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  1. Worry entered Sophie expression. "What's wrong?" she asked nervously. "He... he'll be okay, right?"
  2. Sophie nodded. "He's hurt," she said sadly. "I'm trying my best to heal him though." She looked back at him and his pale face and black curls and blushed despite herself.
  3. Sophie turned towards the source of the noise. She smiled. "Michael!" Then, as she realized how tired he was, her face fell. "Michael, are you alright?"
  4. Sophie met his eyes, stricken by the desperation there. Such a chilling expression on her usually friend's usually stoic face. "I won't leave you," she promised. She smiled slightly and continued to pour her healing power into him.
  5. Sophie brightened when Xinoehp spoke. "I'm gonna help you," she said. "You're gonna be okay. I'm gonna protect you." Protect. That wasn't really something she did much of. But she liked it. And everything seemed to be going okay, at least for the moment. You're not going to take him from me, she thought adamantly. 'Cause I'm going to protect him.
  6. plot

    Star began walking, unhurried, towards the door.
  7. plot

    Star had, by this time, shielded her mind from the whispers of the strange, dark cavern. At one point in time, she would have stopped to listen, but not anymore. They had nothing to offer her. Star clasped her hands. "Lovely. Oh, there's so much to show you." @xinoehp512
  8. plot

  9. plot

    "We walk out that door," Star laughed, gesturing towards where they had come from.
  10. plot

    "Oh, don't you be sorry. The past is in the past and all that's left is to make the best of what we have." She looked over at Pheonix and considered taking his arm again, but decided against it.
  11. plot

    "Many things have happened here as well." She smiled, tears in her eyes. She didn't know quite what to say.
  12. plot

    Star nodded, despite the fact that she knew he couldn't see the gesture. "Yes," she said. "Yes. We were in the Dream Branch and then... I heard your mind somehow. Oh, it doesn't matter. We're here to help you." She pulled away, hands on his shoulders, looking him over. "Oh, dear, what's happened to you?"
  13. plot

    Star's face brightened as her eyes met Jay's. She grinned broadly, sighed with relief. "Jay!" she cried. She ran forward and embraced him. "Oh Author, I haven't seen you in so long!"
  14. plot

    @Jaywalk Star blinked, eyes adjusting to the darkness. Blackness swirled here as if it had a mind of its own, shifting through the air like a living thing. Whispers floated around her, calling. She had a chilling feeling that this place knew her. But the sound of the tortured soul had gotten much closer. That door had been the only thing keeping her from fully feeling the pain of whatever poor individual was unfortunate enough to reside here. She put her hand to her head, suddenly pained. But then, something rustled in the darkness. The soul she had heard knew she was here. Please! it begged. Not her, anyone but her! Star's eyes widened. She knew that mind. "Stay back!" And she knew that voice. A wave of nostalgia hit Star full force. "Jaywalk...?" she whispered. Suddenly, however, the song of Jay's mind changed. He would attack her here. "Jay!" she shouted, reaching out to touch his mind and let him know he was safe.
  15. plot

    Star stood tall, the smoke billowing around her, making the skirt of her dress flutter. "Indeed," she said. She walked through without delay. @Jaywalk
  16. It was also hit with a baseball bat for good measure.
  17. "Another one?" someone said. "Geez, how many times has that happened on TLT?"
  18. (she's lying on the ground, BTW) Astral regarded the thing with an air of boredom and closed her eyes again, laying her head back down. "Leave me, apparition," she said. -------- Rose screamed, coming to herself in sweat, in darkness, and in great pain. She cried out softly, her head throbbing painfully. For some torturous, extended moments, she could do nothing but moan, hands pressed to her head, trapped within her own body, limbs shaking. “Stormfather…” she muttered. She whimpered, tears streaming down her round cheeks. Headaches were common for the girl and she’d learned to mostly suffer through them, but occasionally one would come with such force that she would be immobilized for some period of time. It was torture, but it was life and there was nothing she could do about it. Only time could take her pain away from her. Head still pounding, she threw off her covers and stumbled out of bed, hoping from fresh air might aid her. Each of her footfalls sounded loud in her overly sensitive ears and when she pulled open her balcony doors, the sound of the handle boomed. She panted slightly, making her way out into the warm Alethi air. Wind blew through her loose, white-blonde hair and she closed her eyes, letting herself breath. To try and stop her trembling, she wrapped her arms tightly around her waist. She took deep breaths for a few minutes more, then opened her eyes, looking up at the stars. Star. Her mother. No, she thought, pushing the memories away, shoving them back down into the depths of her heart. Leave me be tonight. So much was going wrong. Granite had left, Max was dead. She was more alone than ever. The nightmares had begun returning and they had already begun to wrap around her throat with the intent to strangle her. She often asked herself why she was the subject of such torment. But then, as the offspring of Death and whatever unholy being a Narrator was, what more did she really expect? She hung her head, anguished.
  19. Astral closed her eyes, resigned to her forcefield-prison. The world raged around her, but she would hear none of it. Thoughts stirred in her mind of her miserable self. Emotions were her enemy and greatest power. They killed her and defined her. Feeling confused and distressed, she began to sing. I hurt myself today To see if I still feel I focus on the pain The only thing that's real The needle tears a hole The old familiar sting Try to kill it all away But I remember everything What have I become My sweetest friend Everyone I know Goes away in the end And you could have it all My empire of dirt I will let you down I will make you hurt I wear this crown of filth Upon my liars chair Full of broken thoughts I cannot repair Beneath the stains of time The feelings disappear You are someone else I am still right here What have I become My sweetest friend Everyone I know Goes away in the end And you could have it all My empire of dirt I will let you down I will make you hurt If I could start again A million miles away I will keep myself I would find a way
  20. From the album The Longest Thread (Misadventures)

    I did it. I figured out proportions. I'm in awe. This was my first test to try a system for it and needless to say it worked and I am so flippin' proud of it. This drawing is also cool because Star is wearing the blouse she did when this happened. What an iconic moment, am I right? And finally this drawing is just really cool 'cause I was actually able to give Star the shape she should have. I was originally not going to post this, but it just turned out so well and it makes me so happy.
  21. "Oooh, like Fallen: Reborn?" asked a Fallen fan.
  22. plot

    Star regarded the door warily. Her head was still pounding, though it was less painful now. More like a beating drum, pulsing inside of her. Originating from the doorway. "Someone's behind there," Star said pensively. "We can't just leave them."
  23. That name, however, was cursed.