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  1. Because his face was frozen.
  2. SoT thought that was kinda creepy.
  3. "Xinoehp is just salty 'cause his plot got cut off. Which I understand. And while I do miss having randomness occasionally, I think having CBST is a good thing."
  4. SoT smiled proudly. Kelsnah, @Truthless of Shinovar
  5. "It's been hard to keep her, honestly. But they're perfect." I shipped them first. And it became a thing.
  6. "In the late 300's," said SoT. "They've been a running thing for a while. Kell tried for pages to win Jasnah over."
  7. So SoT explained that Kelsier and Jasnah had gotten married a while ago on this thread and that they had two children - Edna and Max - and adopted Lift. Unfortunantly, Edna had Ascended to Odium and they had to kill her. Rose and Granite were the children that Star had with Marsh. Marsh is now dead, rest his soul.
  8. plot

    A few short hours later, Star awoke in sweat, breathing heavily. She still felt tired. Such sleep was not very restful. She felt useless and utterly alone.
  9. Because Kell and Jasnah and their family was the best thing that had happened to TLT since Butt Venture. SoT mentioned that Rose and Granite had joined their family as Star was unable to care for them.
  10. Kell and Jasnah were unaffected. SoT was sad they hadn't been mentioned in a while.
  11. And Narrator SoT looked at the carnage before her, thinking, Wow. TLT is dark. No wonder Star is all rusted up.
  12. plot

    Star turned over in her sleep, plagued by unsettling dreams. Trapped in the cold grip of her own unconscious imagination, she was subject to all manner of possibility. Happy endings were burned to ash right before her, freedom slipping between her fingers. Her nightmares, unlike Thought’s, were not linear. They were simply prolonged flashes of feelings and experiences; she was flung from one image to the other. She shivered.
  13. plot

    Star took a deep breath, removing herself from her misery. She knew that trying to Narrate her way out of here would be unwise; Silence would have been sure to have thought of that and taken the right precautions. But her telepathy... that might just work. She closed her eyes and searched, embarrassed that she didn't know the mental signature of her target near as well as she thought she had. Pheonix had to be here somewhere. Thankfully, most of the auras around here were those of the mimes, which were easy to distinguish from Narrators or characters. She found Shadow who was unhurt, thankfully. She even found Xino who seemed to be struggling in his beautifully stubborn way. He'd have to be careful. You could only really help people if you yourself were unhurt. But then... she supposed she had trouble taking care of herself as well. She continued her search. Minutes past as she took minds in her hands and scoured for a single, precious one. The minutes turned into hours. But no matter where she looked, nothing could be found. Finally, she slumped to the floor and fell into an uneasy sleep.
  14. plot

  15. plot