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  1. *starts sobbing*
  2. I really hope I'm not the only one who pictures Marsh to live in a cottage in the middle of nowhere, jamming out to classic rock while he makes fancy stuff for breakfast. Marsh: *flipping omelet* Owner of a lonely heart! Much better than a... Owner of a broken heart!
  3. From the album My Mistborn Stuff

    Marsh needs more love, so I drew him. He only smiles (of his own free will) once in the entire trilogy, which is an awful shame. So here ya go, the sweet, sweet smile of everyone's favorite Inquisitor.
  4. Rose raised an eyebrow, regarding him strangely. This man had secrets. And though those secrets interested her, she wouldn't lose sleep over not knowing. He wanted to kill that woman? Fine. That was fine with her. Why should it matter why he wanted to do so? She was only in it for the money, after all. After a few weeks she would be after another bounty and never think of Jahora again. Whatever his reasons were for wanting Selene dead, however convoluted, they were his own. Human relationships were baffling enough. "Well," Rose said tightly. "Goodnight, then." With that, she turned and walked silently up the stairs, picking the room at the end of the hall and closing the door behind her and sitting on the bed. There was silence. And then, a sharp memory. Sitting in her room at her aunt and uncle's house. Spooning soup into her mouth while she read, the rest of the family eating together at the table. But not Rose. She stayed in her room. Alone. Always. Rose rubbed her temples as the memory faded, feeling a headache coming on. She really should get to sleep, before that headache got any worse. But before she did so, there was something she'd like to try. Back in the tavern, she'd made the stool rattle. That kind of thing very rarely happened in her old life. On the occasions that it did, she'd been brainwashed into believing it wasn't possible for such things to happen. But then the asylum. Meeting Star... She had to know if this was real, once and for all. Could her mind really move and destroy objects? Or was it all a trick? Her eyes fell upon a notebook on the desk. That would do just fine. First, she closed her eyes and took a deep breath. Here goes nothing... Opening her eyes again, she reached her hand out and focused on the notebook, thinking about making it move. Float, she thought. C'mon, float, I've done this before. She glared at it. But the notebook didn't move at all. Your magic is a part of you. If you use it right, it can be an extension of who you are. It's not the outside that needs to move. It's what's in your head. Star's words. Rose let her face soften, her eyes falling shut once again. She relaxed, picturing the notebook in her mind, picturing it rising off the desk to hover, defying gravity effortlessly. Then, she opened her eyes. The notebook levitated in the air a few inches off the desk. Her jaw dropped in shock and the notebook wavered. Curious, she flicked her hand to see if it would follow, but it did not. When she pictured it flying about the room, however, it zipped through the air. For a moment, she felt euphoria. For once, her power was working with her, not against her. It was blissful. But then, a a sharp pain exploded in her forehead. She cried out softly, putting her hand to her head, the notebook dropping to the floor. One moment. Couldn't I have had just one long moment of something actually going right? She scoffed at the injustice. By now, she'd had enough migraines to know that when one hit, she had to shut down and rest, otherwise she could get very ill. It was time to sleep anyway. Maybe the migraine was a good thing, snapping the whip to encourage her to give her body the restorative sleep it deserved. Hastily - her mind clouded by pain and by questions - she undressed and slipped into bed, falling asleep in an instant.
  5. "I wasn't implying we should leave now," Rose said flatly. "You assumed that all on your own." She got up, glad that - for once - she was the one who had power in a social situation, and walked up to Jahora. "If you have something you'd like to share with the group, I suggest you do it. Because if and when it comes down to the kill and you hesitate like this? It won't be a mistake you can take back."
  6. The house you lived in together? Jezrien, this is just simple revenge for him. How petty is this man? Outwardly, she shrugged. "Let's do it."
  7. Rose rolled her eyes. "I was unconscious, Jahora, what did you expect me to do? We don't have the file, so you're just going to have to tell us what you know, no matter how much you don't like it." She folded her arms. The way he reacted to their bounty was odd, anyone could see that much. Whatever relationship they'd had, it was certainly messy.
  8. "Yes, bounty, please," Rose grumbled.
  9. Abso-freaking-lutely!!
  10. What character (real life or fictional) would you want to switch places with, GO!! 

    1. Show previous comments  6 more
    2. Vapor



      Emi's sister so that I can meet Emi

    3. Tesh


      Honestly... Probably Kendra from Fablehaven. Maybe Annabeth.

    4. The Windrunner Supreme

      The Windrunner Supreme

      It would be great to switch with wax:). Or just anyone that has a funny friend

  11. Rose scoffed. "At least your family showed you love at all," she snapped. Their love drove you mad? she thought. My guardians made me think I was insane, made me doubt my own reality. I still can't hardly tell what's real and what's false. She didn't care that Kieran could hear her. In fact, she was glad to get it off her chest to a third party. It brought her more relief than she would have thought. Not significant relief, but relief all the same.
  12. "A home is only as good as the love its inhabitants have for each other," Rose blurted.
  13. Rose scowled back, though that was really her base facial expression.
  14. TVG tossed in a post to help with the cause. If TLPW pulled ahead, they would never let us live it down.
  15. Rose regarded the boy, eagerly awaiting his answer. She thought it rather unfair that he could read the thoughts of others, yet his own thoughts and intentions were hidden. Honestly, it was probably a good thing he was a child, for his sake. If he wasn't, she would likely be planning on how to slit his throat. How to kill someone who could read thoughts? An interesting conundrum. One she was glad she didn't have to deal with. Instead, she focused on keeping herself as quiet and still as possible. When she was younger, she'd had the uncanny ability to seemingly... fade into the background. Become utterly unnoticeable. She wasn't sure how well that would work with these people, but it was worth a try.