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  1. She was shaking, trying to hold back tears. This was perhaps one of the most embarrassing moments of her life. "I'm scared..." she whispered. She held onto Jahora's arm.
  2. Rose stayed close to Jahora the whole time. She didn't want to move. And after a little while she realized. "You're not taking me to a safe place," she growled.
  3. Rose, shaking, stepped towards Jahora. "Quiet," she mumbled. "Yes."
  4. "I think you express it very eloquently... in how you express it." - Xino "Some good old existential agony will do the trick." - Xino "So how do you plan to torture him?" - Me "With life." - Xino
  5. Rose stood in shame. She was thoroughly humiliated. Deep down, she wanted nothing but love, but her heart was far too tired to even come close to voicing that.
  6. Rose could feel his sincerity and it pierced her soul. The wooden shards fell to the floor. She hung her head and nodded, as if too tired to speak or move.
  7. "They should be scared," Rose muttered. She stood, trembling. Her eyes were slightly bloodshot and her hair was a ratty mess. "All of you should be scared." And yet, she didn't look angry. Rose was the scared one.
  8. Voices. She could hear them. Hear their thoughts. All the people around her, wondering what had happened, wondering what kind of monster was inside the cage of wood. "Make them stop..." Rose whispered. Her hands were in her hair, her eyes wide. "Oh, stars, make them stop..." She whimpered and suddenly, the wood broke apart again, forming sharp spears pointing outward offensively. "Stop it, stop it..."
  9. "You're mean and you don't make sense." She turned her back towards him. A crowd of people had gathered, shocked upon seeing the brief fight and then the wood rearranging.
  10. As Jahora approached, the shards of wood rearranged, forming a protective cage around Rose while she cried.
  11. Shards, it's been a while, hasn't it? Well, I dusted off my markers today and finally finished this piece of Caden and Acalia Praetorium from Masquerade.
  12. Rose tripped backwards, landing in a pile of crates. Pain shot through her back and when she tried to get up by supporting herself on a crate beside her, her hand broke through the wood. She screamed - in pain, but mostly in frustration - and then broke down crying. "Something's wrong with you," Rose said. Her words were meant with Jahora, but when she said them aloud, she was reminded of things her aunt and uncle had told her. "Rose!!" Darrin ripped the feral thirteen year old off of her preteen brother. Rose - a sweaty, red-faced young woman wearing a tank top, her braid a mess - was screaming in anger. "Don't TOUCH me!" She tried to rip her arms free of her uncle's grip, but he held her tighter. "He's a devil! A manipulative devil! He's perfect around you, but the moment you turn your backs, he'll tease me relentlessly. Why can't you see?!?! You're BLIND!" "Right now, this isn't about your brother. You need to calm down." "He never gets in trouble! He doesn't care about me, or any of you, he's a psychopath!" "Rose, stop it." She was crying. Yelling but completely unheard. They didn't care. Why didn't they care?! Rose started cussing them out and her uncle tossed her over his shoulder, carrying the ferocious girl over his shoulder to her room. As she was forced out, she heard Aunt Riva asking Granite if he was okay, softly chiding him for teasing his sister. "You're not in trouble," said Riva. "But your sister... There's something wrong with that girl." The words seemed to echo in her mind. Rose remembered blacking out soon after that moment. Entering a vision of the future, having a seizure. It was the first time that had happened to her and had confirmed what they'd thought. There was something wrong with her. And nobody could help her.
  13. Rose let loose. She slammed him against the ground and started kicking him. "SHUT UP!!"
  14. But Rose wasn't done. She strode towards him and grabbed him by the front of his shirt, pulling his face towards his. "Stop. Teasing. ME!"