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    Drawing my OCs, writing a series called The Cosmic Battle to Save the Story, yoga, singing soprano, playing clarinet, Marvel movies, and all kinds of music.
  1. When you exhale in the cold and when you see your breath, you think, "I'm Preservation!!" What a feeling, friends, what a feeling.
  2. Y’all, I have so many songs that make me think of Mistborn. The trouble is choosing which ones to post…
  3. From the album My Mistborn Stuff

    Hi, I’m Star; I ship Lerati and you should too. Here’s some doodles of my favorite gay Shard bois. I haven’t really drawn anything since October because d e p r e s s i o n, so I’m easing back into it.
  4. Guys….

    So I’ve been reading Mistborn to my brother, because he’s now the same age I was when I read Mistborn. We’re halfway through The Final Empire.

    Well, last night, I discovered… that when I said “Terris”…. He thought I was saying “terrorist.”

    ”Sazed was an extremist among his people.”

    *intense facepalm* I promise you that Sazed is not a terrorist!!!! 

    1. Cinnamon


      I’m laughing so much that there is an actual tear coming out of my eye. :D
      I read to my little brother too!

    2. Morningtide


      Oh no! Understandable mistake though :lol:

  5. Those were superb memes; take my upvotes.
  6. Am I right or am I right? Sean Bean to play Kelsier!


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    2. The Known Novel

      The Known Novel

      His face is just a little too broad for me, but as Thaid said, Marsh would be great.

    3. Cinnamon


      He should definitely be in it (the Mistborn adaptation I mean) not sure about Kelsier though

    4. Matrim's Dice

      Matrim's Dice

      That’s basically exactly how I picture Kelsier actually 

  7. From the album My Mistborn Stuff

    I just realized that I don’t think I ever posted my Inquisitor cosplay that I did back in 2021 for a Halloween dance! It was a whole lot of fun.
  8. (Maybe) controversial opinion: 

    Harmony: I didn’t know you were bi!
    Marsh: *spits out water*
    Kelsier, chewing on a roll: I thought it was obvious. Not my fault your gaydar sucks.

    I thought Kelsier was straight until literally last week when I reread tFE. No straight man could possibly contain all that drama. I open the floor to discussion. 

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    2. Cinnamon


      I agree! 


      It don’t have rep so take this picture of some snowmen I made with my little brother instead!



    3. Szeth's Facepalm

      Szeth's Facepalm

      i headcanon sazed as nb :)

      and marsh- totally!

    4. Morningtide


      Yeah I agree!

  9. When Kelsier came in, I nearly teared up. I've been re-reading the Mistborn trilogy, so this came at a perfect time! I adore each and every one of your songs!
  10. So you’re attracted to Kelsier, huh? I guess you could call him… The snack that smiles back.
  11. I'm back with another Mistborn themed status update. (Can you tell I've been rereading the greatest trilogy ever written?) I wrote this. :) Yes, I ship Lerati. Yes, you should too. Enjoy; I had a good time crafting this short piece. 

    The misty god stopped in place, bracing himself. It was now, the moment he'd been dreading for two thousand years. "Ati..." He closed his eyes, turning his head to the floor, a hand coming to rest on his shoulder. 
    "You look terrible."
    Leras stiffened. He had been expecting censure from his old partner, but the gentleness was somehow worse. "You say that as though you had nothing to do with it," he snapped, meeting Ati's eyes. 
    Another thousand years couldn't have possibly prepared him for that sight. 
    Red haired and almost as short as Leras himself, Ati wore robes of black and gold. Too many memories... too many memories of that face. Leras had to turn away again, lest they overwhelm him. 
    "It was your choice to lock me away and spread yourself so thin. You brought this upon yourself."
    Fists clenched. "You speak of choice, but what else was I to do? You would destroy all that we worked for!"
    "Endings are inevit-"
    "Don't recite your speech to me, I know your justifications quite well." Leras folded his arm, scowling. They'd had this conversation a million times over, what was it worth? Nothing. He awaited Ati's retort. 
    "And you? Given your way, you would see this world at a standstill, held in one moment forever. Life is only beautiful because it ends. Things that don't change might as well be dead. We want the same thing, really."
    "Neither of us can convince the other, Ati. I've given up trying to persuade you, you would be wise to do the same."
    Ati sighed. "I just thought," he said, "I would give you one more chance. I don't want to kill you, Leras."
    "I know..." 
    "For what it may be worth, I am... sorry." 
    Ati tried to take Leras's hand, but Leras pulled his hand away, tears beginning to burn in his eyes. "Leave," he whispered. And Ati left.

    1. Morningtide


      I love it! You are a very good writer!

  12. A follow up to my previous status update (because I cannot stop thinking about this):

    Two points. First: despite Kelsier (ostensibly) being the hot one, it’s always Marsh being drawn without a shirt. Although I suppose sexualizing Kelsier is like sexualizing Jesus, in some capacity… 

    Point two: Okay, so y’all know the iconic fight between Vin and all the Inquisitors in Luthadel where all the Inquisitors are shirtless, just because? Well I propose that it was not just because. Y’all know Ruin had to coordinate that! What a drama queen. Just to stick it to Leras, like, “my servants are hotter than yours.” 

    1. Thaidakar the Ghostblood
    2. Morningtide


      My reaction is exactly the same as Thaidakars lol. I agree on both points and find them also amusing :D

  13. A PSA by Star

    Listen, y’all.

    I know artists like to draw sexy characters. I’m an artist too, I do it all the time. Muscles are fun! But people? 


    Not ripped. Not jacked. Not swole. Not buff. Lanky. Do I really have to spell it out? 

    adjective, lank·i·er, lank·i·est.

    1. ungracefully thin and rawboned; bony; gaunt: a very tall and lanky man
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    2. Thaidakar the Ghostblood
    3. Szeth's Facepalm

      Szeth's Facepalm

      But staarrrrrr, if i can't see them that means they are hot and i will draw them as such.

    4. Wyndlerunner


      Ah, but Marsh has pewter Metalminds, meaning I can draw him as jacked, and still be canon-compliant, so long as he happens to be tapping pewter!

      All joking aside though, I agree with the spirit of this statement, so  long as it isn't being used by non-artists to harass artists who happen to take a little artistic license here and there. Honestly, in my mind that is the greater crime.

  14. I just devoured a 500 page book - The Lost Metal tee hee hee - in two days. That may not sound impressive to some of you, but guys? I haven’t read that much in ages. This is a huge triumph. Look out boys, I’m gonna be rereading Era One again!!! 

    1. Matrim's Dice

      Matrim's Dice

      I’m on page 365 right now :D.

    2. Matrim's Dice

      Matrim's Dice

      I finished it :D.

  15. Oh dear... Gods forgive me for that typo; I was on my phone. I have no inkling where the WoB is, but I'm sure someone else does...