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    Reality is a lovely place. But I wouldn't wanna live there.
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    Reading anything by Brandon, drawing book characters, singing soprano, using big words, writing poetry and original stories, yoga, and thinking about pretty much anything.

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  1. It woke up everyone in the neighboring town.
  2. Those tubas sounded every day at dawn.
  3. But the rest of the fairies were sleeping. And boy did it take a lot to wake them.
  4. But he sought to inspire rebellion.
  5. Sparkles cried sparkles.
  6. Which made Sparkles sad.
  7. Sparkles' best friend was Nightblood.
  8. It could be used for either great good or great evil.
  9. And sparkles. Lots and lots of sparkles.
  10. It was a rather long story, actually.