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  1. That's the problem. Tricking people just isn't the same. If you're going to lead, you want the trust of the people. And while I completely agree with his strategic ability, I don't think he could very well shield an empire against three storming armies. You'll want someone like Dalinar for that. Or better yet, someone who could avoid that situation all together. I agree with @Jace21 Kell is good for leading small groups and being inspiring.
  2. We're planning to collaborate to make it about all of the cosmere. I've kinda started. It's already on the Cosmere Musical thread, but I might as well put it here. So tell me do you wanna go Where Radiants fly through the skies Where Hoid is any one of those guys Impossible comes true (Though they might spike you) Anyway, sorry about the delay on Come Alive. I'm a huge procrastinator. It will get done though. Eventually.
  3. Well, "Remeber to smile," is the go-to for me, (what Kelsier wrote in his letter to the crew) but I really love what Kelsier says to Spook. "You want to be like me? Really like me? Then fight then you are beaten!" Other honorable mentions: (WARNING: Lots of Kelsier ahead) Kay, that's enough for now.
  4. *waves hand vehemently* Me, me, me! And Kell's my favorite! Always has been.
  5. I'm actually kinda surprised that Kelsier has tied for first place, at least for now. Sure, he led the gave the skaa hope but did he really lead them? I think, in reality, he's just very good at getting people to do what he wants and think in a way that's beneficial to him. And I'm not trying to downgrade what he did or call him selfish. I just don't think he would do a particularly good job actually ruling. I mean, can you imagine what would have happened had he taken Rashek's place? Kelsier is a fun guy to be around (unless you happen to be a noble) and he definitely possesses the charisma that inspires leadership, but I would never trust him to take control of a country.
  6. Yeah. But because its a puppy consistency is important. Still, I'll probably end up calling her Vivenna by accident.
  7. Ha, ha, ha! Very nice. My family is getting a dog really soon and I was very insistent that its name be Cephandrius but alas my 5 year old sister can't pronounce it very well and we ended up getting a girl anyway. We're naming her Vivian.
  8. Who's your favorite character, ShardOfAnxiety? And welcome!
  9. I picked Raoden because even though we never actually see him rule from a throne it's obvious that the people love him. And that might just be because Iadon is not that great, but the loyalty he has is pretty significant. And then in Elantris, he gains allegiance very swiftly despite the fact that he's brand new to the city and they don't know his identity. He's very considerate of other people's needs and he's not full of himself. Kaladin is a close second though. This was a very hard choice.
  10. So, I've been thinking. What would a Shard of Apathy look like? And more importantly, could it go head to head against Odium? (I see your Passion and Rayse you Apathy) The question would be how to create it and what it could do. We gotta find the most boring person in the cosmere and stuff them with enough Investiture to get them to Ascend. But... what kind of Investiture? (Unless it somehow already exists. Just floating around in space not caring.) Intent is another weird thing. Would it just not care? Would it want to make other people not care? And what would someone using its power be able to do? Have the exceptional ability to procrastinate? Or... would they be able to suck up other sources of Investiture? Like a human Nightblood. Shardblade comin' at my face? No problem. You want to use Division on me? Sorry. That don't work. I actually started thinking about this when I wondered what could happen if you spiked Preservation somehow, but I'm pretty sure that would be really really hard and it wouldn't have the effect you wanted. Not that it isn't still worth discussing. Which brings up another question. What would the effects of spiking a Shard be? I don't think anyone's ever really brought it up before. Would Ruin have some sort of power over the spiked Shard? Would it just give them more power? Anyway, this is all kinda out of the box and I'm curious to see what you guys think.
  11. I've had a similar experience. Kell's close to my heart. I'm a lot happier 'cause of that man. Welcome to the Shard! And hey, you've read Secret History right? If you like Kelsier that much then it's worth worlds.
  12. Well, welcome! Who's your favorite cosmere character and what's your favorite Sanderson book?
  13. Well, you'll fit in just fine around here!
  14. If you liked the first trilogy a lot, you probably should. And if you liked Kelsier a lot, then read Secret History (you can read it before or after Era 2. Most people will tell ya to do so after, but I say it doesn't matter.) I can't say very much about it because that would be spoilery, but it's my favorite thing by Brandon Sanderson so... yeah. Have you read any of the other Cosmere books?
  15. KELSIER! I'm practically a Survivorist. Have you read Era 2?