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  1. Star explained that it was frustrating because you never found out what happened. It was really just a waste of time.
  2. Star could now understand how evil Narrators could be. She kept it to herself though. They needed to solve those problems on their own. And yes, that story was pretty storming weird.
  3. "Tubb," Star said. "I'm pretty sure. Sorry. If I find someone else for you to interrogate I'll let you know." She winked.
  4. Detective Star who cared about what happened to this thread and had no connection to Narrator Star, wondered if Xino was now a mime too.
  5. She wasn't very good at her job but for some reason, she was still alive.
  6. The rock had been thrown by an assassin.
  7. I'm asking myself the same thing, Luna.
  8. Tubb chuckled evilly.
  9. Well, you've only got one free post left. Gotta figure it out quick!
  10. I always write a story or a poem.
  11. So he was interrogated. Star asked @BringerofShadows to do the honors.
  12. Star glared, realizing what had been done. "And there's nothing I can do to reverse your condition?"
  13. "Why can't you say anything?"
  14. Star took Pheonix by the shoulders, looking him in the eyes intently. "Tell me, please."
  15. Star pulled Pheonix aside. "What's been going on? Did Silence do something?"