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  1. SoT cocked her head. "Xinoehp... what do you miss most? About the plot."
  2. SoT smiled empathetically. "Is there anything I can do for you?"
  3. I now need to draw Max and Granite. And Rose.
  4. SoT folded her arms. "That, my young friend,," she said to Granite, "is the man who made your daddy go crazy." Her eyes widened as she was alerted by Xino's post. "Oh! Gotta go! Talk to Jay, he'll help you, I'll come back later!" She vanished. "Oh, you poor thing. Being posessed is never fun. At least, that's what Star said." She shrugged. "You were staring at me? Mmm, no, that's too far back. I had an anxiety attack? Author's pen, how long were you out of it?"
  5. SoT screwed up her face in thought. "I think we have to get you to Ascend or something. But that sounds hard, you could just be my little student!" She ruffled his hair.
  6. SoT opened her mouth. "Well..." She giggled nervously, blushing. "Not usually. But, uh... members of our family do tend to be picked on."
  7. SoT nodded emphatically. "Yes, she was one of the best!" She cocked her head. "Well, actually, that's debatable. She's... she's had a rough life, kid."
  8. Oh, wow, I've created a broken character by not doing anything. Go figure. SoT decided to do something. She put on a big sunhat and appeared next to Granite. "Hiya!" she said cheerfully. "I'm your aunt Sophie! Star's youngest sister! I've come to take you and your sister Rose to come train as Narrators. Er, well, Sentient characters. Did you know that you're technically older than me? I mean, you're what, 12 now? 15, maybe? I don't know, time is weird for you. But you're also almost as old as Star is; about 300 pages give or take! And I'm only about 80 pages." She scratched her head. "Gee, it sure sounds funny when you put it that way." @Jaywalk
  9. Ah, good, I'm glad my hard work payed off! I should have two more drawings coming in today if all goes well. Weekends are nice for finishing things up.
  10. If Star hadn't been in a completely different Narrational plane, she would have felt terrible. She did think about her kids every once in a while. She felt awful for leaving them behind. But she just wasn't made for raising children. TVG would have had SoT help out... but she would probably be a worse mother than Star.
  11. From the album The Longest Thread (Misadventures)

    After hours and hours of work (mostly shading) I give you, Ember, the Destroyer, protector of the Sun! If you don't look at her hands, this drawing is actually good. No! Stop looking at her hands! Stop it! Look at her left foot instead. I actually did a good job there!
  12. plot

  13. SoT brightened. "Xino!" she rushed to his side, kneeling beside him. "Are you okay? I saw you go into a trance and you wouldn't wake up and then that Silence thing came and I was so worried that you..." She sighed, blushing.
  14. plot

    "I didn't mean to!" Star said. "I had him at gunpoint... Shadow made me mad... I didn't want to... I never meant for..." Star's lower lip quivered. "I am not a bad person. I am not a villain. I am not evil, I am not what I was. And I didn't want to kill him." Star blinked, tearing up, but squared her shoulders, taking a deep breath.
  15. plot

    Star looked down. "Of course I don't want to," she said. "I don't want to do anything! I wanted to be done 60 pages ago, and now look at me! But... Silence is dead, Tom. I.... I killed him. I shouldn't have... But I killed him."