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  1. What character (real life or fictional) would you want to switch places with, GO!! 

    1. Show previous comments  4 more
    2. Condensation


      Um... Melody. Her life's pretty sweet right now.

    3. Knight of Iron

      Knight of Iron

      Switch places with... hmm... the Greek Titan Atlas! Nah, being a Shard or something would be nice. If not, then I'd be Kelsier.

    4. Vapor



      Emi's sister so that I can meet Emi

  2. Rose scoffed. "At least your family showed you love at all," she snapped. Their love drove you mad? she thought. My guardians made me think I was insane, made me doubt my own reality. I still can't hardly tell what's real and what's false. She didn't care that Kieran could hear her. In fact, she was glad to get it off her chest to a third party. It brought her more relief than she would have thought. Not significant relief, but relief all the same.
  3. "A home is only as good as the love its inhabitants have for each other," Rose blurted.
  4. Rose scowled back, though that was really her base facial expression.
  5. TVG tossed in a post to help with the cause. If TLPW pulled ahead, they would never let us live it down.
  6. Rose regarded the boy, eagerly awaiting his answer. She thought it rather unfair that he could read the thoughts of others, yet his own thoughts and intentions were hidden. Honestly, it was probably a good thing he was a child, for his sake. If he wasn't, she would likely be planning on how to slit his throat. How to kill someone who could read thoughts? An interesting conundrum. One she was glad she didn't have to deal with. Instead, she focused on keeping herself as quiet and still as possible. When she was younger, she'd had the uncanny ability to seemingly... fade into the background. Become utterly unnoticeable. She wasn't sure how well that would work with these people, but it was worth a try.
  7. If Marsh had kids Daughter: Hey, Dad? Marsh: Yes? Daughter: Can I get my ears pierced? Marsh: NO!! Daughter: C'mon Dad, they wouldn't even have any charge! Marsh: No child of mind will be pierced by metal. EVER. Daughter: Mom, Dad won't let me get my ears pierced. Mother: *sigh* That's just because he regrets his own piercings.
  8. Oh my goodness, thank you. I'm working on a drawing of Marsh next, so look out for that!
  9. plot

    Sophie perked up, her hair fluttering in excitement. "Database!" She leaned close. "Do tell!"
  10. plot

    Sophie screwed up her face in annoyance. "Awww, another mystery metal I don't know about!" A notebook appeared out of thin air in her hands, along with a blue feather pen. She began scribbling immediately. The cover of the notebook read: "Character Theory; Notes by Sophie Celeste"
  11. Rose shifted uncomfortably. Kess had talked about her past, now Kieran was talking about his. She resolved not to betray anything about her own life. At least, anything more than Kieran had already gotten from invading her thoughts. She shot an annoyed look at the boy, but found that she couldn't be angry at him. He was just too innocent. And, well, it seemed he'd lost his parents at the same age she had. Only, he didn't have guardians like her aunt and uncle. He didn't deserve annoyance from her. Storms, he probably couldn't even control his powers. Just like her... That boy had been in her vision. That had to mean he was important. The last time she'd had a vision, it had led her to Castle Celeste and if she hadn't found that place, she would have surely died. For as much as she liked to ignore it, her visions were strangely informing, especially regarding the future. If she learned to control them as her mother had offered to help her do, they might be able to help her quite a bit. She couldn't help but imagine being able to see where an opponent would strike before they did. And then, using her other power, she could destroy the enemy's weapon just like she'd destroyed the walls of her cell. Of course, that occurrence had been far from normal. Usually, her power to move things with her mind only manifest itself with objects trembling or levitating briefly. Nothing close to the way the building had burst and crumbled around her. All of that was, of course, assuming she wasn't just delusional. She had not yet decided whether or not she was.
  12. Rose sighed and looked down to hide the faintest of smiles. She considered it a small victory to be able to get under Jahora's skin, even just a little; for being taken to his home without any say in the matter was something that annoyed her. She was more than happy to annoy him back.