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  1. Ooh, I like that. Astral does demand a kind of respect. And she feeds on fear (and all types of negative emotion, for that matter). So fear seems like something she'd want out of people.
  2. Many people had died on that bridge.
  3. He'd already gotten filthy rich off of it.
  4. Indeed, Kelsier had managed to lollipop-ify stormlight.
  5. Specifically the lollipop that Kelsier had just given to his adopted daughter Lift.
  6. She hates ya too, buddy.
  7. From the album The Longest Thread (Misadventures)

    Gotta love Astral. Top notch villain. I'm very excited to see her interact with... well, literally everyone on CBST. Star, you'd better watch out because your past self is coming back to haunt you.
  8. ... the entire Ghanderflaffle Empire and Butt Venture.
  9. No one noticed until years later when...
  10. plot

    Star smiled. She was a bit apprehensive about being thrown back into the heat of the story, but Pheo and Xino seemed reassured that his was safe. She allowed herself to breathe.
  11. Sophie squealed with excitement, enthralled. "OhmyAuthorohmyAuthorohmyAuthor this is AMAAAAZING!!!!" She giggled, hair fluttering around her head as she watched from the safety of her forcefield. This was what it was to be a hero. And it was incredible. The plot was incredible. Her breath caught in her throat and time seemed to slow around her. It was hard for her to explain what she was feeling. Later, after she had more time to think, she would realize that this was the moment she accepted that she wanted to be a hero. Just like her sisters. She had a legacy to follow and was desperate to do so. It was why she existed. To be in a story. To destroy darkness and bring out the light. She felt herself smile. Maybe she was scared, but bravery didn't mean the absence of fear. It meant doing things despite your fear. And that meant that she had hoards of it within her. Waiting to be used...
  12. From the album The Longest Thread (Misadventures)

    AWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW!!!!! Pheo is hard, you guys. So are hands. But I actually got the hands right this time!!!!!! WHOOOOOP!!! I seriously love this so much, they are adorable.
  13. Y'all, I have no idea what to draw. I mean, I guess that's not true, I have tons of ideas about what to draw, but they're either too hard or just... not motivating enough. I know I want to work on drawing movement. Stuff like the drawing "Contemplations Aboard Cloud Nine." That one was a lot of fun and it pushed me. I know I want to draw Fallen/CBST stuff. Mostly CBST. Anyone have any suggestions? I really need it. 

    1. Butt Ad Venture

      Butt Ad Venture

      I’m sorry. Ideas never seem to come when you want them... about? Shadow standing near Marsh’s corpse in the shadow realm? That seems passionate and somewhat challenging.

    2. xinoehp512


      Sophie and Aqua calling the storm?

      I guess that's not really from CBST...

    3. Shard of Thought

      Shard of Thought

      *shrug* I would count that as CBST. It's too amorphous of an idea though. Rain is weird to draw. 

      I want something... abstract. Something like Shadow with Heather. That's a pretty good idea right there, actually. I dunno. I had the idea to draw Xino earlier, I'll probably do that, 'cause I don't draw him enough anyway.

  14. plot

    "I know you do," Star said sweetly, though her expression was still slightly grave. She looked about her, eyes lingering on Pheo. Her lips upturned in a slight smile as if she was reassured just by the sight of him. "You're all wonderful." Ember looked at Heather, glass eyes wide as usual. Deciphering her words was a little tricky. "I am... good...?" She frowned, then nodded. "I am good."
  15. Why thank you! That's probably in part because of how cute and adorable the male characters I draw are, just in personality alone.