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  1. So I just picked up Alloy of Law. I read era 1 a while ago. I read the wiki plot summaries but was wondering if there were any major things involving the magic and worldbuilding that I need to know.
  2. It miht not help that i am reading so many other books. I just picked up skyward the other day. Is wheel of time one of those series i would enjoy after finishing all the others on my to read list?
  3. This is about wheel of time, but considering brandon finished the series, i think it is appropriate. Hey, so i have been reading the wheel of time and i really enjoy it. I really want to get to the end, but the parts with elayne and ninaevae are really dragging. I am on fires of heaven right now. I love rand and mat's story, but the girls part just seems slow. Any advice? Does their story get better?