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  1. But with realistic fiction, there have to be "realistic" limits. Fantasy makes things more unique, more interesting. At the end of the day, every character is a person. What's interesting to me is watching what people do when they're not in a predictable world, like the one we live in. With fantasy anything can happen. The character isn't the only one who the rug is being pulled out from under. And I love that feeling. The more powerful they are, the harder they fall. Well, yeah, that's going to be true for any text based RP.
  2. But the problem is, not everyone does. I'm also extremely uppity and a little bit condescending. If you know me well, I've been told it becomes endearing, but my parents have told me that it's really rude. It's a part of me though and I just... *sigh*
  3. My honest and unfiltered reaction: Wow. So original. My reaction at that reaction: *slaps self* That was mean. And thus we see how I struggle to deal with my bluntness. *sobs*
  4. Oh, I'm all for character development. When a story is more about the concept than the people, I tend to get really bored, really fast. However, if nothing really happens to push the characters to their limits (see Sophie on the most recent post of TLT for an example of that) then it's just... empty. Sure, there can be tiny conflicts, but there's nothing fantastical, no real stakes, no greater good. And that is what I long for. For those reasons, I despise realistic fiction. It's sappy. Boring. And because I feel that way, I also feel like a jerk because I know that other people really enjoy it. If you coordinate, there are no surprises. Plus I really like being the one in control. (except for in Fallen - that's the best) Not really of the plot, (like I said, surprises) but of the situation. I like being able to do what I want. It's why most of my characters are so over the top. Astral is The Queen of Shadows, Star is a beloved hero, Thought is a Shard. Ember's super OP, but she's really submissive. Zeoy and Sophie don't really fit the mold, but they're also kind of the same person so.... And additionally, I have my own built in deus ex machina - Me. I feel really bad for not having any male characters besides AJ and Trewee. But, I mean, Star was married and had kids and also experienced my worst fear. Ember is literally made of rock and metal. Thought has lived for over 3,000 years. So... I think I'm doin' okay.
  5. A few reasons: I had no idea how to insert myself into the plot when I was part of it and that makes me doubt myself ^ also bothers me because everyone else seemed to love it so much, yet I can't get myself into it. Why? I don't like... reality. Why would you read about something real when you're already experiencing a life? Putting the magic of SA into the real world just leaves me unsettled.
  6. TKND.... bothers me.
  7. Oh my Shards... Don't you long for the epic duels of the past? Don't you yearn for a story?!
  8. Yeah, like once every hundred pages. That's no fun.
  9. What's in a win at all? *gets far off look*
  10. See, TLT has what you don't: PLOT. (occasionally)
  11. This is seriously the weirdest thread on the Shard. Oh, and y'all will never catch up to TLT, BTW.
  12. plot

    Star sighed, tisking. "I've got plenty of proof," she said. Oh, I wish she were sober... I'd Narrate it, but... Her eyes widened. "Oh!" she said. She turned. "Pheo," she said, her eyes a little red from crying. "Do you mind getting Ember? She'll be around here somewhere." @xinoehp512
  13. plot

    Star's face fell. "Oh, sweetheart," she said, sniffing. "I don't care what you look like. It's what's in your heart. Remember?" She tried a smile again, but it was weaker this time.
  14. plot

    Star laughed, wiping her eyes. "Heather... That's not very nice." She managed a smile.
  15. Sophie's stomach did cartwheels. "O-o-oh..." she stuttered. She shook her head. "I can't..." She took in a sharp breath, then another, and another. She shook her head rapidly. "I can't!" she cried. She sobbed. "I can't help him... I'm... Oh..." Sophie fell to her knees, heart aching at the thought of losing Xino, yet petrified of the terror of leaving her safety. She felt like a selfish brat. Xino would die because of her inability to be brave. "I wanna help..." she said. "But I..." She clenched her fists in frustration, unsure how to express how conflicted she was. "Well, why can't you help 'im?" Sorry she's been so whiny; you're asking her to do something really, really hard and she's scared out of her mind. She will do it though. Just needs a little more convincing.