He had no idea what he'd done to garner an invitation to dinner with the Raveness and he honestly wasn't sure if he wanted to know the answer at all. Who knew what her Raven-ness and the general wanted with him. But of course she'd been fired, if rumors were to be believed, so she couldn't harm him. Plus, if Fischer was willing to be her bodyguard, then perhaps she wasn't as terrifying as her reputation implied. Fischer. Stars, that name made him dizzy. Part of him was still angry with the man for being so rude to Wendy, but then, he hadn't been much better to her this morning. The other part was glad that his friend had made him realize the truth that he didn't need Wendy or anyone. And a third part... a third part longed for the simplicity of years passed. When Fischer had dubbed him the Prince of Daisies, when they'd pooled their earnings to purchase special snacks to share. When kisses hadn't evoked such a sickening feeling in his stomach and he'd been as innocent as dawn. Could he have that again, now that Fischer was back?
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    I’m getting a surgery in two weeks. 

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  14. That’s beautiful.
  15. Nico marched up from the kitchens in a rage. Wendy. That witch, Nico hated her. And Stars, he'd once thought to love her. Mal, he'd shared a bed with her to comfort her. Gah, he hated himself, he hated himself. Why was he so stupid?