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  1. Your obligatory birthday gif from Star. Thanks for being born!

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  2. Crap, I pissed 'im off, Granite thought. Still, he prodded further. "D'ya think maybe Silence could let me cross over?" "You don't want to deal with Silence, child," Astral said. "He won't help you."
  3. I honestly don't know why I didn't post this for you randomness lovers. Here's from Sophie to y'all. Thoroughly_Modern_Sophie.mp3
  4. "Oh," said Sophie. "Well... okay then." "Hey," Granite cut in, "sorry to ruin the moment or something here, but... do you guys know how I could maybe... get to this other universe?" Astral perked up, looking over at her son. Author, he'd really grown up in the time she'd been gone... She could only feel a sliver of remorse. "'Cause, you know, I... I'd really like to see my mom. If I can."
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      Thanks! I would rate my birthday at a 52/56 happys currently, so it's going well!

  6. Sophie walked over so she could watch. She gasped as Jacob's body thumped to the ground. "Oh my gosh..." she said. "Aww, Michael. I'm so sorry." "Wait, where did that thing even come from?" Granite asked. Sophie shrugged. "I dunno. "Then... how do you even know if that really happened?" Sophie considered. "That's a good point, Granite."
  7. From the album The Longest Thread (Misadventures)

    This was a pretty fun one to work on. This is a pretty cool scene that showcases Sophie's pure awesomeness. She has a long way to go, but she's a hero and she deserves to know that.
  8. Sophie raised her eyebrows. "Michael? Are you okay? What'd you just see?" Astral glared at everyone in the mini assembly. None of these people will helping her get to CBST! She growled softly. She'd find a way. Eventually...
  9. From the album The Longest Thread (Misadventures)

    This is actually the first time I've drawn Jaywalk with a torso. It's been so fun to have him back on CBST, he's a great character with an even better author.
  10. From the album The Longest Thread (Misadventures)

    My favorite thing to draw right now is specific scenes and this was one scene I was particularly happy to draw. Poor Heather's had it rough for the entirety of CBST, but between Star's absence and the pain of her new spikes, she's just been driven to the very edge. Ember will always be there for her though. Her admirable steadfastness is only one of the reasons we all love her so much. This picture was really hard to draw for several reasons, but I'm amazed at how well it turned out. I always seek to challenge myself in my drawings and sometimes the result is not quite as good as I would have liked, but that didn't happen here. Besides the experimentation with perspective and poses, I also tried out something new in shading here; the highlights on Ember's armor. (This is also the first time I've drawn Ember's armor, so yay!) Shading with markers is particularly difficult because you first have to get a consistent first layer, but often the strokes will overlap and end up looking weird. That didn't really happen when I colored in Ember and I was super happy about that.
  11. plot

    Star suddenly realized that her pain was beginning to dim. But did that mean Ember had arrived and healed her or... or... She deepened her breath. She shouldn't think that way. Soon enough, the pain had faded completely. "Let her be safe," Star muttered. "Please let her be safe..."
  12. plot

    Ember looked around the room as she waited, taping her fingers on her knee. She was not bored in the traditional sense, no. She was not capable of boredom. But… waiting was becoming rather tedious, though she was glad Heather was asleep. Heather had not been very nice lately. She’d complained about being in pain. That was probably why. Ember sighed. She felt bad that Heather felt the way she did and she felt even worse about her inability to help her feel better. “I am sorry, Heather,” she said. She knew her friend couldn’t hear her, but she didn’t care. It was nice to speak aloud. Ember began picking at her nails again, humming a single sustained note. Since she didn’t need to breathe, she could technically hold it indefinitely. She felt the note vibrating within her. It was rather comforting and it reminded her of a few days ago, when she had heard Heather singing. Heather had a pretty voice. It would be nice to hear her sing again. Ember stopped humming, suddenly feeling oddly self-conscious. What if Heather woke up all of a sudden and heard her? That would be scary… Her voice was wrong sounding anyway. Ember adjusted her position, pulling her legs into her chest and resting her head on her knees. She looked down at Heather for a few minutes, unblinking as she watched her back rise and fall with breath. Such an odd existence, so different from her own. Suddenly, Ember began to think about something she’d never wondered before. Why did nobody else look like her? Why were they all so fleshy and needy? Wouldn’t it be easier to be indestructible, without the need for sleep or food? It just didn’t make sense. Still, there was a kind of beauty in humanity, she supposed. The imperfect normal. Once again, Ember shifted her position slightly, putting one leg out straight in front of her. She kept her right arm on her knee, but reached out with her left hand to finger Heather’s hair for a moment. Then, she lifted her fingers to her own hair. Heather’s was much softer, lighter. Which made sense. Hers was made of organic material while Ember’s was made of tiny metal strands. It had to be, otherwise it’d burn up. Ember wondered for a moment why she even had to have a stand-in for hair anyway. She supposed it was there to make her look more like the creatures she was modeled after. That was fine. She didn’t really care all that much. But she still liked Heather’s hair better.
  13. plot

    Suddenly feeling immensely curious, Ember got up off of the bed and walked around so that she could sit on the side facing Heather. She studied the sleeping Inquisitor’s face. Ever since she had gotten that new pair of eyes, Ember had desperately wanted to touch them. Surely, unconscious as she was, she wouldn’t mind? Ember blinked a few times, itching to just reach out… But something held her back. Go on, she thought. You won’t get another chance. Ember squared her shoulders. She might as well. Ember stretched out her shelled fingers and touched the tip of her middle and pointer finger very lightly on Heather’s right eyespike. Her sense of touch could travel through her shell, allowing her to feel the smooth metal. Ember pulled her hand away, utterly intrigued. She was glad she had been brave enough to do it. Still, she should probably go sit on the other side, just in case. She got up and walked back over to her original seat, her curiosity sated. For now, at least. @Jaywalk
  14. "Am I... missing something?" Granite asked. Sophie hushed him. "Shh!! Let the plot happen!"
  15. "Is he okay?" Sophie whispered loudly.